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Beefeater is the home of the perfect steak and great family favorites like fish and chips, juicy burgers, as well as a variety of other great foods in 140+ restaurants across the country. They have a number of locations that you can check out here. Or search by postcode. It offers a menu with a great selection of affordable steaks and great offers that is perfect for the whole family. Beefeater’s restaurants are family-friendly, so whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, a quick drink at our well-stocked bar, or an occasion to celebrate, Beefeater is good to go. Lets learn about Beefeater Rewards.

Beefeater Rewards


When you dine in one of their restaurants, you’ll earn 5 points for each dollar you spend. When you reach 500 points, you can select between getting a £5 voucher, a free starter or dessert, or a free bottle of wine. In addition, Beefeater will send you special vouchers so you can celebrate your special occasions.


Sign up for their Reward Club at after collecting a Reward Club card from any Beefeater restaurant.

 As soon as you visit, you will begin collecting points. You will even receive 300 points upon registering.


In one easy location, you can manage your points, vouchers, and special dates. It’s easy to spend your Reward Club points as a member. By earning 500 points, you can redeem a reward voucher at a Beefeater Grill when you visit next.

Getting your voucher is as simple as signing into your account on your desktop or mobile device, selecting spend points, and following the easy steps.

There are three ways to get your voucher, print, show, or email:

Printed vouchers can be brought to the event.
By presenting your mobile voucher when dining, you can show it to the restaurant.
Send your voucher by email so you can use it the next time you visit.
  What are the benefits of the Beefeater Reward Club card?
  • Registering your card will give you 300 bonus points. Every time you spend £1 on qualifying food and drink purchases, you will receive 5 points. Your points can be converted to vouchers for; after you earn 500 points;
    • A Voucher of £5
    • Wine bottle for free
    • Two appetizers or desserts for free
  • A free meal voucher will be sent to you every year on your birthday. Loyalty members will also receive special discounts. To receive these offers, you must subscribe to their email list.
  • In the event that you have more than one credit card – perhaps after you lost your original card and activated one. For the purposes of collecting and redeeming your points, you should only use your most recent (and activated) card. You can activate a maximum of five cards per account. Beefeater Reward Club Cards can be activated only by the registered name of one particular individual. They cannot be used by more than one individual.
  • The Reward Club card can only be used by the person in whose name it is registered.


With their Reward club membership, you will collect points on every meal and drink you order. The rewards club members also have access to exclusive offers. The rewards club members get 5 points per pound spent. Earn vouchers by converting your points – 500 points will earn you £5. Convert points to get special food and drink coupons. This is a great offer for those who are celebrating a birthday or other special event. Whitbread is one of the leading hospitality companies in the UK, offering their customers loyalty programs as part of the brand that is most loved by their customers, Beefeater Grill.  They have designed this site to make it as simple and useful as possible, so you can enjoy the benefits of membership without spending a lot of time filling out forms. You need not worry about your information being shared. Receive updates from your local news source.


  • Is there a minimum age to join Beefeater reward club?
    To join The Beefeater Reward Club, you must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the United Kingdom.
  • Are my points transferable between registered cards?
    Although you can register up to five cards, points cannot be transferred between them. However, all your points will appear in the points section of your account, therefore, points are not lost.
  • How come I didn’t receive any additional celebration vouchers?
    Thanks to their recent loyalty program update. To celebrate your birthday, you’ll receive a free meal voucher using your registered email address as a loyalty club member. The loyalty members will also receive special offers by email throughout the year to help Beefeater celebrate with them. In order to receive their offers, you must opt-in, but you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Q: How much change will I get?
    A: If you do not spend the entire amount of your voucher, you will not receive change.
  • Is my information safe with you? Will you share it with anyone else?
    The third-party service providers that assist them in running the Reward Club need access to the information they collect from you. Your information will never be provided for marketing purposes to a third party. Their privacy policy explains in more detail how and what information they collect.


  • How can I find the nearest Beefeater restaurant?

To locate the nearest Beefeater restaurant,  please click on

  • Can I use my Beefeater Rewards Card anywhere Whitbread operates?
    Unfortunately, no. Only participating Beefeater Restaurants accept the Beefeater Reward Club Card. The card cannot be used with Whitbread’s other brands.
  • Can I find out when my card will expire?
    It does not get expired. You will lose the points and the ability to transfer the remaining balance to another card if your card remains inactive for a period of 3 or more years. The birthday voucher will be sent to you unless you unsubscribe.
  • In the event that my card is lost, what should I do?
    Your Reward Club Card must be collected at your nearest Beefeater Reward Club outlet and allocated to your account in the ‘Your Details’ section if it is lost or stolen. If you fail to do this, your existing points will not be transferred to your new card, and you won’t be able to spend them from your rewards balance. Your local Restaurant is the only place where you can pick up a new card; Customer Care cannot assist you.
  • Can you send me a card via postal mail?
    Sorry, but they can’t send you a new card by post. For that, you have to stop by your neighborhood restaurant to get a card. When you receive a new card, you should update your information in your account under ‘Your Details.’ Unfortunately, Customer Care cannot provide you with new cards.
Beefeater Rewards – Know about it

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