Vibe mattress return policy – know more interesting facts


The vibe mattress company makes luxury foam mattresses at affordable prices. Moreover, the cost of the mattresses manufactured and sold by the company is much lesser than any other mattress selling company. The company also manufactures a wide range of different types of mattresses and bed foams. The common types of mattresses sold by the company include memory foam mattresses, air mattresses, waterbed, latex mattresses, orthopedic mattresses, gel memory foam, polyfoam vibe mattresses, pocket sprung mattresses and many more. The whole manufacturing process of manufacturing these mattresses is done naturally, it does not involve harmful chemicals in large quantities. Low chemical content makes the surface of mattresses breathable, soft, smooth, and skin-friendly. Which eventually makes the risk of rashes and skin diseases low. Let us discuss the Vibe mattress return policy

Vibe mattress return policy

Vibe mattress return policy

1. ONLINE RETURN POLICY– Many online shopping platforms sell the vibe mattress at its original proven and fine quality. The customers who are willing to shop for the vibe mattress can purchase it using the company’s website or other shopping platforms. Many international online trading and shopping have collaborated with the company to ensure easy shipping and home delivery of foams and mattresses.

2. IN-STORE RETURN POLICY– The vibe mattress company has many retail stores in different countries. America has a maximum number of mattress retail stores. Although, the processing unit of the company is in China, Mexico, and America. The customers can also return their products to the same stores from where they have bought the mattress.

3. EXCHANGE AND RETURN POLICY- The old mattress of the company can be replaced by a new product of the same type and similar price range. The mattresses of any other company are not liable under the return and exchange policy of the vibe mattress company. The return request of customers in such conditions are accepted based on available stock. Moreover, the burnt or completely damaged products are not exchanged with the new products.

4. RETURN AFTER TRIAL– The policy of the vibe mattress company offers its customers to take free trials for a few days. The trial period lasts for four to five days. All the types of mattresses like foam mattresses, wawaterbedsair and latex mattresses, orthopedic mattresses, and many more are given to customers for a free trial. The customers can buy mattresses at the same time if they are satisfied with the material, use, and comfort of the mattress. If the customer fails to return the trial product mattress within one week, in such a situation, according to the company’s policy, the customer has to purchase the product or pay a reasonable amount.

Terms and conditions of the return policy of vibe mattress

• The mattresses bought from the vibe mattress company must be returned within the number of days prescribed by the company. If the customer fails to do so the company can deny the return request to the customer. The maximum time of returning the products is one month.

• The receipts, warranty card, and bills associated with the purchase of any mattress from the vibe mattress company must be included in the return request. If the receipts or original bills are not attached to the returned product, the company is more likely to deny the return request made by the customer.

• All the return products are accepted by the company only after the originality test of the mattress. It also includes examining the internal as well as the external surface of the mattress. If the negative results are shown in the originality test, the company can deny the return request of the user. In such a situation they won’t get any protection under the Return Policy of the vibe mattress Company.

• The customers can choose the mode of payment after returning the product. The common modes of payment options given by the company include return in cash, online banking, return a payment through apps, and many more. A reasonable percentage of the total money is cut if there is some damage to the product. This amount is generally 5%-9% of the total amount of the mattress.


The vibe mattress company is one of the leading mattress manufacturing brands of all time. The company manufactures comfortable mattresses at reasonable and affordable prices. Moreover, the company also makes customized mattresses according to the customer’s demands like shape, size, inner filling of the mattress, foam, color, and other physical qualities. All types of mattresses manufactured and sold by the company are also given to the customers for free trials. 

Moreover, the company also has its exchange and return policy for all the products, which makes customers’ shopping experience a little good. The maximum time for returning the product purchased from any retail store of the vibe mattress company is thirty days or one month. Moreover, the old or damaged product which is in the due warranty period is also exchanged by the company with the same type for free.

Vibe mattress return policy – know more interesting facts

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