YSL student discount – know more interesting facts

With its official motto being “Everything starts with a Y”, Yves Saint Laurent or more commonly known as YSL is a premier French luxury fashion brand specializing in men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. YSL is considered a legacy along with its competitors Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dior. Let us understand more about them. let us discuss the YSL student discount 

 YSL student discount


  •           Founded in 1962 by the infamous French designer Yves Saint Laurent, who named the band after himself. YSL is a brand worth 1.2 billion. They are considered to have a dominant presence in the luxury fashion market with many famous faces as brand ambassadors such as Korean-Pop Idol Rose from the band Black pink and American singer Dua lipa.
  •         Yves Saint Laurent is one of the few Haute couture brands in existence. Haute couture refers to high-end clothing made from start to finish with fabrics and sequins of the highest quality, usually custom-made for a specific person. Such clothing is considered exclusive, delicate, and of the finest quality. 
  •          YSL was known for its promotion of diversity and exclusivity, being one of the first brands to feature a black model on the runway in one of their fashion shows and creating trousers for women of all types. 
  •        Yves Saint Laurent is often credited with the legendary “Le smoking” movement in a fashion which consisted of a simple white blouse with a black suit, which truly marked the beginning of “second-wave feminism” and of the independent women. 
  • Yves Saint Laurent is big on sustainability, equality, and diversity. They also support teens and young adults. They are often seen partnering with student websites providing discounts, promo codes, and many offers. Some of these websites are:


My uni days is an exclusive youth-oriented website, with the sole purpose of helping high-school, college, or university students with finding the best brand deals, promos, or offers from top brands. They often partner with many top brands to get you the best discounts available!

  •     All you need to do to access their offers is sign up, become their exclusive member, and browse away. 
  •     They recently partnered up with Yves Saint Laurent to provide:
  • Discount on 15% on YSL beauty 
  • Free delivery if you use the discount 
  • This offer is valid only for online purchases and not in-store.

Broke Scholar 

  The broke scholar is another student-friendly website that helps many students across the world to find good scholarship grants, discounts, offers, and rewards. All you need to do is sign in, and check in important information such as study area, gender, and ethnicity. They have collaborated with over 1000 brands including Apple, Nike, and Adidas.   

     Although YSL has not yet collaborated with Brooke scholar, they have included complied a list of coupon codes that still perform the same function as a collaboration. 

Some of the discounts stated in broke scholar are:

  • Save 15% off on In-App purchase 

This is the only discount that is stated by the broke scholar on their official website. However, the broke scholar has given out some value-efficient tips which could be used to gain or snatch good discounts. Some of the tips given out by broke scholars are as follows: –

  1. YSL social media – YSL is known to hint at good discounts on their official social media websites. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are some of their official social media where they give out discounts, offers, combos, etc. 
  2. Amazon- YSL clothes, accessories, and merchandise are also sold on amazon with good discounts and slash on prices. Therefore, keeping an eye out on Amazon is recommended to get good offers. 
  3. Used YSL items on eBay- thrifting is all in fashion these days. Vintage YSL clothing, jewelry, and accessories can be found across many thrifting websites or even on eBay at really throwaway and reasonable prices. 
  4. YSL coupon code pages- coupon pages are also gaining momentum. Adding coupon page extensions on your search engine networks such as chrome or Firefox while shopping can add a good amount of discount on the item you’ve purchased. 

These are some of the tips and tricks to consider while shopping at any of the YSL online shopping outlets. 

YSL beauty birthday offers 

  • YSL beauty which exclusively deals with beauty products is known to give exclusive birthday treats or gifts to the members of the YSL beauty club. You need to be a prior member of the exclusive club to claim discounts, offers, or even gifts. 


Yves Saint Laurent although a luxury haute couture brand, has been considerate enough to collaborate with student websites and provide a good discount. This thoughtful act by a luxury brand has increased its importance among the youth. Although not many luxury brands consider youth as a part of their clientele, YSL has broken the barrier. 


1. Who are YSL competitors? 

     The two competitors who give strict competition to YSL are Kering group which is home to infamous brands such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci, and Versace. LVHM is home to the infamous Louis Vuitton.

2. Where are YSL bags made? 

  Most of the YSL items are made and crafted in Italy with many merchandises being handmade. 

YSL student discount – know more interesting facts

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