What Channel Is Rewind Tv On Fios?

It is a right proposition to say that nothing gets past technology. Rewind TV is the right avenue for numerous people in the US to enjoy antecedent films that were created from 1980 to 2000. You can view the shows on Rewind TV on Channel 480 on Fios. However, this TV show is only available for limited affiliated televisions. As such, you have to figure out if your Tv station and provider is accepted before connecting your TV. 

What Channel Is Rewind Tv On Fios?

What is Rewind TV?

Rewind TV is an American digitized television network that was established for the purpose of showcasing shows or movies from the 80s and 90s. Such innovation is quite impressive, but it should be noted that the Antenna TV has similar qualities to Rewind TV.

Additionally, Rewind TV is a channel owned by Nexstar Media Inc, and as such, we can be assured of the positive advantage of this TV network to various US residents. It is important to note that this TV channel is not televised in every state in the US. 

Check out this site, and identify the number of places accepted to televise the shows on Rewind TV. For faster results, input the Zip code for your place, and find out whether your place is enabled to televise Rewind TV.

In furtherance, Rewind TV is commonly found on channel .2 to .3. However, this also depends on the place of residence of such a person. As such, Rewind TV shows are mostly shown in 480p or even 480i channel frequency.

What is Fios?

Fios or Verizon Fios is an internet network or channel that can be considered to be one of “America’s most reliable network”. 

However, Fios also creates an opportunity for individuals to gain access and varieties of rewards through the Fios TV. Check out more information on Fios TV plans.

How To Connect Rewind Tv On Fios?

To integrate Rewind TV to Fios, ensure and see to the end that your local provider and station accepts Rewind TV in that area. If not, you can request for Rewind TV shows from your local provider and station. And most importantly, ensure you are living in the United States.

However, if your local station and provider are enabled to have Rewind TV, you can integrate the shows on Fios following the following steps;

Step 1: Get an antenna and connect them to your television.

Step 2: Once your antenna is connected, ensure your TV is turned on, and then search for Rewind Tv using your remote controller.

Step 3: And done! 

You should be able to see Rewind TV on channel 480 on Fios, given that you follow the following regulations;

  • You live in the US.
  • Your location station and the provider support Rewind TV and have added the TV as an affiliate.
  • You have the right channel or dish network to showcase the TV show.

NOTE: The network scheduling of shows on Rewind TV differs. As such, the time when a show is shown on one Fios TV may be different from another, depending on the person’s location.

The benefit of Having Rewind TV on Fios

  • Fios has been concurrently identified over the past years, to be one of the best internet networks with varieties of televisions according to ACIS (American Customer Satisfaction Index) ratings.
  • The TV packages on Fios are exclusively created to suit customers’ satisfaction or desires. There are numerous channels available on Fios, and the recommendation packages on Fios are likewise impressively accurate.
  • Fios is known for its seamless activation and system operation, which is a great innovation for Rewind TV.


Rewind TV is a great innovative strategy for Nexstar’s networks division which seeks to bring the old form of life to people. An advantage to this is that no cable is required, nor network or internet. Individuals can easily connect to their favorite TV shows without much hassle.

I hope this article helps you understand more about Rewind TV that can be easily showcased on Fios. Let us know what you think, and if you have any question, we would be happy to help.

Frequently Answered Questions

  • What channel is Rewind TV on Fios?

Check out channel 480 and enjoy all your favorite shows on Fios.

  • How can I get Rewind tv?

You can get a Rewind TV by connecting your “ear-standing antenna”, turning on your TV, and searching for Rewind TV through your remote controller. Ensure your local station and provider have accepted rewind TV as an affiliate. Only then would you have access to the shows on Rewind Tv.

  • Does FIOS have rewind TV?

Yes, you can find Rewind TV on Fios on channel 480.

  • Is Rewind TV the same as Antenna TV?

Definitely not! Rewind TV is mostly classified as a spinoff of Antenna TV. As such, Rewind TV is not the same as Antenna TV, but they similarly showcase antecedent shows but at different time ranges.

What Channel Is Rewind Tv On Fios?

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