Does Parx Casino Have Wheelchairs?

Parx casino is like other casinos having electronic games such as blackjack,  roulette, craps, and baccarat. Its full name is Parx Casino and Racing. In the early nineties, it was known as the ‘Keystone Racetrack’ as it held horse racing events with remarkable horses such as Spectacular Bid, Shuvee, My Juliet, Broad Brush, and Summer Squall. It was then renamed ‘Parx Casino and Racing’ on August 30, 2010, including around 3200 slot machines, 188 tables, and many electronic table games. It also provides sports betting on many well-known sports like the NBA, NHL, NFL, MMA, college football, golf, and soccer. Parx Casino is located in Pennsylvania in the city of Philadelphia, USA. It has a separate poker room having around 40 poker tables. Other services like dining and bars are also provided. It includes live racing and online sports betting and gambling. Parx Casino and Racing is owned by Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, Inc and is the biggest casino in Pennsylvania. So, Does Parx Casino have wheelchairs?

Does Parx Casino Have Wheelchairs?

Do they provide wheelchairs?

Yes, Parx Casino does provide wheelchairs for the handicapped. One can rent wheelchairs from ‘Cloud of goods’ for use in the Parx casino. Different types of wheelchairs can be rented for Parx Casino through Cloud of goods such as Lightweight mobility scooters, Heavy-duty mobility scooters, Extra Large Heavy Duty scooters, and Knee Scooters with a Basket.

Wheelchairs at Parx Casino

  1. Lightweight Mobility Scooter-

This type of scooter is best suited for people weighing around 200 lbs and a height of about 5’8”. It is provided with a battery charger and can go up to a speed of 4.25 mph. This scooter can be broken down into three parts without any external tools to help and its weight lies between 30-40 lbs. 

They are very light and easily transportable. Lightweight scooter is known by various names such as portable mobility scooter rental, ECV rental, medical scooter rental, and handicap scooter rental. The rental company also takes care of the covid-19 safety precautions by providing a clean and sanitized wheelchair.

2. Heavy-duty Mobility Scooter-

This scooter is super comfortable for handicapped people and those having restricted mobility. It provides a safe and easy journey whether someone wants to move around the road or go on vacation. It can hold a person up to 350 lbs of weight and has a seat width of 17.5 inches.

A battery charger is also provided and is delivered with a fully charged scooter. The maximum speed that can be obtained in this scooter is 4 mph. It also can be broken down into parts without the use of any tools and is easily transportable, which can be fit into the trunks of most vehicles. Its weight lies between 40 to 45 pounds. This type of scooter can run 10-15 miles when fully charged and is delivered after proper cleaning and sanitizing.

3. Extra Large Heavy Duty Scooter-

This scooter is specifically for those handicapped people who are much heavier. It will ensure that the person is comfortable and reaches the desired destination safely. It can hold a weight of up to 400 lbs and can reach a maximum speed of 5.25 mph. This scooter is also delivered with a fully charged battery along with a charger provided. All the procedures of sanitization are done before delivery.

4. Knee Scooter with a Basket-

This type of scooter is for people who are not able to put their body weight on their feet and are not able to walk properly. A knee scooter makes it very easy for them to travel anywhere with comfort. It is also provided with a basket so that one can put some necessary stuff in it. This scooter can hold a weight of up to 300 lbs. Height of the scooter can be adjusted without using any tool. Like the other scooters, it is also easily transportable with folding handlebars. It comes with a padded knee platform.

The process to rent a wheelchair at Parx Casino-

The steps to hiring a wheelchair

  1. Select the desired wheelchair according to your needs and add it to the cart.
  2. Complete the checkout form by filling in the location and date of delivery.
  3. Make an online payment and confirm your Parx casino wheelchair. 

Cost of renting any type of wheelchair

The cost of renting depends upon the number of days of the requirement of a wheelchair and the place where to deliver. For example, for one day, it will cost $65, for two days, it will cost $70, $85 cost for three days, $100 costs for four days, $120 costs for five days, $140 costs for six days, $150 costs for seven days, $165 costs for eight days, $180 costs for nine days, and $195 costs for ten days.


Parx Casino takes care of every customer whether they are completely fit or handicapped and provides wheelchairs of various categories according to the needs of individuals. The cost is different for a different number of days. ‘Cloud of Goods’ is the company through which Parx Casino lets its customers rent wheelchairs. The rate of rent also depends upon the distance of the place. Since Parx Casino is in Philadelphia the total rate is according to distance and the duration of rent.

Does Parx Casino Have Wheelchairs?

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