Day: May 12, 2022

Is Walmart In India Or Delhi?

The Walmart Corporation has reached the status of the world’s largest retailer, beating even Amazon (to this point) in its quest for global dominance. The global market for discount goods, especially those with a high density of population, is extremely competitive, and it is especially fierce in areas with high populations. This is one of […]

Can I Use Google Pay to Buy Gift Cards?

Google Pay can be called one of the greatest digital inventions of the era that enabled people to make easy transactions through online payments. Google Pay is the online payment platform developed by Google to make and receive payments by using the debit card or credit card information of its users. Gift cards have also […]

Amazon Warehouse Warranty – Know More

In addition to well-known products such as the Kindle and Amazon Alexa, Amazon offers warranties for many of its products. Warranties may also be provided by third-party sellers on some of their products. Amazon Warehouse customers may wonder whether the products they purchase from the warehouse include any kind of warranty. Let us know more […]

Does Amazon Accept Sezzle? – Know More

Does Amazon Accept Sezzle? It should be noted that Amazon does not accept Sezzle virtual cards as a payment option. In addition to Target, Sezzle can be used in many more online and physical locations across the country. Amazon, meanwhile, now accepts virtual card payments of $50 or more through Affirm. You can also redeem […]

Apple Printer Return Policy – Read To Know More

Apple Inc. was founded by Steve Jobs in 1976, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak, and has developed several hundred electronic products from the year of its establishment. It is a multinational technology company that manufactures and sells a variety of products including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, printers, etc. The products of the company have reached […]

Does Costco Deliver Alcohol?- Know More

Costco decided to enter the alcohol industry in 1998 by launching its alcohol and beverages under its private-label Kirkland Signature. This move seems to have paved off more revenue for Costco. It earned around $5 Billion in 2020-considering this to be a covid year. By 2022, Costco planned its sales to be more than $15 […]

Can You File A Claim With USPS Without Insurance?

Can You File A Claim With USPS Without Insurance? Unfortunately, if your delivery was not insured, you will not be eligible to make a claim. There is however a possibility for you to initiate a search for a missing package by initiating a missing mail search. In addition, the cost of Priority Mail Express and […]

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