Red Robin Rewards – How to Earn Reward Points?

Like most restaurants looking to make sales, Red Robin constantly seeks new ways of securing old customers while attracting new ones. One way the restaurant achieves this is by providing its customers with the opportunity of winning various types of rewards while snacking at a Red Robin restaurant or ordering via the Red Robin delivery. Read on for more information about the Red Robin rewards program.

Red Robin Rewards

To be eligible for the Red Robin rewards program and earn reward points, you need to be a Red Robin Royalty member and be above 18 years. Upon signing up as a member of the Royalty Club, you are awarded reward points, with the opportunity of earning more points on every qualifying purchase made at a participating outlet. 

Steps to Participating In the Red Robin Rewards Program

Red Robin International, aka Red Robin, is a restaurant famous for its gourmet burgers which are a pure delight to its customers.  Recently, the restaurant upped its game by offering customers the opportunity to save on cost, enjoy free food at a Red Robin outlet, and relish other exclusive surprises by participating in the Red Robin rewards program. 

Your eligibility to participate in the Red Robin rewards program depends on certain conditions.

They include:

  1. Only adults above 18 can participate.
  2. Join the Red Robin Royalty Club and get your Royalty card. The Royalty card can be filled out online as a part of the requirements for registering as a member of the Royalty club. The card can also be gotten at any participating Red Robin outlet.
  3. Earn rewards points. To win a Red Robin reward you need to have racked up many reward points. Keeping a tab on the number of earned points will help you know when you are eligible to redeem a reward. You can do this by constantly checking your Red Robin account to see your reward points.

What Rewards Are Available In The Red Robin Rewards Program?

Upon joining the Red Robin rewards program, here is a list of the rewards you are eligible to receive.

  1. A birthday gift. As a member of the Red Robin royalty club, you can get a free burger and a bottomless basket of fries on the month of your birthday. This birthday freebie is redeemable once throughout your birthday month.
  2. Free purchase on every 10th item. If you are a frequent diner at Red Robin, you can get a free item on your purchase on each 10th visit to Red Robin.
  3. A $20 reward on your 6th purchase. Five weeks after getting your royalty card, you can redeem a $20 reward on your 6th purchase at Red Robin. Note that you must have visited Red Robin at least five times during the five-week to get this reward.
  4. Exclusive rewards. This includes delicious meals sure to delight you and your taste buds.
  5. Special military reward. Only members of the US military who are members of the Red Robin royalty club are eligible for this reward.

How to Earn Reward Points at a Red Robin Outlet?

You earn redeemable reward points from Red Robin outlets when you take the following steps.

  1. Make a qualifying purchase from any local Red Robin outlet. Not all food purchases made at Red Robin qualify as points-earning purchases. For instance, kid’s meals, soups, breakfast items, and beverages are not point-earning purchases. Check the Red Robin website for more information.
  2. When paying, give your table server your loyalty card or the phone number registered with your Red Robin account to receive a credit of earned rewards points.

Steps to Joining the Red Robin Royalty Club

To join the royalty club, take any of the following steps:

  1. Go to the Red Robin website to register and fill out the online royalty card to complete registration.
  2. Text the word JOIN, put a space, include your email, and send it to 98666
  3. Register at any participating Red Royalty outlet and get a physical Red Robin Royalty card.

Once you follow any of these steps and fill the requisite registration form, whether online or physical, you become a member of the Red Robin royalty club and an eligible participant in the Red Robin Rewards program. 

Note that not all Red Robin outlets are participating in the Rewards program. Hence, it is best to call ahead to confirm if a local outlet is participating in the program before visiting.

How to Redeem Red Robin Rewards Points?

You can redeem your reward points online or when dining in.  According to the Red Robin website, customers should take the following steps to redeem their rewards online.

  1. Start the order on the Red Robin site
  2. Select the redeemable reward items from the menu
  3. Click on the apply reward
  4. Proceed to checkout.

The rewards available will appear in your order details as you checkout.

To redeem your reward when dining-in, simply give your table server the phone number registered with your account, or enter it on the payment device.


Red Robin international was founded in 1968. Today, the restaurant has over 500 outlets in the United States. In seeking ways to reward its loyal customers while attracting new ones, the food chain restaurant introduced the reward program by which customers can win a free gourmet burger or other food items and get discounts on their purchases. As Red Robin limits the beneficiaries of its reward program to members of its loyalty club, joining the Red Robin royalty club becomes crucial to customers hoping to partake and benefit from the Red Robin rewards program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is joining the Red Robin Royalty club free?

Yes, joining the Royalty club comes at no cost.

  1. How many Red Robin Rewards can I redeem per day?

According to Red Robin, customers can redeem two rewards in a day.   

  1. Does Red Robin have an app?

Red Robin has an app for android and iOS.

Red Robin Rewards – How to Earn Reward Points?

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