Do Zips Do Alterations?-Know More

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ZIPS is an organization that provides affordable and reliable dry cleaning and garment care services. Dry cleaning is the solution to removing stains and making clothes look fresher without water, using a chemical solution. ZIPS set up its first chain of stores in 1996 in Baltimore, Washington D.C. Else than dry cleaning, they also provide other services like sewing, repairing, washing, hemming, etc. In this decade, ZIPS is a foundation of more than fifty stores in seven states, continuing to grow every day.

Do Zips Do Alterations

ZIPS offer a wide range of services other than dry cleaning garments, and one of them includes altering customers’ clothes. Yes, ZIPS does provide alterations. Generally, ZIPS will provide an alterations section for customers where they can justify the kind of alterations they want. Each kind differs in cost. Besides alteration, ZIPS also offers sewing, repairing, and stitch removal services.

How Much Do The Alterations Cost?

Normally, ZIPS provides dry cleaning for between $1 and $30. However, alteration is a longer and more complex process. This process requires surplus tools given by the organization and may also take longer than other services. Alterations provided for a whole upper-wear like jackets, coats, suits, shirts, and sweaters take $30-$50.

If the clothes are to be fully altered, there are standard prize options that go up to $100. The same is applied to the lowers. For one-pieces, it depends on the size, the requirements, and the tools invested in the alterations that bring out the amount. So, the types of alterations differ in size, materials invested for their fixations, and cost.

What Kind Of Alterations Does Zips Provide?

Alterations at ZIPS are categorized into three sections: Common, half, and full. The difference in these sections is the cost. The common fixations are hemming, darting, and sewing shortages. Under the common alterations section, customers can normally ask for hemming sleeves, pants, skirts, and darting blouses, blazers, and shirts. This is the most used section by the customers. Other than this, there are some frequently used alterations:

Custom-Fit Denim

The most crucial part of denim is that it must fit one’s body perfectly, and this is exactly where alterations work. The hips and thigh parts can be often uncomfortable for most of the customers; this is why they provide a particular size function to ZIPS where they can have their types of denim customized.

Adding Zippers

When it comes to keeping small things in your outfit, zippers play an essential role in both upper and lower wear. Not just that, zippers add a different look to outfits, and if standard, they can even increase the overall look of the dress. ZIPS not only just adds zippers but also fixes and removes unwanted zippers with new repairing.

Altering Neckline And Arms

One can have their sleeves thinner or wider if they aren’t fitting their size. Also, ZIPS provides several neckline designs such as turtleneck, diamond, collared, and boatneck. One can have their collars and buttons removed, or have a bordered design embroidered. Such kinds of alterations require extra materials for the process so they can be charged higher than common alterations.

How Long Will Zips Keep Your Clothes?

ZIPS will keep your clothes for a maximum of 30 days. A normal dry cleaning process may take 24 to 48 hours. Besides that, if the customers have any other requirements then all of them shall be completed in 30 days. ZIPS takes both cash and card. If one wants to know the payment options, one can check it from the Local ZIPS list of specific cards that are accepted by the organization.


In Conclusion, ZIPS is a dry cleaning and laundry franchise started in 1996 in Washington D.C. It provides alterations at the special alterations section where customers can specify the type and particulars of their clothes fixation. The three main alterations that customers demand the most at ZIPS are Adding Zippers, Customizing Denim, and Altering necklines, arms, and waistbands. Other than ZIPS, many other dry cleaning brands provide alterations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can ZIPS Taper Jeans?

Yes, they can. ZIPS has tailors of their own who would record your needs and work according to them. Not just ZIPS, but any dry cleaning services consist of their tailors so tapering is not hard to get done with.

  1. Can ZIPS Clean Comforters?

Yes. ZIPS provides a service of three to seven days depending on your location for cleaning comforters, duvets, blankets, curtains, pillow shams, etc.

  1. What Brands Other Than ZIPS Also Offer Alterations?

Other brands than ZIPS that offer alterations are Tide cleaners, Dryclean USA, Martinizing, Lapels, Oxxo care cleaners, Comet cleaners, and more.

Do Zips Do Alterations?-Know More

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