Can I Use My Sam’s Credit Card Anywhere?

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Sam’s Club might be the daily visit store for some families. Their affordable prices and good quality items are something to think about. Some might even love them so much that they get their Sam’s Club credit card. After all, they do offer various perks with their credit card. But can Sam’s Club credit cards be used everywhere? This article will tell you all about that.

Can I Use My Sam's Credit Card Anywhere

You cannot use Sam’s credit card everywhere. It can be used and redeemed only in Sam’s Club and Walmart. However, You can use Sam’s Club MasterCard everywhere. But, you can only redeem it in Sam’s Club. But, it doe not mean that Sam’s Club does not offer cash rewards and other beneficial perks.

Introduction To Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is an American warehouse chain. It ranks second in warehouse sales. It was founded on April 7, 1983, in Oklahoma, United States of America. Its founder was Sam Walton. And perhaps, it is how Sam’s club got its name. Sam’s Club has over sixty stores all over the United States of America. However, it only operates in countries like China, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States of America.

Walmart owns it, and its current Chief executive officer is Kathryn McLay. Sam’s club is a warehouse for Walmart. Sam’s Club basic membership costs around $45 per year while the Sam’s Club Plus membership comes for about $100, it comes with a little extra perk of course.

Sam’s Club Cards

The following are the cards offered by Sam’s Club:

Sam’s Club Credit Card

Sam’s Club credit card gets the benefits of a double membership. The credit card requires an existing Sam’s club membership, it does not matter if it’s a basic or plus membership. You need to have a credit score of seven hundred plus at Sam’s club though, to be approved for Sam’s Club credit card.

The cash rewards can only be availed at Sam’s Club though. It comes with no extra fee except the membership one. MasterCard however will turn invalid if you stop the services related to your Sam’s club membership.

Sam’s Club MasterCard

Sam’s Club MasterCard gives the benefit of 5 percent cash rewards. You earn three percent rewards on travel and one on any other. You need Sam’s club membership and a good credit score to even apply for a MasterCard. It can be used everywhere but can only be redeemed at Sam’s Club. The MasterCard is issued by Synchrony Bank 

Applying For A Sam’s Club Membership And Sam’s Credit Card

To apply for Sam’s Club membership card:

  1. You can either do it on Sam’s Club’s official website, sign in and choose whether you want the basic membership or the Sam’s Club Plus membership. Then you can enjoy the benefits.
  2. You can also visit the store and head to Sam’s Club Membership Desk. Fill out the necessary details and have your Sam’s Club membership card to yourself.

In case you already have a membership card and enough credit scores for Sam’s Club Credit Card. Here is how you can get it. You can use the same steps for acquiring Sam’s Club MasterCard. However, your credit score needs to be perfect for Sam’s Club MasterCard.

  1. Visit Sam’s Club’s official outlet and get your Sam’s Club Credit Card after checking in the details. Your card will start on the same day.
  2. You can also do it without visiting a store and having a mobile phone and internet. Just log in to your account on Sam’s Club’s official website and fill out the details and verification. There you go, you have a Sam’s Club Credit Card to yourself. Enjoy!

Redeeming Sam’s Club Credit Card Rewards

You can redeem your Sam’s Club credit card rewards during your checkout. You can do it both online and offline. You can only redeem them at Sam’s Club.

Alternatives To Sam’s Club Credit Cards

If you can’t or don’t want to get Sam’s club credit card for some reason, here are some other ones you can try:

1- Costco

Costco is a huge competition to Sam’s Club. You can however try their Costco Anywhere Visa card. It offers various cash rewards and is usable everywhere. It is exclusive to Costco members though.

2- Target

Target also offers its own credit card, which can be used only in Target. It offers various exciting rewards and has no annual fee.


Sam’s Club requires Sam’s club membership for purchasing purposes. Your Sam’s Club Credit Card cannot be used everywhere. It can only be used in Sam’s Club or Walmart stores. You can however use Sam’s Club MasterCard anywhere. You can only redeem it at Sam’s Club though.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Can I Get A Free Sam’s Club Membership?

No, you cannot get a free Sam’s Club membership. You need to pay forty-five dollars annually for the basic membership.

2- Can Someone From My Family Use My Sam’s Club Membership Or Credit Card?

No, only the person who owns the Sam’s Club Credit Card can access and use it.

Can I Use My Sam’s Credit Card Anywhere?

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