Yanmar First Responder Discount

Yanmar, founded in 1912 in Osaka, is a largescale automotive, agricultural machinery, and heavy equipment industry whose main products are tractors, construction equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles, watercraft, and diesel engines. The privately held company has a wide reach at an international level that it expanded its overseas training schools in China, the Philippines, and India in 2019. Sustainable prosperity is the main aim of the company, and it is continuously working towards achieving this goal. Yanmar is highly responsible towards the society that they always find a way to contribute to the class of society who works for the welfare and betterment of the whole nation. So keeping this as an aim Yanmar America has introduced the system of first responder, military, and teachers’ discounts. Let us here know about the ‘Yanmar First Responder Discount’.

Yanmar First Responder Discount

How can the Yanmar First Responder Discount be Obtained?

  • One of the important points to be noted is that the first responder discount and military discount are only available to Yanmar compact utility, compacts, or subcompact tractors. 
  • To obtain the first responder discount and military discount, the military persons and first responders shall have to stop by Team Tractor, i.e., the local dealer in Arizona and New Mexico.
  • The military persons and first responders shall have to provide necessary identity proofs like a driver’s license, proof of active duty or retired, honorable discharged, or employment status to avail of the discount on these products of Yanmar. 
  • Currently, the offer is valid from 1st January 2022 to 30th June 2022.

How to Claim Rebate?

The customer can make a claim for a rebate only within a period of 30 days from the date of purchase of the product. Any claim made after this said period shall be rejected and considered a category of ineligibility.

If he/she has purchased a Yanmar tractor and wants to claim then rebate, then he/she has to submit the documents to his/her dealer and then fill out a proof of purchase invoice. This shall have mentioned the date of purchase, name of the dealer, address, model of the tractor, and necessary description of the tractor he/she purchased.

Financing At Low Rates

Yanmar has introduced for all its new compact tractor models and attachments in the Unites States a low retail financing feature. The transactions related to this system are subjected to commercial installment credit approval. Also, it is the discretion of Yanmar to introduce any other terms and conditions as it deems fit. The terms and conditions can be changed by the company unanimously without any notice. 

The low rate financing is made effective in monthly payments, and this varies from the actual retail rate. This low-rate financing is not inclusive of taxes or freight. There can be an addition of taxes, handling charges, freight, and setup charges in addition to it. 

Also, cash rebates cannot enjoy the benefit of low rate retail financing, and a down payment has to be paid to participate.

Yanmar in India

Yanmar India Pvt. Ltd. is located in Gurugram, Haryana. Also, there are three branch offices of Yanmar located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and Hoshiarpur, Punjab. It has been established with the mission of providing solutions to the problems in food production and harnessing the power and thus improving the living condition of people. The technology used by the company focuses on transforming all forms of energy resources into power that it, at a later stage, utilizes for human convenience. 


Sustainable prosperity is the dream of Yanmar, which works hard towards the advancements and developments in its processes to utilize various forms of energy. At the same time, it does not remain as a money looting company, and rather, it provides financial discount and assistance to the classes of society who works for the betterment and upliftment of the society. That is why the company has introduced the scheme of first responder discounts and military and teachers’ discounts. The company collects information and does research in all aspects, and makes innovations aimed at developing a sustainable society. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is the warranty that I can avail myself of the Yanmar tractors?

Yanmar tractors are provided with a 10-year limited powertrain warranty or 3,000 hours, whichever is the earliest. 

  1. Where shall I contact for queries concerning Yanmar tractors?

The customer call submits a form which is given on the official webpage of Yanmar after mentioning his details and questions that he needs answers to from Yanmar. Or the customer can make a call at (770)877-7602.

  1. What is the warranty period that I can obtain if I purchase a Yanmar tractor?

Yanmar provides ten years limited powertrain warranty.

  1. Are Yanmar engines made in China?

The single-cylinder diesel engines have been manufactured in China since 2003. 

  1. Is it true that Yanmar engines consume less fuel?

Yes, it is highly beneficial for the customers that the Yanmar engines’ fuel consumption is less as they are liquid-cooled diesel engines.

Yanmar First Responder Discount

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