RBC Rewards – How To Claim?

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), founded in 1864 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a Canadian multinational financial services company. RBC is one of the global systematic important banks as per the Financial Stability Board’s list of 2017. It emerged as the largest bank in Canada by capitalization. This article explains more about ‘RBC Rewards’.

RBC Rewards

RBC has introduced a Rewards program where the company offers many ways to earn, save, and be rewarded. A member of the Reward program can earn points on his/her everyday purchases like groceries, pharmacy, etc., and travel bookings. And these RBC reward points can either be converted to other loyalty program points at British Airways, Cathay Pacific, WestJet, and American Airlines or redeemed reward points for bill payments, gift cards, travel, etc. Now let us look more into the Reward Program of RBC.

How To Become A Member Of The RBC Rewards Program?

There are two ways by which a person can become a member of the RBC Reward Program. They are:

  1. On obtaining the RBC Rewards credit card
  2. By enrolling a new or eligible bank account in the Value Program

Credit cards:

  • Once a customer makes an application for a credit card, and it is approved, he/she can become a member of the RBC Reward program. 
  • With that RBC Rewards credit card, a member can earn points on every purchase, and these points can be redeemed for several purposes like booking flights, hotel stays, car rentals, buying apple products, gift cards, bill payments, and savings. 
  • These reward points have got no expiry date so they can be used at any point in time.
  • On approval of the credit card application, a member gets 2,500 RBC Reward points as a welcome bonus. Also, if the member goes digital within 60 days of obtaining the Rewards credit card, he/she can earn up to 3,500 additional RBC Rewards points. 
  • There is no annual fee for some cards, but there is a higher annual fee for premium cards that tend to earn points faster (thereby providing higher benefits)
  • Also, these premium cards have a higher income requirement, and at the same time, it provides better benefits like insurance coverage and greater redemption rates for travel.

Value Program:

If enrolled in any of the eligible RBC bank accounts in the Value Program, the member can earn more rewards. Reward points on debit can be earned by online shopping or in-store purchases. There is no minimum balance required for the account when the member has other eligible RBC products and does other activities like direct deposit.

How To Earn RBC Rewards Points?

  • One of the basic methods to earn RBC Reward Points is by making everyday purchases which may be either online shopping or in-store purchases. 
  • The selected credit cards of RBC Rewards help the member to earn more points at a time. 
  • A variety of brands offer personalized offers with RBC Offers while purchasing food-related products and other essentials. Then availing of these offers by using the eligible RBC personal, debit, or credit card enables the member to save more along with getting bonus points. 
  • To access these offers, a member has to sign in to the online banking and, from the top menu, click on “Offers for You.” After searching for the required offer, select the one that suits most the need. Then the member has to purchase the product using his eligible RBC debit or credit card to obtain bonus points.
  • Linking with the partners of RBC is another way by which earning points becomes easier. By linking RBC and Petro-Points, the member can save 3 cents per liter and earn 20% more points (both Petro-Points and RBC Rewards Points).
  • On linking eligible RBC credit cards and Petro-Points within 30 days of receiving the card, a member can earn 25,000 rewards points.

How To Redeem RBC Rewards Points?

The member has to either download RBC Rewards app for Android or iOS or log in through rbcrewards.com. Then the points can be redeemed for flights, gift cards, and merchandise. Also, it can be converted to other loyalty programs or used for paying credit card billing or trading with points. 

Where To Use RBC Rewards Points?

The options to use these Rewards Points are nearly endless, i.e., from traveling across the globe to redeeming the member’s favorite products. 

  • Travel: 

The Rewards Points allow a member to purchase flight tickets, vacation packages, book hotels, rental cars, cruises, etc. this can be availed at any time, and there is no seat restriction imposed on the member even during peak periods. Even the friends or family of a member can travel by the Rewards points of the member. 

  • Merchandise and Gift Cards: 

A member can get exclusive access to the latest Apple products once it reaches the market.  The top brands of electronics, accessories, kitchens, etc., can also be accessed easily. The member can shop over 60 leading gift card brands like Indigo, Starbucks, Winners, Amazon, Petro-Canada, The Keg, etc.

  • Pay with Points: 

The RBC Rewards points can be used as cash. It can be used to pay credit card balances, in stores, bills, etc.

  • Convert Points:

RBC designates a variety of partner loyalty programs from time to time. For example, a loyalty program with American Airlines, Asia Miles, British Airways, WestJet, HBC Rewards, etc.

  • RBC Financial Rewards: 

Savings for retirement, a contribution for investments or repayment of loans, etc., can be made.

  • Donate to Charity: 

Ronald McDonald House, Hope Air, Own the Podium, and the David Foster Foundation accepts charities in the form of RBC Rewards points.


The Royal Bank of Canada, which merged as one of the greatest financial services companies in Canada through the establishment of the RBC Rewards program, extended its scope to various other sectors like airlines, cruises, hotels, essential purchases, electronics, and accessories, charity, etc. Thus, RBC attracted more of its customers to become members and widened its area of business across the world. This program can be called a successful scheme where the company enables the customers to attain satisfaction, and they develop along with the customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am an RBC Rewards credit cardholder. Can I convert the rewards points to HBC?

Yes, if you are a member of Hudson’s Bay Rewards program as well, you can convert RBC Rewards points to HBC.

  1. Can I transfer any amount of RBC Rewards points?

Yes, you can. RBC has not prescribed a certain upper limit or lower limit in case of transfer of Rewards points.

  1. I transferred RBC rewards points already. Can I reverse the transfer?

No. The transfers cannot be reversed by any means.

  1. How many seats can I book on a flight through RBC Rewards?

RBC has not imposed any restrictions regarding the number of seats the members can book. It gives access to all available seats.

  1. I have an issue concerning a trip for which I intend to redeem the RBC Reward points. Where shall I contact?

You can call 1-877-636-2870, the RBC Rewards Travel contact number.

RBC Rewards – How To Claim?

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