Does Stanley Steemer Clean Beds?

Stanley Steemer is a chain of businesses involved in the carpet cleaning business, founded by Jack A Bates, in 1947.  The company is a privately owned business, started in Dublin, Ohio, the US. The company has its headquarters in Dublin. Stanley Steemer is a family-owned business with 280 branches owned but has many franchise centers across 49 states. Let’s know ‘Does Stanley Steemer Clean Beds?’

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Beds?

The company started as a carpet cleaning business and now it has cleaning services in many fields. The Allergy Standards Limited honored the company with the Asthma and Allergy Friendly Certification for its Asthma friendly services. Despite carpets cleaning, Stanley Steemer cleans mattresses, floors, etc. The substances used for cleaning include an eco-friendly mix called Hot Water Extraction.

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Beds?

Yes. Stanely Steemer cleans beds. Bed cleaning costs a minimum of 50$ and can be up to 150$ per bed. The variation depends on the size of the bed and the material used.

Bed Cleaning By Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer offers bed cleaning by the method of steam cleaning. It uses hot water steam to kill bed bugs, dust mites, etc.  Thus bed will get rid of contaminants, urine smell, stein and smells from sweat, dirt, and dust mites. Dust mites may produce an allergic effect in someone. The steaming of the bed removes all types of microscopic bugs. Thus the method of steaming used by Stanley Steemer is beneficial.

Carpet Cleaning By Stanely Steemer   

Stanley Steemer is a reputed carpet cleaning company that cleans many items. Hot Water Extraction is used for carpet cleaning. Hot water Extraction is different from steam cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction        

In Stanley Steemer, the carpet cleaning is carried out by using Hot Water Extraction (HME). The Hot Water Extraction is prepared from hot water at 212 Degree Fahrenheit mixed with cleaning agents to kill bacteria and some other contaminants.

Cleaning Carpets

Steam Cleaner is filled with the WME without losing the maximum heat. Then it is sprayed on the fibers of a carpet through a Gallen pump sprayer at high pressure. This also removes the soil with its vacuum pump. Carpet drying fans are used for drying the carpet after cleaning. As per the materials used for carpets, one can use a clothes steamer or iron steamer.

Advantages Of Hot Water Extraction

 Fewer containments

When hot water extraction is used to clean the carpet there will be fewer residues remaining. But while cleaning with any other sort of cleaning substance, there can be residues remaining. 

 Assured cleaning

In the Hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning, hot water is passed with high pressure into the dirty carpet making the dust particles and other dust mites to be dissolved. After cleaning the water is sucked by using the vacuum pump of the steam cleaner.


The hot water extraction does not use any cleaning agents that makes allergies or asthma. So the carpet will have long life also the eco-friendly cleaning substance used will not make any harm to the environment.

Other Services from Stanley Steemer 

Other cleaning services from Stanley Steemer include the following: 

Floor mat Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Tiles and their corners Cleaning

Cobblestone Cleaning

Doors and Windows Cleaning

Oriental & Fine Area Rug Cleaning

Hardwood Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Machines Used For Cleaning Floors

Stanley Steemer uses a hardwood floor auto scrubber used for floor cleaning. This machine is made by a patented company. This machine can perform a complete cleaning of floors. This cleaning machine uses hot water to remove all the dirty particles stuck on the floor. The company provides a microfiber mop to dry the water on the floors after the steaming.

New Trends Used by Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer has introduced an EPA registered cleaning product which is an Antimicrobial Disinfectant. This is a highly effective product that can be used to clean wood, natural stone, tiles, etc. It can also be used for carpet cleaning and cleaning upholstery.

Care towards the new Viruses

The Antimicrobial Disinfectant is used to clean nobs, door handles, tables, and other touchable areas to prevent the new viruses

The Equipment Disinfection Protocols 

All the equipment is cleaned repeatedly to disinfect it after every cleaning process as per the Equipment Disinfection protocol. As per the protocol it gives special training to its workers. They are instructed to follow social distancing while doing the service. Also, the workers have been reminded of the importance of their health-related issues. They are provided with the Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE Kit) while doing the cleaning works inside or outside to maintain safety.


The workers are provided with Emergency Paid Sick Leave or EPSL. They can avail emergency leaves when necessary. The leave is included with the payment. So if they are sick, no need to work at all.


Stanley Steemer is a chain of carpeting cleaning businesses located in Dublin, The United States. Stanley Steemer cleans mattresses, carpets, doors, flour, etc. by using eco-friendly substances so that no harm to the environment. The Hot Water Extraction is made by the company itself. The company has got the Asthma and Allergy Friendly certification for its service. The company is ethical. The disinfection of its machines is maintained each time when a cleaning process got over.


1. What do the dust mites on the bed do? 

Dust mites crawl on the body making a sensation of itching. This infestation may persist for several days. There won’t produce bitings.

2. What is the Hot Water Extraction?

Hot water extraction is the liquid used for cleaning carpets. It is a mix prepared by boiling water with some eco-friendly cleaning substances.

3. At what time does Stanley Steemer come to do home service?

It has a convenient work schedule with a decent pay 

4. What is meant by EPA registered?

The Environmental Protection Agency is an independent organization that carries out environmental protection matters.

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Beds?

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