Stanley Steemer

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Baseboards?

Stanley Steemer was established in 1947 by Jack A. Bates. With more than 280 corporate and franchise locations in Dublin, Ohio, United States, they offer carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and air duct cleaning.  They also sell a variety of cleaning supplies for use in the home and business, […]

 Does Stanley Steemer Clean Travertine Floors?

Travertine is a stone that has a property that, unlike many other stones,  makes it naturally non-slippery. This property makes it an excellent stone to use in places that need to be slip resistant, like floors, bathroom tiles, and pools. Although there are many benefits of having Travertine flooring, there is a big drawback. Tiles […]

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Rugs?

Stanley Steemer is a vast American company that offers services of carpet clean, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, air duct cleaning, and rugs cleaning. The company also possesses water damage restoration and sells varying types of cleaning products for office and home usage. Stanley Steemer offers professional cleaning services for both […]

Does Stanley Steemer Seal Grout? -Know More

Stanley Steemer is working as a washing and cleaning service in the U.SA. It has been working since 1947 in Dublin, Ohio. Anyone invite them for their washing solution. They provide washing services in two ways, domestic, and outdoor. So the customers get to facilitate with their professionality. Let us know about “Does Stanley Steemer […]

Does Stanley Steemer give Military Discount? 

Finding a good top-tier cleaning service like carpet cleaning, hardwood floor tile, and air duct cleaning to maintain and keep your place can be very hard. So, Stanley steamer is an authentic place to give your required top-tier cleaning services. However, You can choose which cleaning service you want, and they will come to your […]

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Dryer Vents?

Having a dryer vent in your home is highly beneficial, but when clogged, it doesn’t only take longer to dry your cloth, it poses a fire hazard and so, must be cleaned immediately. Whenever Stanley Steemer is mentioned, we have our minds on carpet cleaning and other cleaning services; hence, this makes you wonder whether […]

Does Stanley Steemer Use Soap? – Know More

Introduction  Do you know that your home is full of germs? Yes, those invisible germs can make you sick. If you’re not taking care of your house, it will soon become a haven for germs and bacteria. To keep your home clean, you need professional help like Stanley Steemer. This company uses soap to clean […]

Does Stanley Steemer Wash Blinds? -Know More About It

Stanley steamer is a privately owned company situated in the United States of America, with its headquarters in Dublin, Ohio. This company spreads across 49 States in the United States of America with over 270 franchises across the country. Let us know about “Does Stanley Steemer Wash Blinds?” Stanley Steemer is the first company in […]

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Chimneys?

Stanley Steemer is a united states company that specializes in floor cleaning and offers services like carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, air duct cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and upholstery cleaning, the company was founded in Ohio in 1947 and their services also include water damage restoration and the sale of cleaning products for home […]

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