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 Kitchenaid is a leading consumer electronics manufacturer that produces and promotes user-friendly kitchen
appliances. The consumer review forums have mixed opinions about the customer services provided
by Kitchenaid. It has a good rating on the eCommerce website of Amazon, yet it cannot position itself as a good
service provider. The rating considers many other factors such as product quality and price to calculate the
overall rating. The best way to understand its customer support service is to visit the ‘Support’ section on its
official website or continue reading.

kitchenaid Customer Service

Kitchenaid has categorized its product offerings into three broad categories Major Kitchen Appliances,
Countertop Kitchen Appliances, and Kitchenware. There is a mixed reaction from the customers
regarding the customer service provided by Kitchenaid. Although on its official website, it has a
dedicated and well-designed support page where a customer can register and get in touch with the
customer service professionals 24×7.

 Steps to access the support page:

1) Open the browser and search for the official website of Kitchenaid. 
2) Click on the first search result displayed on the browser to reach the home page. 
3) Click on Support in the top center of the page and select the suitable option from the drop-down
4) Select the option of contact-us to connect with the customer care executives through different
modes of communications. 
5) Fill in the complaint form and submit it. You can also call its toll-free number, chat live with the
customer care executives or write a complaint to the provided email ID.
3) You can also select other options: 
a. Select Product Manuals to download datasheets with detailed product functionality. You can also
check several other resources such as FAQ, search for nearby retail outlets, chat with a representative,
and toll-free numbers for a direct conversation. 
b. Select the option of ‘Schedule Service’ to connect with an authorized service provider and book an
You can even find a troubleshooting option before booking an appointment. To make navigation easy
and help its customers 24×7 via different touchpoints, the company has segregated the Service &
Support category on its website into more than 15 sub-categories. You can search for product
manuals, raise replacement requests, download user guides, search nearby authorized service
providers, and connect with the customer care executives using toll-free numbers. 

Does Kitchenaid have the best customer service?

The products are rated higher on the rating scale on the biggest eCommerce platform,Amazon. Another
leading website named shows a rating of 4.2 stars on a five-point rating scale based on
the 284 ratings submitted last year. But when we combine the ratings of a few more consumer forums, then the
rating of the brand is lower. To check the reviews before making a purchase decision, click here. On the
contrary, the reviews on a few other consumer forums are disappointing. You can check the reviews yourself
on several platforms from the links that are shared below:
Customer Service
● Scoreboard
● Sitejabber
● Trustpilot

How does Kitchenaid differentiate its services from its competitors? 

The Unique Selling Proposition of Kitchenaid is user-friendly kitchen appliances available in versatile colors.
You can find a variety of colorful kitchen appliances in homes across America, Australia, and the U.K. It has
maintained its brand equity because of its massive range of products and therefore gains a competitive edge
over competitors because of its versatile product offerings. It is evident from the customer reviews that
customer service might not be the differentiating factor for Kitchenaid to make it stand out in the market


The brand was started in 1919 and is highly popular in the domestic market. It carries the brand equity of
Whirlpool and enjoys the image of a market leader, customer reviews on different forums narrate a
disappointing story about the After Sales Services provided by the company. Although Kitchenaid has created
several touchpoints for its customers to register any complaints or request support, it needs to scale up in
addressing the actual problems of its customers when they face issues with their products later in the customer
journey funnel.  


Does Kitchenaid provide an online chat facility for customer service? 
Yes, the online chat option is available on their official website. Put the cursor on the Support tab on the home
page of their website, and it will show the option for live chat. You can check the live chat option on the
‘Contact-Us’ page. 

Can I track my order after placing an order with Kitchenaid? 

Yes, you can track your order online from its support section. Kitchenaid gives the option to track your order
online in the drop-down list from the support section of the home page.

What is Kitchenaid’s toll-free number?

Major Appliances – 1 (800) 422-1230
Countertop Appliances, Kitchenware & Kitchen Tools – 1 (800) 541-6390

Kitchenaid Customer Service- Read more

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