PXG military & veteran discount

PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) is a worldwide sports equipment manufacturing company that deals with designing, marketing, and selling a variety of customized equipment products. The company was established by Bob Parsons in 2014 and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The PXG company was founded by the same founder who found GoDaddy. The golf clubs are made and manufactured in the USA. Does PXG provides military & veteran discount? The Parsons Xtreme Golf company does offer a military and veteran discount.

PXG military & veteran discount
Student Discount 

The military and veteran personnel do get a 50% on iron and wedges. The discount extends up to all active and retired personnel and veterans from the U.S navy, army, air force, coast guard, and marines. Not only does the PXG discount is limited up to the army and veterans, but they also offer a special police discount, namely the Law Enforcement discount. They enjoy special discounts on selected apparel and PXG clubs.

To get the discount for the aforesaid category, these steps are needed to follow:

  • Log on to pxg.com/heroes
  • Verify the eligibility for special pricing via iD.me
  • Select your golf clubs and add any additional gear or PXG Apparel that might be needed for the golf course. 
  • Submit the order.

The motivation behind the foundation

In an interview with the Gentleman’s Journal, Bob Parson, the founder of PXG, reveals the real reason behind the foundation of the company. On being asked, if being unable to find the clubs of his choice, as mentioned by Bob Parson earlier, was the real reason to found his company or did he just want to own his own golf company.

He answers, by saying that, it was both that led him to PXG, as earlier he would buy everything that would be available in the market and he spent a whopping $300,00 every year on the equipment, but even after spending a large chunk of money what he found was that most of the things were just hyped. Amidst it, he had a chance to meet Mike Nicolette, senior engineer at Ping, and asked him what could have he done, had he been having no restraints? Mike replied that it would be great but he could not leave Ping. Parson further says that he then heard from Mike a month later and they founded PXG.

Uniqueness of PXG

Despite being just seven years old since the time it was founded, it is giving tough competition to the bigger companies like Titleists and TaylorMades, because of its high-quality equipment and also its availability of products to a wide range of customers, from high price range to budget-oriented lines. Strategies like this work best when the society comprises people of different strata and sections financially.

One more policy of DTC (direct-to-customer), when it is about their clubs, is working best in their favour. Their products are not to be found in retail stores anywhere. It could only be bought from their roving fitters, their fitting studios or their PXG website. The PXG custom made equipment and fittings are one another pillar of strength. They even customize their products for the differently-abled players. So, when it comes to customisation and being the best in the market, PXG in today’s time is way ahead of its contemporaries.

PXG’s constant inventory approach towards betterment of their equipment and their direct customer relations instead of via a variety of distribution channels have made their customers satisfied too, as a customer doesn’t have to break his/her head for services or the non-availability of products at a particular store of an area.


As PXG themselves say that they are a team of golf fanatics and are wholly devoted to meeting the changing demand of golf enthusiasts, it wouldn’t be wrong to say it out with certainty. As, being just seven years old, the company has managed to overrun bigger companies like Titleists and TaylorMades, there has to be something about a company as recent as PXG to do so. Their uniqueness and the understanding and adaptation of changing demands every day has kept them going along with their special discount for military and veterans, that is the cherry on the top.


Q.1. What is the speciality of PXG iron?

A. The technology that is used in these irons of PXG allows for better distance, forgiveness and feel thereby comprising smooth shots. There is a five-time build-up process that the iron goes through.

Q.2. Are PXG clubs made in China?

A. No, the PXG are very much made in the United States of America. It was founded by an American named Bob Parsons in the state of Arizona.

Q.3. Can PXG orders be cancelled?

A. Yes, if the order received is faulty or damaged, the PXG customer services can be contacted within 30 days after the delivery of the products and then after the confirmation, the refund process begins.

Q.4. How to contact PXG customer services?

A. they can be contacted by telephone on their customer service number 844-752-9794 and they also respond through their social media handles.

PXG military & veteran discount

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