PXG First Responder Discount- Who Are First Responders?

Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) is a leading sports equipment company that mainly deals in golf equipment. It not only manufactures but also markets and sells golf equipment worldwide. Its products get used by famous golfers around the world. Headquartered in Scottsdale, PXG’s equipment gets widely purchased by the people of the USA. Now, the question arises does PXG offer any discount to First Responders? What is the PXG first responder discount?

PXG First Responder Discount

Person Xtreme Golf (PXG) offers a special discount for first responders and military personnel. Its first responder discount program is known as ‘PXG for Heroes.’ Under this discount, first responders receive merchandise at attractive prices.

What Discount Does Pxg Offer To First Responders?

PXG offers a range of discounts for first responders and military personnel on its equipment and apparel. First responders and military men and women get a 10% discount on various PXG items under the PXG for Heroes offers. It also offers special pricing on equipment and apparel to first responders and military personnel.

However, verification of eligible buyers is necessary before getting the discount. Notably, apart from the PXG for Heroes discount, first responders can also get more benefits from various promotional coupons.

The maximum discount that an eligible first responder could get at PXG merchandise is 50% off with free P&P. Person Xtreme Golf also offer coupons with 25% off with free P&P on eligible items. Customers can buy golf equipment, other sports equipment, and apparel for men and women from these discounts. 

Who Are First Responders?

First responders are those who take the initial action in an emergency. They remained most close to the risk of life. Therefore, to appraise their works and thank them, most of the companies and stores in the USA have first responder discounts. The professionals that come under the first responder are Police, Doctors, Coastal Guards, Nurses, Healthcare workers, Firefighters, EMTs, etc.

How To Avail The Pxg First Responder Discount?

It is a kind of thank you program for all those first responders who are engaged in emergency services. The discount differs from product to product. To avail of the ‘PXG for Heroes’ discount to thank first responders and military personnel, firstly verification of buyers’ eligibility is mandatory. Notably, the PXG discount is for working as well as retired military men and women and first responders. 

Person Xtreme Golf uses ID.me for verifying the eligibility of military personnel and first responder to get the PXG for Heroes discount. To get the verification done, first responders and military personnel have to sign in with ID.me. Retired as well as working first responders and military persons have to show valid proof of service to clear the verification process. 

Once your military id or the first responder id gets verified, you can easily shop from PXG and get discounts. First responders and military persons always receive great deals on apparel and equipment. They also receive special pricing on PXG golf club after verification of their id and eligibility for discount. 

The Verification Process For First Responders On ID.Me

ID.me’s identity verification process is trustworthy and quick. By following a few simple steps, the verification will be done. First responders and military personnel can verify their id with ID.me in two ways-

  1. First responders or military personnel can their certification date and registration information for verification. ID.me checks this information with the government’s database and gives their result.
  2. Secondly, military personnel and first responders can also upload their official documents of service for verification. ID.me checks and verifies the document for originality and gives the result in just 60 seconds. 

Where Else I Can Get A First Responder Discount?

PXG is not the only sports goods manufacturing company that offers first responder discounts. Companies offer first responder discounts to praise the dedication and efforts of the police force, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, firefighters, etc. for working in difficult, risky, and emergencies.

The firms that offer first responder discounts are-

  • Adidas
  • Jockey
  • Nike
  • Puma
  • Rebook etc.


PXG golf equipment manufacturer offers special pricing on its equipment, apparel, and golf club to the military personnel and first responders. The eligible buyers could receive up to a 50% discount on selected items. However, getting the discount verification of the first responder’s id with ID.me is mandatory for the buyers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is The Average Saving Made By A First Responder Or Military Personnel While Shopping From Person Xtreme Golf (PXG)?


According to data, first responders or military personnel could save up to $22.44 per order by shopping for equipment and apparel from PXG. 

  1. Can I Alter The Items Bought From PXG With Military And First Responder Discount?


Yes, the items purchased from PXG with military and first responder discounts could get altered according to the buyer’s need. The customer can contact the PXG fitting assistant or book an appointment for an in-person fitting.

PXG First Responder Discount- Who Are First Responders?

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