Does AAA Make Keys?

The American Automobile Association, whose acronym is their first initials of AAA, is commonly pronounced as triple-A. American Automobile Association is a North American organization of motor clubs. It is not for profit. But, it does have a national member association program and an organization and more than 60 million subscribers in the continental United States and Canada. In this article, we will be focusing exclusively on AAA and the various key-related services they provide. So the question is “Does AAA make keys?”.

Does AAA Make Keys?

If you lose your keys, damage them, or the service provider is unable to gain access to your vehicle, AAA basic members are eligible for an auto locksmith service or a $50 compensation for auto locksmith services.

Locksmith Services Provided By AAA

If you’ve been locked out of your automobile, AAA is known for providing emergency automotive locksmith services. It is common knowledge that to fulfill and work with lost car key jobs, AAA oftentimes employs third-party services and automotive locksmith services.

These services are oftentimes by state-licensed locksmith companies. Some examples are The Keyless Shop at Sears or Pop-a-lock. AAA will usually pay up to $100 in lost key jobs, lockout service, and towing up to 70 miles, depending on membership status.

However, it does not cover the mechanics of ignition, manufacturing keys for automobiles with dealer identification plates, duplicate keys or door keys, hubcaps that lock, and clubs for steering wheels and Keys to the trunk. However, there is an exception to this rule, wherein if the keys of the trunk are locked inside, then a client might need to engage in towing services rather than key replacement services. 

Types Of Keys Available At AAA

One of the most basic types of the key is the traditional key. They are often present on older vehicles and are unencoded. The master key contains a microchip embedded inside the key grip and is, therefore, more secure than a standard key. Master keys are no longer used in most cars since they are costly to obtain and keep. 

Transponder keys, like Master keys, contain a microchip embedded in the key handle. When plugged into the engine, a detector reacts and activates the transponder, which has been in use since the late 1990s. A rolling code key is another sort of transponder key that sends a different code each time a car is used, safeguarding the automobile more than regular transponders.

The Switchblade key folds inwards like a switchblade knife. For use, a button normally comes out of the key. Some vehicles come with a specific key for valets. The Valet key permits the user to give the valet a key that can only be used to unlock the door & start the car. 

It is unable to open the car’s trunk, glove box, or other compartments. When it is within range of the automobile, a smart key is a fob that allows the car to turn on with a touch of a button. Only a dealership will be able to replace them.

The Time Duration That Is Taken To Make Another Key At AAA

If the handyman is skilled, obtaining a car key made and replaced can be done quickly. It usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. The time frame differs from vehicle to vehicle, with some taking longer than an hour to cut and program a replacement car key. If some of your queries are still unanswered, you can contact AAA services at 800-AAA-HELP (800-222-4375). You can email them if you need help with your subscription or any other service.

Roadside Assistance Provided By AAA For Your Keys

The following memberships provide the locksmith services with various benefits at AAA:

AAA Membership 

The yearly membership for AAA fee ranges from $40 to $165. However, because the yearly cost and membership advantages vary by location, it is recommended that you go to the AAA webpage and type your zip code to find out more about your region’s membership and pricing.

AAA Basic Membership

These memberships, which cost between $40 and $74, are excellent for folks who live within a short driving distance of their home. Among their advantages are: 

  1. Their services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
  2. Provisions for towing up to 3 miles each year 
  3. Delivery of fuel Service for flat tires and dead batteries 
  4. Up to $50 in car lockout services.

After enrolling, there is a 48-hour or a 2-day waiting period. For every extra mile over the towing limit, you will be charged $4. Fuel is available at a pump price. Per membership year, up to four service calls are permitted. After the limit has been surpassed, charges will be applied.

AAA Plus Membership 

This membership is for you if you commute upwards of 10 miles from home frequently. This will cost you between $60 and $124 and will provide you with about the same perks as a AAA classic membership, except that this subscription tows 100 miles and provides car lockout assistance for up to $100. After enrollment, there is a 5-day waiting period.

AAA Premier membership

It is designed for regular travelers which is the most costly of the three memberships, ranging from $77 to $164. It includes the same benefits of a AAA Basic membership, plus a 200-mile tow, three 100-mile tows, automobile or home lockout services, and a one-day complimentary rental car service in addition to towing. After enrollment, there is indeed a $150 lockout restriction and a 10-day waiting period.


AAA offers a variety of services to its subscribers, including roadside help. Heathrow, Florida is where the company’s national headquarters are located. AAA is most popularly known for its roadside assistance and help, some of the offers might need a person to call AAA up and ask for their help in case they have been locked out of their cars or automobiles.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How long does it take to replace a key at AAA? 

This process is short and will only take up to 20 to 30 minutes of your time

2. What is needed by a locksmith to change my car key lock?

The locksmith will need your VIN and the year along with the model of your car. 

Does AAA Make Keys?

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