Does Old Navy Have Wheelchairs?

There are some clothes which can be worn as a party- wears or for other rare occasions. Some are completely comfortable clothes that you wear when you are at home watching Netflix and eating a large cheese pizza. Let’s know ‘Does Old Navy Have Wheelchairs?’

Does Old Navy Have Wheelchairs?

Aren’t those clothes the best? There are a few brands like Old Navy which keep everything on their racks, from loungewear to formalwear. But to buy from Old Navy is a tiresome activity. And keeping this in mind, it provides certain services to people who cannot exert themselves physically in such stores. This article will tell you whether the Old Navy has wheelchairs and other provisions for differently-abled people. So go on and educate yourself.

What is the Old Navy?

Old Navy is a casual wear retail store founded in America. Old navy is a young brand but has become the go-to brand among many youngsters and adults. Its breathable material, soft fabric, and lightweight features are appealing to kids, men, women, and infants. Even though it got launched in 1994, Old Navy possesses more than 800 stores in the United States of America, as of 2022. But, it does not have any international shipping or retail stores in other parts of the world. 

Is Old Navy a part of Gap?

The Old Navy is often associated with Gap. It is because Old Navy is a subsidiary of the very famous Gap Inc chain. Recently in 2019, Gap announced that it would separate from Old Navy and the latter would become an independent multinational company. Other brands such as the Banana Republic and Athleta are also owned by Gap. You can find all these brands on a single website and get the brands in a single Gap store. Old Navy’s collection of clothing and other accessories is similar to the fashion sense of Gap.

Does the Old Navy have wheelchairs?

Old Navy provides features for physically and mentally differently-abled people to help them and improve their shopping experience at the store. People can also bring their wheelchairs or strollers for children and adults. Some Old Navy outlets do provide wheelchairs, while some do not have these assistive devices. All the workers and employees are trained to help and assist the person in need. People can bring their own strollers and support persons. Otherwise, Old Navy provides trained professionals to help people overcome their difficulties.

Are there any other facilities available at Old Navy?

The Old Navy recognizes the need to treat everybody equally and give equal opportunities to fully utilize and enjoy their experience at any of the Old Navy showrooms. They have a few facilities. They have people who specialize in communication with differently-abled people. The Old Navy allows people to get accompanied by their service animals or support persons. Nobody can bar them from entering the premises. If there is any issue or disruption in the facilities provided to the differently-abled people, Old Navy will notify in advance, and schedule appointments for the concerned customers. 

How are the Old Navy staff trained?

Dealing with differently-abled people requires an individual to have a sense of empathy and selflessness. Old Navy makes sure that its staff is thorough with the training in dealing with physically and mentally challenged people. The training includes:-

  1. A thorough explanation of the customer service plan. 
  2. Giving an introduction to the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  3. Giving demonstrations on how to help and assist people in need.
  4. Explaining how to interact and communicate with people in need.
  5. Explaining how to deal with service animals and support persons.


This article has discussed the services provided by Old Navy to differently-abled individuals. The facilities given by the Old Navy reflect that there is no stone left unturned to aid and assist individuals and make them feel comfortable, at all times. Apart from making their employees helpful and pleasant to meet, it also allows challenged individuals to bring their own service animals and support persons. The Old Navy may or may not provide wheelchairs or strollers. So it is suggested that the individuals bring their cart.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I suggest something to Old Navy?

Of course, you can. Old Navy provides a special feedback service so that the customers who make use of the special abilities services can give their views and make sure that Old Navy exceeds their expectations and improve if it lacks a certain service.

2. Is the Old Navy for men?

No. Old Navy is a brand that has both men’s and women’s clothes. It even has clothes for children, toddlers, and newborn babies. It even provides maternity clothes. It has a gender-neutral collection and even has family outfits specially coordinated for a perfect family picture.

3. Which is better: Old Navy or the Banana Republic? 

Old Navy is a casual and cool brand that focuses on targeting the family rather than on the style of clothing. The Banana Republic is a more sophisticated and luxurious brand than Old navy. In terms of price, Banana Republic is higher than Old Navy, and in terms of style, Banana Republic clothes are more fashionable.

Does Old Navy Have Wheelchairs?

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