Who Does Keurig Use For Shipping?

Everyone loves a steaming hot cup of joe in the morning, especially when it is cold and freezing outside. To get a good mug of coffee or a beverage, you must have a good machine at hand, such as the likes manufactured by Keurig. Keurig is a home and commercial beverage brewing system. The machines are made by the Keurig Dr. Pepper corporation in the United States. K-Cup pods, which are single-serve coffee canisters; additional beverage pods; and proprietary equipment that employ these pods to prepare beverages are the major Keurig items. So, Who does Keurig use for shipping?

Who Does Keurig Use For Shipping?

For Keurig products to reach your home, they use third-party shipping companies like FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, Lasership, or 913 couriers worldwide. While Keurig’s goal is to ship orders within a day, it can sometimes take longer for them as well.

Shipping Policy

Due to other factors like the pandemic or some troubles with the shipping companies, the orders can take a little longer to ship as well. 

Shipping Methods

You can select the shipping method you want to go for when it pops up during the checkout process. There are three types of shipping. The standard shipping takes three to seven business days. The express shipping takes 3 to 4 business days. The final version is the expedited version which takes 1 or 2 days. It needs to be noted that all the shipping methods include 1 or 2 days for processing as well.

All these companies that Keurig uses for shipping are internationally renowned companies that do a great job of shipping both locally and to other international locations. For instance, DHL has bases in more than 200 counties. Similarly, FedEx has bases in 220 countries, just like DHL, making it very easy for Keurig to ship to other nations outside the continental United States.

Free Shipping 

Keurig offers free shipping for orders over $29, as long as the addresses are within the contiguous United States. Therefore, it excludes the following states – Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, and this is only applicable after all coupons or rewards have been applied for the same. Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico can avail of free shipping on orders over $39. 

Shipping Coffee To Puerto Rico

All consumers and customers of Keurig need to note that Puerto Rico charges an export fee on coffee items. So coffee that is being imported from the USA to Puerto Rico will have an excise fee of $2.50 on the coffee per pound. So for coffee to be imported into Puerto Rico, customers need to pay this excise fee since the company will not be able to bear this cost. 

Tracking Orders

Login into the system and select “Current Orders” from the “My Orders” box. You can view an order’s details by clicking just on the order number. If your purchase has shipped, you will see a “Track” button. Click the button to be taken to our provider’s website, where you will find shipping information.

Sales Tax On Shipping

Taxes are calculated based on the delivery address. They’re determined in compliance with applicable provincial and federal tax laws. A consumption tax is a levy imposed on goods sold to customers in areas where firms have a “significant physical presence.” Because the client is consuming the item, sales tax is considered a consumer (purchaser) expense rather than a corporation or business expense.

As we are obligated to pay the tax on behalf of users, the company remits the sales taxes to the individual states or provinces. The tax rate is not a choice; it is mandated by federal and provincial legislation. Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Provincial Sales Tax (PST) will be applied on orders containing Brewers and Accessories, as applicable.

Shipping To Po Boxes

Keurig does ship to PO boxes, but to keep the shipping costs down and minimum, they prefer if there is a physical address for the same as well. 

Order Confirmation

After you have successfully completed your order, you will receive an order confirmation through email if you have provided Keurig with a valid email address. When it is packed and ready to ship, you will also receive a shipping confirmation email.

Changing Or Canceling An Order

We’re sorry, but Keurig can’t change or cancel an order once it’s in the works. Please keep in mind that the ordering procedure is automated, and purchases will be printed and processed in our distribution center right away. You can check the status of your shipment in your Keurig account to see if someone will be available to refuse it.

If you are not going to be home when the shipment arrives, please leave a message for the driver stating if you wouldn’t want your Keurig delivery and that it should be returned. If you’d want Keurig to assist you with this refusal, please contact Keurig’s Customer Service department as soon as possible after placing your order.


Keurig is a world-class company that offers a lot of beverage options, making it a go-to company for people in the USA to satisfy their beverage needs. Based in Reading, Massachusetts, America, Keurig is a company that specializes in the creation of various types of beverages such as hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and even lemonade.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How Much Do I Need To Buy For Free Shipping? 

Keurig offers free shipping on orders of $29. 

2. Can I Get Free Shipping In Alaska? 

Yes, you can as long as your minimum order is $39. 

Who Does Keurig Use For Shipping?

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