Using Tesco Club Card Vouchers To Buy Gift Cards

Can we use Tesco club card vouchers to buy gift cards? let’s find out. Tesco, the British Supermarket, provides Clubcard vouchers to get the best from the store. You will get a summary quarterly, for example, how many points got gathered so far. Vouchers will be in the denomination of pounds 1, 5, 10, 20, etc. these vouchers can be redeemed in-store. You can apply for a Tesco club card if you are an employee with Tesco for at least six months. If you are not an employee with Tesco you must visit the Tesco club card site and apply. You will get confirmation.

Can I Use Tesco Club Card Vouchers To Buy Gift Cards?

Tesco club card vouchers get provided to customers as a reward for being loyal to the company. While shopping at the store, you can get the club card scanned to achieve 1 point whenever you shop for every pound.

Tesco Club Card Vouchers To Buy Gift Cards

All you need to do is visit and follow the steps online. E-gift cards are available for buying online. For Tesco e-gift cards, one can choose the value of pound 5 to pound 150. For third-party e-gift cards, each provider has a different minimum value. The maximum load value on third-party e-gift cards sold on will be more than 100 pounds. Club card points are not for e-gift card buying.

Getting Tesco Club Card Vouchers

The e-gift card will get available when buying online. The store will ask for an e-mail address and phone number. It will send your e-gift card to the person you choose with the guidelines ‘on how to use it.’ If you do not have any of the two, you may forward the e-mail to yourself, and then decide what to do with it. We will also send a purchase confirmation via mail.

You can purchase a maximum of 5 e-gift cards within seven days and change the number of cards. For a maximum number of cards, one can visit the corporate website Usually, it takes around 2 hours for the Tesco e-card to be authorized. Then it gets ready to get used in stores once the payment gets processed. One can use the Tesco e-gift cards if the balance is available and can get used for over five years. Tesco e-gift cards can get added to apple pay. But, you cannot add it to Google pay.

Ways To Spend Tesco Club Card Vouchers 

It is always a better way to save money on groceries by simply getting the amount off a bill. There are so many ways to save money with Tesco club card vouchers. It cuts down the cost of theme parks and cinema tickets. Apart from using it as shopping simply from Tesco. Here are the ways and means to take out more value from the club card vouchers.

If you are a club cardholder, you can collect points by shopping online and in-store purchasing Tesco. Besides groceries, there are ample ways to spend the collected points with vouchers. For every one pound spent, you get one club card point.

The following are the ways to spend Tesco Club Card Vouchers:

  • Get Money Off On Clothing

One can save some cash by using the club card voucher on clothing and shoes. Tesco clothing is a great way to get value and quality to save club card vouchers on next season’s clothing. When it comes to uniform clothing Clubcard vouchers are here available. 

  • Fuel Cost-Cutting

One can save money from the Tesco filling station by using the Tesco club card vouchers. You can also use the vouchers at Esso petrol station but, if you have a pound 5 club card vouchers you can get a pound 5 off from the bill. 

  • Get Disney +

Do you know that you can exchange the voucher for a Disney+ channel subscription? If you spend with a reward partner, your club card vouchers become three times more than instead of Tesco. A club card voucher worth pound 8 becomes worth pound 24 which is equivalent to 3 months’ Subscription. 

  • A Mini-Break

Everyone needs a break but hotels are quite expensive. So, why not save money on the club card voucher by having a family getaway. If we can save pound 33 in club card vouchers, you can book with by exchanging pound 99.


At last, the Tesco club card vouchers can avail value when it is changed with the above services. An electronic gift card can be bought from the Tesco stores. One can also buy an e-gift card online from and can also put a pound 5 and a pound 150 on it. Once it is purchased one cannot top up the balance, but in case you change your mind, It is easily refundable. The e-gift card can be sent through an email or on a phone number during the purchase. It cannot be purchased and collected from Tesco stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Can I top up the balance on my Tesco e-gift card?

Ans.) No, Tesco e-gift cards can be charged only once.

Q2) What can I spend with my Tesco e-gift card?

Ans.) you can buy anything sold at UK Tesco stores.

Q3)  Do Tesco e-gift cards have an Expiry date?

Ans.) It depends on the card provider that an e-gift card’s expiry date varies. Anyone can find information on the provider’s terms and conditions. You can get the information on the brand’s provider terms and conditions to check the expiry date on a third-party e-gift card.

Q4) Do I have to spend my Tesco e-gift card at once?

Ans.) No, it is not available that any left balance will be saved for the next time in 5 years

Using Tesco Club Card Vouchers To Buy Gift Cards

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