Stores like the Vermont Country Store

If you are in America, you might have shopped from The Vermont Country general store that sells clothes, food, home décor items, etc. And if not, you most certainly have passed through one. Let’s know about the Stores like the Vermont Country Store.

Stores like the Vermont Country Store

The Vermont Country Store is an upscale American departmental retail store chain that operates both offline and online and is currently headquartered in Vermont, USA. It was founded in 1946 by two members of the Orton family- Mildred Orton and Vrest Orton- that owns and runs the chain to date. It has a wide range of products as mentioned above, selling groceries, meals, clothes, accessories, and bedding among many other items. 

Introduction to Vermont Country Store

The Vermont Country Store is a convenience store where you will find most of your daily needs plus pretty showpieces or décor items. Reviews say that you could go crazy with your Christmas shopping list here, and could spend the entire day at the store considering the number of items that they have for you to browse through! Naturally enough, their prices are a bit over the top, or at least mid-priced to say the least, so if you are looking for similar stores to shop from but at the same time save some bucks, here’s a list of them. Have a look!

Stores like the Vermont Country Store


American Apparel is a standard American e-retail clothing line that was founded by Dov Charney in 1989 and is currently based in Los Angeles, California. They sell all kinds of clothes from tees to dresses to sweats, available for men, women, and kids. Their price range might be $$ on a scale of $ to $$$, but at the same time, they do offer tons of discounts and sales on their website. Head over to to browse through their collection.


Adapt Clothing is a retail clothing line that believes in the holy trinity of the textile industry: Concept, Design, and Execution. You can find most of your daily use needs here at Adapt which functions both online and offline. Their product range includes men’s, women’s, and kids’ apparel, footwear, headwear, and even backpacks, home décor items, etc. Their prices are comparatively cheaper, but they do depend on your budget. Do visit to browse through and see if you can find anything that perfectly expresses your style!


Henri Lloyd is a British clothing retail line that was founded by Henri Strzelecki and Angus Lloyd in 1963. It is now a global fashion brand that sells sustainable apparel for men, women, and kids of all ages which includes items like jackets, tees, jeans, etc. Their price structure is similar to the brands mentioned above, and you can check out their website to know more.


Levi’s is a popular American retail clothing chain that was founded by Levi Strauss in 1853 and that you are certain to have shopped from! It is a big hit among young adults, especially for their denim collection. It has brick-and-mortar stores worldwide, plus its website offers international shipping as well. Levi’s product range includes jeans, jackets, shoes, dresses among others, and accessories like belts and brogues, for all age groups. It is an affordable brand, with up to 50% discount and more on various articles. You can visit to go through their product catalog!


Walmart is an American departmental retail giant that was founded by San Walton in 1962. It sells essential items like groceries, clothes, prepped meals, stationery, etc. at affordable rates, in addition to which they offer discount services and free shipping to members of Walmart+. You must have shopped from here already, and if you have not, then do check out their website to look through their products.


Target is an American departmental retail store chain that was founded by George Dayton in 1902 and is similar to Walmart. Target sells the same range of products, except Walmart, which is cheaper. For electric products though, Target is a better option if you want to save on some money. Various discount services are on throughout the year, so you might want to check those out before you purchase their products as well. Head over to to browse through their products.


Bloomingdale is an American luxury retail store chain that was founded by Joseph Bloomingdale and Lyman Bloomingdale in 1861. Their products include home furnishing and décor, clothes for all groups and ages, bags as well as other accessories. Their price range is a bit much, as it belongs to the Nordstrom store level category, to put it in simple words. You can head over to to leaf through their products to see if you find something you want!


Costco Wholesale Corporation is a well-loved American retail store chain, similar to Target and Walmart. It was founded by James Sinegal and Jeffrey H. Brotman in 1976 and is now the fifth-largest retailer chain worldwide. It sells products like clothes, accessories, bags, groceries, and other household essentials. Please visit to browse through and order!


Old Navy is an American clothing retail chain that was founded by Mickey Drexler back in 1994 and is currently owned by Gap Inc. It sells clothes and sleepwear for everyone- be it men, women, kids, or elderly people. Their prices are affordable, at least when compared to Gap, which is for the middle-income range. Old Navy offers both offline and online retail along with various discount services. Please head over to to look through their products and see if it is your cup of tea!


Fossil Group is an American fashion brand that was founded by Tom Kartsotis in 1984, currently based in Texas, USA. It sells trendy accessories like handbags, jewelry, and its classy collection of watches are especially loved by people from all over the world. Their prices are according to a high-end but not completely luxury brand, so you can head over to to browse through their collection.


Sundance Catalog is an American retail store chain that celebrates the essence of the West with handmade clothing, jewelry and accessories, and even furniture! It was founded in 1969 by Robert Redford and is now a popular brand for the above-stated items at reasonable rates. Do check out their website to learn more, as well as to see their flash sales and discount services.


Gap Inc. is a famous international American apparel and accessories retailer that was founded in 1969 by Donald Fisher and Doris Fisher. It is currently headquartered in San Francisco, USA. Gap’s product range includes men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing like sweatshirts, tees, jeans, etc. among other garment articles. Their prices generally cater to middle-income families, but with ample discounts, services can fit the lower-income budget group too! Check out to browse through their collection and see if you find something that completely expresses your style!



The Vermont Country Store is the kind of store that would make shopping easier and more time-efficient, but since it might not cater to everyone’s budgets, here’s an inclusive list of similar stores that do! Stores like Walmart, Target and Levi’s are already a sort of monopoly in America they sustain the majority of the American population. Other stores like American Apparel and Gap are pretty ubiquitous in the nation, so the next time you’re in the mall, be sure to go and check them out to get access to a wider array of product options at a more budget-friendly rate. Hope this article was helpful, so get shopping now, what are you waiting for? 


1. Is Levi’s sustainable?

Yes, Levi’s believes in protecting the environment while creating quality products. It avoids water wastage and abides by certain principles that you can read about on their website linked above.

2. Why are Costco products priced higher online than at their retail stores sometimes?

Warehouse or Retail prices might be cheaper as they tend to save on all the extra costs that come with shipping and delivery.

3. Why is Target more expensive than its counterparts?

Target is a little pricier because of its demographic strategies- it targets an urban audience that is willing to pay a little extra than the rural population might bebe

4. Are Old Navy 50% off sales frequent?

Yes, Old Navy does their 50% off sales throughout the year, sometimes the frequency goes as high as 3 times a week!

5. Can I use my Macy’s card at Bloomingdale’s?

Yes, Macy’s owns Bloomingdale’s, so they allow mixing it up a bit, although they do have separate cards as well. You will only be eligible for Bloomingdale’s black card after at least a USD 3500 expenditure per year at their retail store.

Stores like the Vermont Country Store

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