Does Lagoon have Wheelchairs?

Does Lagoon have Wheelchairs?

Do lagoon have a provision for a wheelchairs for the handicapped? Is there a pilot way in which they can be accommodated so they can have a full enjoyment like their counterparts will have? What are the measures most lagoons adopt when a handicap arrives at the beach? These and more I will buttress more in the remaining article. 

Recreational centers and tourist attraction pools are what many have always longed to find themselves in. To leave the comfort of your home and head for the beach, lagoon, and mountain or go to see the mighty waterfalls and the surrounding environment, it is one thing to see something and another to be a part of it or have a feeling of that thing. How do I mean? It is easy to find yourself in the beach center, but another to have access to the beach to swim or feel how cold or salty the water could be, scooping the water with your bare hands and watching the color of the water in your hands. 

The big question lies in how the handicapped would be able to get themselves involved totally in such beautiful places and feed themselves with such amazing memories. The mountainous looking question comes to the mind starting from how to get the handicap to the sight, to how to get them immersed and how to participate fully in the environment they found themselves in. The fact that the lagoon is more of being sandy poses a possibility on how to convey the disabled if perhaps they are limited in the lower limbs or have difficulty in walking. 

What is a Lagoon?

It is shallow water cut out from a larger water body such as an ocean by a natural barrier such as reefs, islands, peninsulas, etc. Most of these shallow waters (lagoons) have been converted into recreational centers for tourist attractions and make it an attractive venue for all to come and relax and have a good time out. 

Who is the Lagoon Corporation? 

Just like other amusement or recreational parks, Lagoon Corporation, Inc is an amusement and recreational industry that is located in Farmington, United States. The park offers a great variety of amenities and facilities such as swimming pools, rides, events, suites, guest rooms, etc. It is a perfect place to be that has been serving its customers in Utah.

Does Lagoon, Inc. have Wheelchairs?

Fact that most lagoons are tourist attraction points, there is a high possibility of some of the tourists or the individuals who might come around say as a group or family hang out might have a disabled person amongst them. In some cases, the said group or family of the handicapped may have forgotten to come with a provision of a wheelchair which should serve as an aid to the disabled. The handicapped will be left at the mercy of the lagoon’s authorities to provide a wheelchair that will aid in their movement if there is a need. Well, Lagoon, Inc has wheelchairs for the handicapped but with clauses attached. 

Their operation

When it comes to the amusement ride within the park, the Lagoon provides a full-time ride for both the handicapped and not. However, there are some clauses attached for the benefit of the guests. Out of many of the rides in the park, there is one that has been designated for accessibility by the handicapped in wheelchairs. 

Because the safety of the guests is placed high priority, there are some restrictions even for the handicapped using the wheelchairs to ride in certain places due to vulnerabilities that may be encountered during the ride. It is left for the Lagoon’s guide to make decisions on whether the handicapped will access such attraction points or not. If there is any need to allow for access, the handicapped are tightly under the supervision of the guest, or the relation of the handicapped is stationed to monitor the ride. 

Most times, the guest’s relations do the assisting of the handicapped for the riding because they are experienced in handling the condition of the handicapped if the need arises in matters that need stabilization than the risk operators on the ground. Notwithstanding, the company still trains their staff on how to handle the handicapped whilst their boarding a ride. 

The attraction points and fees

The amusement park has a lot of attraction points for the handicapped to access freely and they include: the Lagoon A Beach, game stations, food outlets, stage shows, picnic corners, etc. there is a parking fee of $3 which out of about 2000 parking lot or stall, 14 have been set aside for the handicapped alone. For those that will be renting their wheelchairs, there is a $3 fee attached to any wheelchair rented in which there is a clause of depositing it with a driver’s license. There is a total of six (6) wheelchairs for rent in Lagoon. 


There is a provision of a wheelchair for the handicapped in Lagoon and as such, there is no restriction binding on full access to some attraction points eligible for the handicapped. With the availability of a companion which is in tandem with the Lagoon’s guidelines and rules, the handicapped can have his/her ride and enjoy the fun therein. Even though there is no available discount rate for the handicapped, parking fees are considerably cheap or less expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. Is there a wheelchair in the Lagoon?

Yes, there is. Lagoon has a provision of a wheelchair for the handicapped who will be coming for a ride. 

  1. How much does each wheelchair cost?

Lagoon rents off its wheelchair at a cheap rate of $3 per wheelchair with a need to deposit with a driver’s license

  1. Does the handicapped individual have access to all the park areas?

Not at all. Due to the risk and potential of a hazard occurring in such places, there are some restrictions for the handicapped. 

Does Lagoon have Wheelchairs?

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