PacSun’s Student Discount

    PacSun is a well-known American clothing, accessories, and lifestyle brand. Founded in 1980, PacSun a fast-fashion brand is known to provide exclusive clothing, accessories, beauty items at affordable prices. Pacsun is infamous throughout the U.S having up to 200 locations in the States alone.  Let see about pacsun’s student discount.

PacSun’s Student Discount

About PacSun 

  Pacific Sunwear of California ltd or PacSun ltd founded in California was extremely popular in the mid- 2000s but has only seen a downfall since then. They have filed for bankruptcy time and time again, finally being taken over by Golden Gate Capital, a private equity firm. 

     Pacsun specializes their clothing towards pre-teens, teens, and young adults keeping in touch with various sorts of trends and movements that the fashion community seems to undergo. 

      Pacsun is considered one of the most ideal places for teens to work, with their minimum hiring limit as 16, they have established themselves as a student-friendly brand. A good work-life balance, wage system, and great benefits make PacSun a decent place to work in.

    Due to their stand as a student-friendly brand, PacSun has been more than willing to offer great discounts, benefits, and other free goodies. The best way to find out Pacsun’s student discount is via several websites specifically curated towards finding the best deals for students. 


“Student life better with unidays” is their official slogan. My unidays is a popular website specifically curated for students in high school and college. They help you to search and optimize discounts and loans over more than 1000+ popular brands. You can sign in with your email-id, receive verification and start using my unidays. 

As for Pacsun, myunidays in collaboration with PacSun is offering 10% off on all full-priced apparel for February 2022. For instant access to this discount, join myunidays and avail with is ease at 

Pacsun website 

   Sometimes all you need is to look closely and you will find the answer. Pacsun provides several coupons, promo codes, and discount codes all on their official website although these are not specifically student catered, they are still discounts and offers which can be used and abused. Some of these limited ones are: 

  • 70% off in retail markdowns (markdowns in retail refer to an item’s inability to make sales)
  • You can sign up for PacSun’s reward and get $5 off of your next purchase
  • Free shipping on all types of jeans and pants, swimwear, footwear, women’s activewear, and order above $50
  • Refer a friend and get $15 off
  • Get 10% off when you order online and pick it up via the nearest store.

All these offers are available on the PacSun website and can be accessed for a limited time only. Usually, the time frame will be for a specific month, so these can be limited to February of 2022, so hurry up!

Other discounts

  Although we have already established PacSun’s credibility as a student-friendly brand, however, that is not all they are cordial with. Pacsun is known to provide generous offers to its employees and war veterans. 


Pacsun has good customer service and is known to pay their employee well. They offer a wide range of benefits and discount offers. 

      Pacsun’s employee associates, dependents, and immediate family are eligible to receive up to 30-50% on any full-priced item. This discount factor is extremely generous and is also subject of envy among its many competitors

War veterans 

   As per sources, Pacsun is known to offer military discounts for war veterans and their dependents and immediate family members. Although, this military discount can only be accessed via in-house purchase and is not applicable online. 

        You have to show a valid military ID to the customer executive and can avail 10% discount on all full-priced items!

Senior members 

 Although there isn’t a valid senior member’s discount offered by PacSun currently. But by using popular senior member discount sites, you can get sufficient promo codes, coupons, and discounts on all full-priced apparel. 


    Pacsun is one of the many American apparels stores which had its peak and then a thorough decline. Although many of its branches are open and functioning even to this day, its continuous filing of bankruptcy has been its major disadvantage.

        Even so, PacSun employees are considered one of the best offering amazing customer care services. They are cordial with students, war veterans, and senior members providing good offers and discounts. Although it is easy to work at PacSun, it is of the general view that their minimum wages should be increased to reduce labour turnover and have active employees. 


1. What does 1szn mean in Pacsun?

    1szn usually refers to one size that fits all. The particular apparel usually fits all bodies ranging from small to double large sizes. 

2. What benefits do you get from working at Pacsun?

    Apart from the above-mentioned discount, retirement plan, work benefits, paid leaves, medical insurance coverage. All the benefits are apart from the base salary.

PacSun’s Student Discount

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