Does Walmart Cash International Checks?-Know More

Walmart Inc located in the U.S is its premium departmental store, one of the biggest chains of hypermarkets in existence. It is one of the largest companies by its revenue and also recruits the greatest number of employees. Walmart is considered a legend in the U.S, let us understand how they work. Does Walmart Cash International Checks?

Does Walmart Cash International Checks?

Walmart’s check-cashing services

Walmart, which covers over 10, 593 stores in and around 24 countries has only grown tremendously in size, since its inception in 1969. Initially, it was meant to be a simple departmental store curated for groceries but it has added many other things not offered by an average departmental store. 

A normal retail outlet satisfies its basic goal of providing retail or fast-moving consumer goods to its customers. But Walmart is a step ahead and is not only a retail outlet but also provides in-house photo services, a pharmacy, and its unique addition of financial services. 

The financial services offered by Walmart are known to give other banks a “run for their money” as quoted by Forbes magazine, since consumers can everything, they need in one huge spot i.e., Walmart. 

     Walmart has a specialized “money center” which provides various financial services such as cashing a check, government checks, cashier’s checks, insurance checks, settlement checks, retirement disbursement checks, and many more. 

Cashing international checks 

  Check-cashing services are a unique way to get your money without the interference of a third party i.e., a bank. Check-cashing services allow you to access your pay check in exchange for a fee. 

     As of 2022, Walmart does not cash international checks. Due to the long waiting and processing time involved with international checks, along with the fact that Walmart is not in nature a proper banking system, does not allow them to cash international checks. 

      Cashing international checks might take a long amount of time, preferably months at a time which does give Walmart the luxury to cash international checks. 

Cashing Canadian checks 

   Even though they do not provide check-cashing services for other countries, their policies are more liberal when it comes to Canada. Walmart does provide cashing service to their Canadian customers, provided the following conditions have been adhered

  • Only those checks which have been written in USD currency 
  • Checks which has been drawn only in those banks which are in both the U.S and Canada such as BNP Paribas, Citibank, HSBC, Wells Fargo, and Chase. 

How to cash checks at Walmart?

  Walmart simplifies its entire check-cashing service, all you need to do is present the pre-printed check at its specialized money service center or customer service desk, with an identification number along with a required fee.

      Prior registration of check with Walmart or registration of any kind is not required at all. Anyone can come in, cash their checks easily.

However, cashing a Canadian check goes a little different 

  • You will require a few things such as a state ID, government-issued photo ID, driver’s license, and social security number. 
  • Make sure the check to be cashed is in American dollars only 
  • The check to be drawn should be common to both the U.S and Canada
  • An associate of Walmart’s money service center will verify these details, deduct the required processing fee and give you your money.

Walmart’s cash limits 

   There is a limit to how much funds you can cash from a check. Since Walmart is not a proper financial institution, there are specified limits to which they are allowed to cash their checks. These limits are:

  • Since 2018, Walmart has limited its check-cashing limit up to $5000.
  • They increase this limit during the tax period of January to April, where it is $7500.
  • Card cashing transactions during this period is limited to up to $1000
  • Two-party personal checks, wherein a check is issued by the person who draws the check to another person, who in turn issues it to a third person. Mostly, payroll checks come under the two personal party checks. The max limit is $200. 

Processing fees 

Like other banks, Walmart also includes a small processing fee for their check-cashing services. 

  • A processing fee of $4 to cash checks up to $1000
  • A processing fee of $8 for checks between $1001 up to $5000
  • The processing fee for Two-party personal checks is up to $6

The processing fee applies to all types of checks irrespective of whether you own the Walmart Mastercard or Walmart money card. 


   Walmart has raised the bar for all the retail outlets out there. Their services are excellent which amazing products at low prices and many different services usually not offered by any other retail outlets or departmental stores.

      Walmart has one of the highest limits of check-cashing services much to the envy of its other rivals such as target, Tj Maxx, etc. however, their disadvantage of not providing international services is a major con on Walmart’s portfolio 


1. What bank is associated with the Walmart money card?

   Green dot bank is the bank associated with the Walmart money card providing good banking services with a demand deposit account and other tools and features for their customers.

2. Can someone else cash my check for me at Walmart?

    Other than their payroll checks, Walmart does not cash third-party checks at any of its outlets due to the inherent risk of fraud. 

Does Walmart Cash International Checks?-Know More

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