Does Walmart change transmission fluid? – Let’s know

Walmart Inc., founded in the year 1962, is a multinational company of American origin that runs a chain of departmental stores and supermarkets all over the world. Headquartered in Bentonville, the company is the world’s largest in terms of revenue generated and the number of employees hired. Walmart does not change or flush transmission fluid in vehicles at any of their automobile stores as of today. However, customers can opt to have their transmission fluids refilled or checked at the stores if they wish to. The procedure, cost, and all the additional details with regards to the topic have been discussed in this article.

Does Walmart change transmission fluid?

Walmart has been a part of the Fortune Global 500 list since 2001, and occupies the numero uno position in the rankings, with the annual revenue generated in the last financial year being $540 billion. Walmart has expanded its business to a variety of new areas and the automobile care centers are one of them.

Services offered at Walmart Automobile Centers

Although Walmart does not change/flush the transmission fluid in vehicles at their stores as of today, several other facilities can be availed at the stores. The services offered include:

  1. Customers can choose to have their transmission fluid checked at Walmart and see if everything is running fine. If the transmission fluid level is lower than the required amount, customers can opt to have the fluid refilled at any Walmart Automobile Center
  2. Customers can choose to buy new transmission fluids from Walmart. The company has a huge collection of almost all of the popular brands such as Mobil, Shell, etc.
  3. Customers can also choose to have transmission fluid filled up in any new vehicle completely after buying the fluid from Walmart itself

Walmart enjoys huge popularity among its customers for the services offered, and may as well consider starting to provide even more services at the centers.

Cost for the Process

Walmart charges around $20 for Oil changing services as a whole, which includes checking and refilling a part of the transmission fluid. If the fluid is not filled, it can cost a customer anywhere between $4-$30 to have the fluid refilled at a Walmart automobile center. 

In the case of new cars, Walmart would suggest the best transmission fluid for the car which can be purchased from Walmart itself. Walmart stores transmission fluids from some of the world’s best brands including Mobil, Castrol, Valvoline, etc.

Time for the Process

It does not take long to check and refill the transmission fluid and can take anywhere around 15 minutes. 

However, in the case of queues, customers may face delays in the process and could have to wait up to hours to get the tasks done. One can opt to hand in the car for servicing and take it at a later time to avoid the waiting time.


We have seen in this article that Walmart does not change transmission fluid at any of their automobile centers, but does provide a host of other services. Customers can have their transmission fluid checked at Walmart stores. 

The costs and other details have also been discussed in this article. If a customer faces any difficulty at a Walmart store or wants to know about any additional details, the customer care executives at the company can always be contacted. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Question. Where can the transmission fluids of an automobile be changed?

Several stores and garages offer the facility of changing the transmission fluid of automobiles. People can take their cars to places such as Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube, Firestone stores, etc. to avail themselves of the services. The prices vary depending on many factors, but the average cost for changing the transmission fluid in a car is generally around $100. 

Question. Are any discounts being offered at Walmart while changing transmission fluid?

Walmart offers discounts from time to time at their stores, enabling customers to get discounts up to 10% on fluid prices and nearly 25% off on service charges. Additionally, there are many coupons available at websites like Rakuten and Top cashback, offering cashback and discounts to their members. Customers need to stay updated about the latest offers and deals to get the best price possible. 

Question. Is it really necessary to change the transmission fluid in a vehicle?

The car manufacturers usually ask the transmission fluid to be changed once the vehicle has crossed the 75000-mile mark. The lifetime of transmission fluid can be increased by maintaining the car properly and having it serviced at least once a month. Changing the transmission fluid once it has been consumed ensures that the inner parts of the car are lubricated well enough and the heat is dispersed properly from the engine.

Does Walmart change transmission fluid? – Let’s know

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