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Abt Company was founded by David and Jewel Abt. It is an electronics retailer that operates in America at a single location. It sells furniture, consumer electronics, appliances, watches, tools, accessories, and more. The company provides better customer service through shipping, delivering, and installing electrical appliances. Abt offers installation, delivery, shipping, and repairing for every appliance it sells. Many customers find them efficient. They will take your product up the stairs only as per the service you choose. It also affects the installation charges. Let us see about does abt install appliances?

does abt install appliances

Abt’s Installation Services

The company offers installation services wherever it delivers its products. The delivery areas are Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Chicago, Glenview, and more. Do not worry if you want delivery and installation outside these areas. Abt Electronics has joined hands with Velofix (for electric bikes), HomeAdvisor (for home services), Jez Enterprises (for furniture), and GE Appliances (for electronics and appliances).

You can enjoy free delivery services from the company if you stay within 100 miles of its warehouse in Glenview. Shipping may take 1 to 5 days depending on how far you live from the warehouse. It may take more days if you stay too far or the product requires it.

Some installation services offered by Abt are as follows:

  • Plumbing
  • Care for laptops and computers
  • Kitchens
  • Security services for home and offices
  • Home automation
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and more.

Abt’s Installation Charges

Abt will contact you to inform you about the installation if you want a local delivery. Some installation services get specific to the vehicle and have varying installation charges. The charges for other appliances range from $12 to $1,799. These numbers include the costs for the installation services provided by the company’s efficient technicians and the required parts.

The technicians do not hesitate to perform messy tasks related to installation. The company maintains transparency. So, you will get notified about the total price when the delivery gets set up. Your order will contain all the parts required for installation. However, you must take the place of the ordered appliance, measure dimensions, and empty and disconnect existing ones.

But, you must ask Abt’s technicians to disconnect the existing appliances if you cannot do it. Then you can pay for the installation service.

Abt’s Installers

Abt knows it must provide installation and repairing services for every appliance it sells to keep it in working condition. The highly-skilled technicians of the company must perform physically demanding activities, plumbing, and electrical work. They must work in teams. The salary ranges from $55,000 to $130,000 per annum.

They offer installation services for dryers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, and a wide range of other products. White-glove delivery means the installers will only remove the products from the wooden crate, place them where the customer wants, and unpack them with no installation.

You may call them to get your questions answered after they install the appliance. If required, the highly-skilled technicians will answer your questions seven days a week. If you cannot find the accessory you require, contact the Abt sales team, and they will find it for you. The installers will do the further job when you place an order accordingly. 

What Customers Think Of Abt’s Installation Services

The installers may sometimes get in trouble while installing, but they know how to solve the issues. Most customers find that they deliver the appliances on time with care. The delivered products look like those advertised. They even point out the existing issues and fix them if possible.

They use masonite protection during installation. Many customers find that they know their job deeply. They place the product anywhere you want only on the ground floor. Positive reviews related to Abt have increased over the years.

However, they do not do stairs. The customers may find some service representatives rude. A few orders do not get up to the mark.

Conclusion on does abt install appliances

Abt knows it must get professional to provide better customer service. It operates at a single location and provides services across several states. The efficient installers working for the company must work hard and professionally throughout the day. The products will take more time to reach your house if you stay far away. Abt’s installation services have more positive customer reviews than negative ones.

Frequently Asked Questions on does abt install appliances
  1. Does Abt Electronics Offer Financing?


Abt offers financing methods through Synchrony bank. You will get 6-month financing on standard purchases. You may enjoy the 12-month financing if your order goes beyond $500.

  1. What Are The Competitors Of Abt Electronics?


Some competitors of Abt Electronics are ADI Global Distribution, Imperial Dade, Best Buy, BuyDig, and more.

  1. Does Abt Accept Returns?


Abt Electronics accepts returns and provides refunds or other products in exchange. It can also cover the shipping costs for the eligible products. However, the products must contain an icon related to free returns and shipping.

Does abt install appliances? – Know more

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