Does Lowe’s Rent Tools? – Know More

Lowe’s is well-known for offering items and assistance to support clients with their home improvements. When it comes to renovating your home or office, an individual wonder if they should rent or just buy the tools required to get the work done. The brand offers a wide range of equipment and resources, however, some outlets also rent out equipment for one-of-a-kind undertakings. Let us know ‘Does Lowe’s Rent Tools?’.

Does Lowe’s Rent Tools?

Does Lowe’s Rent Tools?

Like many other retails Lowe’s also facilitates its customers with tool renting. Lowe’s provides customers with all types of equipment to help them with their home renovation tasks. The rental program can be valuable for individuals as they only will get to have them for a limited time till the project at hand ends without even having to pay for the purchase price of the equipment.

Renting Tools Can Save You Money

Buying equipment is a long-term commitment that binds you to specific equipment. Renting or leasing equipment allows you to better utilize your financial resources by avoiding the upfront expenditures associated with the purchase while purchasing gear makes sense for larger establishments with more cash on hand. Through Lowe’s tool rental program, consumers can’t go past. it should be considered that renting smaller instruments is more inexpensive than purchasing them. Furthermore, the lesser the regular rental fee is the lengthier they rent the equipment. Users can save expenses utilizing the properly maintained and current gear. We have also established dedicated pick-up and drop-off areas to ensure a smooth ride from beginning to end.

Price Charged for tools

As the company gives its customers a wide range of options to choose from, the company offers tools to be rented at pricing that somehow ranges from 25 dollars to 65 dollars for 24 hours depending on the type of the tools.

For instance, here is a list of a few of the important tools required to rent for your home renovation tasks.

  • $138/day for a stump grinder.
  • $89/day for a trencher.
  • $36/day for a nail gun.
  • $43/day for a chainsaw.
  • $52/day for a backup generator.
  • $27/day for a Flooring cutter. 
  • $67/day for a tile saw.

Process To Rent Tools

The rental tool service can be acquired online by simply doing the following steps

  • Choose the tools you require to rent

Here you are supposed to look for the tools that are going to be required for your use at home or a place of work.

  • Verify the date for the required tools

If you plan on renting the tools, make sure to be specific with the chosen calendar dates. Weekends are a good time of the week to rent your tools, once your mind is made up make sure to collect them at the right time and have them ready to be collected as soon as you are done using them.

  • Reserve Online

Online reservations can be made after registering and/or enrolling in your account, you can reserve tools, gear, and supplies online. You can then look at the items, their obtainability, and the total cost.

What is Lowe’s offer?

Top manufacturers like Metabo HPT, Husqvarna, and Bosch are represented in our power equipment rental fleet. We have everything you could want, from power tools such as drills and saws to building tools and gardening supplies such as trimmers, lawnmowers, and sprayers. We also have all the indoor tools and floor-care equipment you will need so that you’re working on in-home chores like installing wooden floors or cleaning unclean carpets.

Time period to Rent tools

At Lowe’s when opting for a necessary tool for a project the company facilitates you and has you covered when it comes to the time you need to finish. Tools can be rented from Lowe’s for

  • 1 hour.
  • 4 hours.
  • 24 hours.
  • 1 complete week.
  • 1 complete month.

In case further time is needed by an individual then he/she may call the retail and let them know beforehand so that they can add the additional charges to your account.

Past the scheduled return date

In most cases, when working on a renovation project the task at hand may not be completed by an expected date and time. If you submit your rented tools late or if you want to extend your rental duration, please notify your tool rental representative, if you forget to do that then based on how long you will need your tool or equipment, a fee payment modification will be made. 


It’s vital to have access to the correct tools for the job when you’re working on large projects. You may also only use it once before putting it in the closet for an indefinite amount of time. By renting you save money, have access to the most up-to-date technology, Tool rental is an excellent approach to become acquainted with today’s most advanced equipment without having to invest hundreds of dollars on it or having to stress over maintenance difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it intelligent to rent tools?

Customers can rent the equipment used among skilled employees at a reasonable fee. Moreover, you won’t have to bother about maintenance if you rent.

How to pick up the tools for rent?

To rent the required tools, you have to be 18 years or older. To pick up your rental, bring a valid photo ID and a credit card.

Are curbside services available?

Yes, indeed curbside services are available, all you have to do is to place an order online and pick it up at a nearby location. When the order is ready, the customer must park in one of the designated tool rental parking spaces, labeled R1 or R2, near the store, and store staff will carry the rental order out to the customer’s vehicle for pickup or drop-off.

What happens if a borrowed item is compromised?

It is dependent on the extent of the damage the equipment has received after signing the contract for terms and conditions. As a result, it will be taxed depending on the amount of harm done. 

Does Lowe’s Rent Tools? – Know More

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