Does Walmart do Cash Back? -Let Us Know

Walmart is an American retailer that operates an enormous number of supercenters, grocery stores, and discount department stores from the United States. The company has its headquarters situated in Bentonville, Arkansas. Sam Walton founded Walmart at Rogers in Arkansas. They own the Sam’s Club and are responsible for operating it. As of 2021, Walmart has more than ten thousand stores and clubs in 24 different countries working under 48 different names. The company operates as the name Walmart in Canada and the United States. Walmart continues the be the world’s largest retail company, with a net worth of more than 252 billion USD.

Does Walmart do Cash Back?

Walmart provides a variety of offers, cash back and discounts to its loyal customers, and if you are one. You must be wondering what cash back does Walmart has to offer. If that is your question, then this article will indeed prove helpful to you. As you will find all the details about what kinds of cashback does Walmart offer.

Cash Back at Walmart

These days almost every company, retailer, and other seller are doing cashback to attract more customers. Walmart can give you cash back on purchases made using a debit card. The cashback can range from USD 20 to 100 in a progression of 20 dollars increment that is $20, $40, $60, $80, and $100. Cashback can be collected at self-checkout or regular registers and can be received a maximum of three times a day. If you own a personal check of Walmart, you for getting a cashback, there is a maximum limit that is $20.

The only minimum requirement for getting cashback is paying for a single item at Walmart. There are no other conditions or requirements, which means you can get up to 100 dollars cashback on purchasing an item costing not even a dollar. The money received back as cashback does not come from Walmart but your bank account. The minimum amount to be spent is the price of the item you are purchasing.

Receiving cash back at Walmart

When you are purchasing at Walmart, cashback of $20 – $100 can be received in increments of 20 dollars. You can do this when you are doing a self-checkout. Here is a list of what options you get while trying to receive a cashback.

  • USD 0
  • USD 20
  • USD 40
  • USD 60
  • USD 80
  • USD 100

Receiving Cash Back with a Debit Card

Almost everyone prefers to pay with a debit card and if you are one of them you can still receive cashback at Walmart with it. While you pay using a debit card you will get the same cashback options as the ones mentioned above. You can also get cashback of more than 100 dollars by making more than one purchase. The machine might somehow limit you to do so, or there might be a cashier who will be alerted when you try to do this. Here are the steps to get cashback using a Debit Card

  • Step 1: When you are the self-checkout machine, make it scan the product by placing your product beneath the scanner
  • Step 2: Wait for the machine to scan it
  • Step 3: Once it is scanned you can keep the product aside and confirm payment by clicking on the Pay button
  • Step 4: Now you can select the payment method that are cash, card, or chip
  • Step 5: Now you will be provided with the cashback options mentioned above choose the one you want and confirm it
  • Step 6: Once approved, the cash will be dispensed from the machine

Cash Back Limits on Personal Check and Over Drafting it

There are some cashback limits if you are making the purchase using a personal check. If you are making the purchase using a debit card the cashback limit is the max that is $100 but if you purchase with a personal check, you will be limited to a $20 cashback.

In case you make the check for an amount that is larger than your bank balance, the check may get bounced or your bank could let you overdraft the account but will only occur at a higher cost. For instance, a bank can charge you around 35 dollars for each overdraft so you should make sure you check your account balance.


Getting cash back at Walmart is not a big process and will not take you a lot of time but just make sure you do not violate any of their rules and conditions or it may lead to something unfortunate. Walmart will offer you a cashback of an amount ranging from $20 to $100 in the multiples of 20. You can get more cash back if you choose to pay using Debit or Discover Cards but less with Personal Checks. Another to remember is that you should always make sure to check your account balance to avoid overdrafts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Can I make more than one purchase at the same time at Walmart to receive more cashback?

Yes, you can make more than one purchase at a time for receiving more cashback.

Q2 How much cashback can I get for personal checks?

If you prefer a personal check, your cashback will be limited to the 20 dollar amount.

Q3 What is the highest amount of cashback I can receive at Walmart?

You can receive a maximum of $100 cashback at Walmart if you decide to pay with Debit Cards or Discover Cards

Does Walmart do Cash Back? -Let Us Know

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