Louily jewelry return policy – Let’s Know

Louily is a jewelry store. It deals with varieties of jewelry. It is located in Room 1103, Block B, Zhengchang International Financial Plaza, Fengcheng 7th Road, Weiyang District, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China. Louily does not have any retail stores. Currently, it operates through its online site. Louily uses the best caliber stones for making their jewelry. Louily offers a very convenient way of returning the product, but there is some condition that needs to be kept in mind, like the customized products or the products whose tags have been removed cannot get returned. This article covers various points like, how to return the product, the cancellation process, and many more. Let us see about louily jewelry return policy.

his article covers various points like, how to return the product, the cancellation process, and many more. Let us see about louily jewelry return policy.

Louily jewelry return policy

Louily offers such an environment to their customers, where they can have a pleasing and convenient experience of shopping. Louily offers a 30 days return and exchange policy for their customers.

When can the order get returned?

The order can only get returned if they have the following reasons:

  1. The order can get returned if we sent the wrong one, or the product is defective or broken.
  2. If the paint or the crystal of a product falls off, then the product can get exchanged for an equal price or less

Reasons not acceptable for return policy

Following are the reasons that are not acceptable for the return policy:

  • The orders which got customized according to the customer’s requirement cannot get a return
  • The orders which you want to return must be in their unused condition and not altered 
  • The products that get mangled because of misusing or poor maintenance cannot be returned 
  • The products that get affected by chemicals and corrosive substances cannot get returned. These substances and chemicals can mangle the appearance of the jewelry.

How to return the products on self-service

Following are the steps to return the products on self-service:

  1. By default, the orders which are not sanctioned will get refunded as a gift card. If you want the refund in your original method of payment, then you need to contact the representative of customer care service.
  2. The products can only get returned if they are in their original condition and unused. If the tag gets removed, then there might be some difficulty in the returning or exchanging process.
  3. The customer care representative will issue a $10 gift card for you. It will be a refund for the shipping charges.

Cancellation process

The cancellation policy of Louily jewelry:

  • Once you place your order, the processing of your product begins. If you cancel your product before 12 hours of placing the order, then you won’t be charged cancellation fees but if you cancel the order after 12 hours of placing it then you will be charged the cancellation fees of  30% of the total amount of your purchase and if the package is already delivered then cancellation will not be available.
  • The changes can be made to the cancellation policy whenever required, and if the changes take place, then you need to check the notification on Louily’s website. If you have any queries regarding the returning or cancellation process, then please, contact the agent-customer care service

Conditions of Exchange and return

Following are the conditions for the exchange and return process:

  1. The customers must choose a shipping method with tracking in it because without tracking, the exchange and return process will not happen.
  2. If you got any promotional item attached to your order, you need to return that as well, or the charge of the promotional item will get subtracted from the refund.
  3. The orders without consent cannot get returned.
  4. The items which are not in their original condition cannot be returned or exchanged. If the tags get removed from the product, it might be difficult to return or exchange.
  5. The return or the exchange process should get done within 30 days of purchasing it. You need to send the tracking number within seven days.

The refund will be provided to you within seven days after the order arrives. The refund can be either in the form of gift cards or the original payment of your purchase.

Which items cannot be refunded?

The items which cannot be refunded:

  1. The items in their used condition or altered cannot get returned
  2. The products sent to you as the exchanged item cannot get refunded
  3. The customized orders are non-refundable

How to return the product?

Following are the steps to return the product:

  1. Firstly you need to contact the customer service staff and send them the picture of the item that you want to return.
  2. The staff will provide you with some instructions, and you need to follow them for the further process.
  3. The process of returning will take up to five days, but we can’t guarantee you that within five days, returns will be processed. So, it may take up to seven days.
  4. You need to give your address for receiving the returned product.
  5. The product which you need to return should be kept safely in unused condition else it can’t get returned.
  6. After this, you need to contact the customer service representative and request return permission.
  7. A refund will get provided to you.
Conclusion on louily jewelry return policy.

 Louily is a successful brand offering such an environment to their customers where they can shop conveniently. Louily also offers a convenient way of returning the products. There are various policies of Louily like return and cancellation. There are some conditions that you need to follow for the return or cancellation process. Each policy has a different process. The return of the product can be done if it matches the terms and conditions.

Louily jewelry return policy – Let’s Know

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