Lowes Plant Return Policy


Lowes Foods is an American supermarket chain that has its headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina, United States. It was founded in 1921 by Lucius Smith Lowe and originally grew in the mountains of North Carolina and rural areas of Virginia. A return policy is a set of regulations that a company creates. This is done to manage the process by which customers exchange or return, buying products that are defective or not in a quality that they thought the product was in. Lets learn about Lowes Plant Return Policy.

Lowes Plant Return Policy
Lowes Plant Return Policy

Lowes Retail Company

The main reason that Lucius decided to open the stores in the rural region was to enable customers to buy a variety of products at affordable prices. Lowes Foods is a unique grocery shopping experience that has the uppermost set standards of supermarkets. In addition, the supermarket chain has a revenue of about $1.6 billion and has managed to employ over 8,000 employees.

Other than groceries, the corporation produces items such as flooring, plants, home appliances, hardware tools, garden supplies, and building materials. Lowes Foods has approximately 80 stores. When the other different branches of stores are included, the estimated number of stores sum to about 149 stores worldwide. Over the years, the company has added other branches of stores and given them different names. These stores are; 

  • Just $ave 
  • KJ’s Market 
  • IGA Southeast 
  • Fuel Centers. 

Types Of Return Policy Schemes

There are a variety of return policies that are used by most industries. The main schemes include;

Complete Refunds

It happens when a customer purchases an item with a credit card. Herein, the company will have to return and pay some processing fees that lead to an increase in the amount that will be paid for the return. 

Store credit

The store credit kind of policy indicates that when a customer is not satisfied with a certain good, they are to return the items then get a credit for the amount used to purchase the item but with a less shipping cost.

All Sales Final

This policy protects the company during the shipping of merchandise that may incur damage. Moreover, this also applies to customers who tend to be indecisive. When selling items online, no customer would want to purchase a product that they have not seen or one that can’t be returned. 

Exchange Only

This is the easiest return policy. When a customer returns a product, the store simply replaces the item or offers a different one but that has the same value.

Lowes Plant Return Policy

The company has come up with a return policy that is suitable for clients who purchase a variety of plants from the store that range from Christmas trees as well as other festive plants. Moreover, Lowes allows consumers to return plants even after they have died. lowes plant return policy has the following requirements:

90 Days Return

This category of plant is known as annual plants. One can be able to return a plant within 90 days after buying. However, not all plants can be returned within the 90-day return rule. 

One Year Return

There are specific plants that Lowes store can allow to be returned within a year after purchase. These are not annual plants hence, they can be returned within one year. They consist of:


Normal plants



Proof Of Purchase

Clients ought to provide a receipt for them to be able to return a plan bought from Lowes Corporation. It is of essence that consumers keep their proof of purchase safely just in case they will want to return a plant they purchased.

Types Of Lowes Plants

Lowes Corporation has a variety of plants at their different stores. The plants are categorized into two:

  • Indoor Plants

As the name suggests, these are plants that can be placed inside the house. Indoor plants include;

  1. Lady fern – $11.20
  2. Red Iresine herbstii – $6.70
  3. Plantimex water-smart – $3.30
  • Outdoor Plants

The plants are placed on balconies and some can even be hung on walls as green decoration. They are:

  1. Elho Corsica – $13.99
  2. Hanging plant basket – $9.70
  3. Red Iresine in a pot – $6.70


Lowes has a variety of affordable plants that come with a fair return policy. As long as clients can return them within 90 days and others even a year. Moreover, a customer should have a receipt for the returned plant to be accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will a plant be accepted without a receipt?


  1. What is the return duration of a Christmas tree?

Before 25th of December

  1. How much does a clearance plant cost?

They may vary from $4 to $10

Lowes Plant Return Policy

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