Ace Hardware Shoplifting Policy – Know More

Ace hardware is an American-owned corporation headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois. Ace is one of the largest retail hardware cooperatives globally and probably the largest American-owned non-grocery retail cooperative.  The company has nearly nine subsidiary stores spread across different places. The company retails products like paints and power tools. Let’s see about the shoplifting policy of Ace Hardware.

Ace Hardware Shoplifting Policy

Dealing with a variety of highly-priced products in its stores, the company formulated different policies to curb shoplifting from some unruly shoppers. If you happen to be a frequent shopper at Ace, then I’m pretty sure that you have come across innumerable numbers of security cameras and face recognition devices, among other non-touchable security protocol measures. 

2022 Ace Hardware shoplifting policy

The current Ace hardware shoplifting policies feature several loss prevention measures. Being caught shoplifting in Ace hardware attracts different methods of punishment including being thrown in jail for a given period and being permanently banned from their business premises.

Moreover, to prevent theft incidences, Ace owns the loss prevention services Inc. Well, if Ace owns Loss Prevention Services Inc, then why all the other loss prevention measures? Why those many security cameras and facial recognition devices all around their stores? That is probably what we are about to discover apart from knowing that the hardware deals with very expensive merchandise. One may ask why not insure their operations with the insurance companies?  I’m very certain that their business operation is insured and being extra vigilant will not hurt but keep the business more safe and secure from petty losses that can be prevented. 

The hardware’s loss prevention policies include the following

  • Security cameras 

Security cameras do more than just their purpose, as matter of fact, an incident might happen on a premise with security cameras without the operator on duty realizing that an act has been committed. The cameras provide such shreds of evidence when keenly looked at. These shreds of evidence are what are handed to the police officers and further used in apprehending the criminal. Ace hardware has security cameras mounted in every corner as a measure of loss prevention. The cameras are placed strategically at the hardware entrances, exits, and along the rows prone to shoplifting. 

  • Security guards

Apart from all the security cameras and policies, the company has employed also security guards to help safeguard their precious exorbitant products. The security guards provide backup measures to help the company to deal with the incidents of shoplifting activities, apart from helping in containing such incidences, the security guards help in monitoring the business premises for suspicious activities and preventing them before they are committed. If you are a frequent shopper of Ace hardware, then you have probably heard of the loss prevention officers, the name is used to refer to those security guards at the Ace stores. The loss prevention officers are included in the store’s hierarchy of loss prevention schemes and policies. 

  • Facial recognition systems.

Frequent shoppers of this hardware are very much aware of the face recognition systems that have been put in place to prevent shoplifting and to backup, the other already rolled out measures. This system makes it easy to detect shoplifting suspects and reduces such incidences.  

Ace hardware loss prevention.

To prevent the loss of any of its products by any means whether shoplifting or other ways of losing a product resulting in losses, Ace has got measures to curb such. Its loss prevention measures form a tip of an iceberg when it comes to loss prevention. The hardware’s loss prevention measures see that every staff is trained on how to deal with such incidences as shoplifting. Some products are locked in lockable cases. 

Apart from the above, the company has detention plans and trained staff that can detect the possibility that a shopper has got ill-intentions. Additionally, the company has a loss prevention manager position who is in charge of identifying and analyzing different possible ways of reducing the potential risks and forging ways of coping with incidents of shoplifting.

Who is Loss Prevention Services, Inc (LPS)?

LPS is a subsidiary company fully owned by Ace hardware. The subsidiary does not only assist Ace hardware in dealing with its shoplifting incidences but also assists other small retail businesses in implementing their policies related to shoplifting. 

Ace hardware, using its LPS provides different services to other businesses like practical pieces of training and classes on dealing with shoplifting incidences. 

Apart from offering the pieces training and classes, LPS sells security devices like safes, tool alarms, safes, security cameras, surveillance systems, fire alarms, burglar alarms, and access control systems, among other security systems.

What if you got caught shoplifting at Ace?

Even after all these myriad securities measures, it is not surprising that some people will still be caught shoplifting. According to the shoplifting policy of Ace Hardware, when caught shoplifting one may face prosecution or be banned completely from the premises depending on the severity of the crime. You will also be detained in one of the hardware’s detention centers until law enforcement. 


Dealing with precious commodities requires extra caution especially when it comes to shoplifting. The store has put in place a myriad of measures including security cameras, LPS, and other measures. 

Ace Hardware Shoplifting Policy – Know More

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