Does Sam’s Club Deliver Appliances? – Know More

Purchasing an appliance is one thing having it transported and installed is another. The former is usually challenging, especially when it comes to heavy appliances, which need special handling and an exceptional team of technicians to have the appliance working. So the question as to whether Sam’s Club, the second-ranked warehouse in the U.S, can deliver appliances purchased is worth answering. Is it your desire to know how to be a member of Sam’s Club, know the brands of appliances eligible for delivery, and even more? Read on.

Does Sams Club deliver appliances?

Yes, Sam’s Club delivers appliances. You may have been worrying about how to transport a heavy or bulky appliance from the point of purchase to your house and have it properly installed. Sam’s Club is an excellent solution for anyone who wishes to have an appliance delivered and even installed for a small fee. 

Types of items delivered: Sam’s Club deals with a variety of items such as Electronics; sound systems, cell phones, radios, TVs, cameras, wearable, innovative home systems, security systems, computer systems, health and fitness facilities, washers, microwaves, refrigerators, and many more heavy appliances which require logistics and installation. These items are available at 600+ Sam’s Club warehouses spread across the United States. Is your appliance delivered? All you need to do is first become a member of Sam’s Club. After that, you will shop from any Sam’s Club outlet near you, either physically or online.

Is delivery automatic with a purchase?

No, delivery is not automatic; one has to schedule a delivery and installation. However bulky they may be, some products do not have a delivery service attached to them. So as you do the shopping, make sure to ask if the appliance is eligible for delivery and installation. If you are shopping online, you should see if the quoted price caters to delivery and installation. Any item checked out without a schedule for delivery and installation does not qualify for such a service after that. To fix a schedule, make sure to visit Sam’s Club nearest to you.

Which brands of appliances does Sam’s Club deliver?

Sam’s Club stocks various appliances from trusted brands such as Samsung, LG, Apple, and TCL, among many others. Most of these appliances are delivered and installed by Sam’s Club. However, LG and Samsung have policies restricting any retailer from delivering and installing their products. Instead, these Giant companies allow their items to be sold in any outlet, but the delivery and installation are reserved for their team of experts.

Do all Sam’s Club warehouses deliver appliances?

No. As of 2022, Sam’s Club warehouses stand at about 600 and are spread across the U.S. however, not all of them deliver appliances because of reasons best known to the management. So before purchasing a bulky appliance, it is essential to first confirm with your local warehouse if they can do the hard work for you. If they cannot, then it is advisable to try the next.

How much does Sam’s Club charge for delivery?

Product delivery is not an after-sale free service; it comes with a price. This is because some appliances need special transportation equipment and expertise handling, now since the Club doesn’t have such provisions, it will have to employ a third party to deliver and install your product, the fees charged are, however, not much and are based on the distances covered as well as the type and nature of the appliance. 

If in a case when a customer purchases an item with a warranty, they will enjoy free delivery and installation for the item bought. Information such as the cost, eligibility, and duration of warranties are available on the customer’s desk at the store.


Sam’s Club delivers appliances and provides installation services for a wide range of heavy appliances in stock. For most of the brands stocked, delivery and installation are offered to members with an active subscription. Only these members enjoy lucrative deals for just a one-time payment of an annual subscription fee. It is also worth noting that appliances manufactured by Samsung and LG cannot be delivered and installed by Sam’s employees since the respective companies prefer such work to be handled by their team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a member of Sam’s Club

To be a member, one can either visit any store and fill in the application form at the membership desk, provide all the required details and be free to choose among the various types of memberships subscription available according to one’s needs, or make an online application. Once all the details have been submitted, the application is processed, and if approved, one can start shopping online and in-store. The current annual membership fee for a household goes for about $45. 

Does Sam’s Club Deliver Appliances? – Know More

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