Casey’s Rewards – How to Earn Casey’s Rewards?

Casey’s is the third-largest American Retail store company that serves Midwestern and Southern United States areas. Its headquarters get located in Ankeny, Lowa, United States. Donald Lamberti is the founder of the company. In the store, products such as Dairy products, Salads, Snacks, Prepared foods, Coffee, Sandwiches, and Gasoline get sold to the public. See more about Casey’s Rewards in this article.

Caseys Rewards

Casey’s seeks importance in thanking their customers. Thus, any customer can attain points through Casey’s Rewards. Per visit can lead to discounts on fuel, free pizza, donations to local schools, and Casey’s Cash for use in-store. 

Casey’s Rewards

They believe that convenience also means providing offers, discounts, and freebies and helping the community. You need to create Casey’s account for joining the rewards program. Download Casey’s mobile app or click here to create one from the website.

Complete all the instructions such as Name, Email Id, mobile number, birth date, and zip code, and curate a new password. Lastly, agree to the terms and conditions and your account will be generated. It is mandatory to discard Casey’s account for cancelling the rewards app.

The account cannot be scrapped without cancelling your Casey’s account. It is free of cost to join the rewards program, but you must not use another Participant’s program points. 

Earning Casey’s Rewards

The terms and conditions are altered at any time without providing any notice to the customers. It is free of cost to enrol for Casey’s Rewards. Any customer between the age of 13 and 18 shall have the permission of your legal guardian or parent to join the reward program. Any shopper can earn points for each $1 spent on the products at the store, online, or even on the phone. 

By spending a whole 1 dollar buyers can earn 10 points on the products that are suitable at Casey’s store, website, mobile app, or over the phone. An account is a must for purchasing from the website or the mobile app. Customers can earn 5 points on each gallon of the fuel purchased. There are no double points for the dollars spent. 

Points are attained on each complete gallon of fuel. To earn more points, the company also provides special offers, discounts, and promotions.  Points are offered on noteworthy occasions or for customer service reasons. The individual transactions cannot be combined. 

Points are gained after the final amount spent on individual transactions. Points are not attained on the amount spent on sales tax, tips, donations, delivery fees, or service charges.

Redeeming Rewards At Casey’s

To redeem rewards all the reward points are converted into Casey’s Cash. 

These points will be multiplied by 50 points with a minimum of 250 points. Through each redemption selected from the three options are Casey’s cash, Cash for Classrooms, Fuel Discount, and other promotions. 

Fuel Discount

Redeeming 250 points for a $0.05/gallon fuel discount, with each in-addition 50 points representing $0.01 additionally. These points will be applied only to 20 gallons for each transaction. Also, points will not be gained in which the rewards are claimed.

(Example – if you redeem 400 points, then you will gain a $0.08/gallon fuel discount).

Cash For Classrooms

50 points represent an additional $0.20 donation. Redeeming 350 points will be applied to a $1.40 school donation. OR redeeming 250 points will be applicable on a $1 school donation. 

Casey’s cash

If you redeem 350 points, then the customer can achieve up to $1.40 of the discounts in Casey’s cash form. Moreover, 50 points represent an additional $0.20 discount. Claim 250 points on $1 suitable products through Casey’s cash discounts. 


The company may also provide special offers or discounts, or promotions. These points are claimed at different rates or different discounts.

Benefits For Casey’s Rewards Members

As mentioned before, Customers can earn points from the purchases made at online shopping, a store, or even over the phone. Begin by claiming 250 points. Customers can choose the rewards with Casey’s Cash, donations to a local school,s or fuel discounts. Purchasing 10 large pizzas, one pizza will be free from the company. Buyers can also acquire access to exclusive offers and clubs.

Products Ineligible For Casey’s Rewards

The products or services which are not applicable to earn rewards are –

Items such as alcohol, nicotine & tobacco. Apart from age-restricted products, rewards will not be gained even on lottery, Video poker, gift cards, prepaid cards, lotto, financial cards like money orders, phone cards, and Pay Near Me income. 

Fees such as sales tax, delivery fees, bottle deposits, delivery fees, postage stamps, donations, and shipping services are not applicable. Even the purchases made inside Casey’s facility such as Subway, milk, newspapers 7 magazines, milk, Mobile contracts, video centers, breakage fees, purchases at truck stop locations, or even dry cleaning services are not valid for the rewards program. 


Casey’s the third-largest retail company in the United States. The company believes in providing more convenience to its customers through rewards and promotion offers. It is vital to create Casey Account to access the reward program. One can gain fuel discounts and free pizza through the reward system. Above 13 years old are eligible for Casey’s account. Shoppers will have at least 30 days to redeem these points or they may get fortified. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do my reward points get expire?

In general, the points gained by customers do not get lost or expired unless: 

  • All the points, redemptions, and balances will expire if Casey’s Reward activity did not get used for a year.
  • They got previously claimed, or the period of expiration has passed.
  • Casey’s account was discontinued and canceled. The points will not get restored or regained from the previous one if it gets reactivated again. 

2. Can I gain points on dollars that are spent partially?

One cannot gain points by spending partial dollars or gallons. They are valid only for fully purchased products or on one complete gallon purchased. 

Casey’s Rewards – How to Earn Casey’s Rewards?

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