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Having a party coming is a motive to be happy. Worrying about decorations and food is contrary to the original purpose of getting the family and friends together to celebrate. Now, thanks to Costco, you are no longer obligated to worry about what food to serve! By offering multiple party platters, like sandwich trays and the sushi platter, Costco is the right choice to order and get the best food for your event. This article is here to let you know about Costco Platters and everything regarding Costco’s menu and prices. You will also find out how to order from the store and its delivery options.

Costco Platters

Costco Catering Service

Costco is one of the best membership-only warehouse clubs in the United States. It’s known for having really low prices and offering a large assortment of products, such as clothing, groceries, home and garden items, furniture, and even a catering menu. 

Costco platters are great for a variety of events, from regular school meetings to weddings and baby showers. The best part is that they are only made with fresh ingredients and can have something for everybody’s taste. 

Costco Platters And Ingredients

Sandwiches Trays 

  • Sandwich Platter – Roast beef, cheese, egg, and chicken mayo, ham, and white bread.  
  • Croissant Platter – Roast beef, turkey breast, ham, and croissant bread.

Party trays

  • Shrimp Platter – Shrimp and cocktail sauce.
  • Sushi Platter – Rice, salmon, tuna, chicken, seaweed, and vegetables. 
  • Buffalo Wings Platter – chicken wings and buffalo sauce with blue cheese dip.
  • Vegetable Tray – broccoli, carrots, grapes, tomatoes, and peas.

Deli trays

  • Assorted Hye Rollers Platter – Chicken, sriracha chicken, hummus, and vegetarian tortillas. 
  • Turkey and Swiss Roller Wraps – Turkey, swiss cheese, and flour tortillas.

Fruit trays

  • Fruit Platter – Seasonal fruit. 

Platters Servings And Prices

  • Sandwich Platter – Serves 10 people for $29.99
  • Croissant Platter – Serves 10 people for $29.99
  • Shrimp Platter – Serves 8 people for $49.98
  • Sushi Platter – Serves 24 people for $36.99
  • Buffalo Wings Platter – Serves 15 people for $41.97
  • Vegetable Tray – 4 pounds for $10.79
  • Assorted Hye Rollers Platter – 40 pieces for $39.99
  • Turkey and Swiss Roller Wraps – 40 pieces for $29.99
  • Fruit Platter – Serves 24 people for $10.99

How To Order Platters At Costco?

Every order requests specifying the size and type of platter desired. You need to visit one of the local stores and fill out the order form in person or by speaking with a Costco employee. You also must realize the order at least 24 hours in advance, so your platter can be prepared with care and attention. 

Delivery Options

As of 2022, Costco doesn’t offer delivery services in the United States. You need to visit the store to pick up the order during the working hours of Costco’s deli, which are usually from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. These hours can vary per store, so you are encouraged to check them in advance. 

Costco Catering Competitors

  • Walmart Catering – Walmart also has multiple platters that compete with Costco’s in flavor and price. Some of its signature items are the Walmart 2 ft. Sub Sandwiches Tray ($18-$32) and Walmart Prima Della Meat & Cheese Tray ($24-38), along with 16 more platters. The ordering process is the same as in Costco.
  • Wegmans Catering – At Wegmans, you can get party trays like the Fruit Tray ($29.50-$49.95), Vegetable Tray ($28.95-$48.95), the Dutch Platter ($39.95-$69.95), the Pickle Platter ($32.95), and the Deli Platter ($58.95). A very important benefit of Wegmans is that you can order any platter online and choose between delivery, curbside pick-up, or in-store pick-up.

Buy Your Cake At Costco

High-quality meals are not only prepared for you at Costco. You can get your party’s final touch by buying a sheet cake too! 

A decorated Costco cake serves 48 people and costs approximately $28. You can choose between vanilla or chocolate flavor for the bread; raspberry or chocolate filling; and white or chocolate whipping cream icing. A special message can also be written on the cake if desired. 

Costco Catering On Holidays

If you have already tried Costco’s platters and recognize their taste and value, you can also have your own Thanksgiving dinner made by Costco. Holiday meals include a whole menu with different plates and the cost varies according to the number of servings. 

To get yourself an idea, Costco’s Thanksgiving menu for 2021 featured: 

  • 2 Roast Turkey Breasts
  • Sweet Corn
  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes 
  • Mashed Potatoes and Gravy 
  • French Baguettes
  • Brussels Sprouts 
  • Apple Pie
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Classic Vanilla Ice Cream 

And all of it for $119.99! This doesn’t only guarantee you an amazing meal but takes away the burden of cooking for the day. 


Costco offers the opportunity to cater your next party for a great price and with many delicious options. Although don’t forget to check both Walmart and Wegmans’ catering services to find the right one for you and your guests. Remember that Costco can also provide your next holiday dinner and save you all the cooking frustrations, so you can truly enjoy the moment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a platter from Costco any day of the week?

Yes, you can. Just remember to do it 24 hours before the day you need the order. 

Can I buy a cake at Costco without an order?

Yes. The store’s bakery section is always full of cakes and desserts you can buy on the spot, but in case you desire a custom-made cake, you’ll need to order it. 

Costco Platters – Know More

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