The Competitors Of T.J.Maxx

T.J.Maxx is a department store chain that sells a broad variety of items for lower prices than major stores (known as an off-price store). This kind of selling strategy is used by other businesses that compete with T.J.Maxx over the same market segment. Let’s see the competitors of T.J.Maxx.

The Competitors of T.J.Maxx

Some of the competitors of T.J.Maxx are Marshalls, Ross, and HomeGoods, Macy’s Backstage, and Burlington. What sets each of them apart depends more on the variety of products displayed and the store’s environment, since all of them specialize in off-prices. 

T.J.Maxx Store

T.J.Maxx was founded in 1976 in Massachusetts. It’s part of The TJX Companies, which also owns HomeGoods and Marshalls. Along with the latter, T.J.Maxx operates more than 3,500 stores in the country. In 2013 the store opened to e-commerce, however, in 2020 the e-commerce website, physical stores, and distribution centers temporarily closed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. In a few months, T.J.Maxx reopened its operations and, during the present year, it has continued operating while prioritizing safety and health measures. 

How T.J.Maxx Manages To Keep Low Prices?

The reason why T.J.Maxx can offer super low prices relies on different strategies, like purchasing surplus merchandise from manufacturers and other department stores, including the orders canceled by them and deals at the end of the seasons. Another way through which the store can save money is by keeping its decor and design simple. 

Sometimes you can get a designer item at T.J.Maxx because it’s from the last season.


One of the principal competitors of T.J.Maxx is Marshalls, which was acquired by TJX Companies in 1995. Twenty years later, its 1,000th store opened in the United States. Following T.J.Maxx, Marshalls joined e-commerce through its own website. 

T.J.Maxx And Marshalls

Working as sister stores, they sell men’s and women’s apparel and shoes, home goods like furniture, decor items, toys, and also beauty items ranging from makeup to skincare products. The distinction between both stories is that T.J.Maxx has a more appealing appearance than Marshalls, selling fine jewelry collections and other accessories that usually can’t be found at the latter. 


Another store owned by TJX Company since 1992. Its purpose is to offer an extensive line of home fashion items. With a little smaller impact than T.J.Maxx and Marshalls, HomeGoods opened its 500th store in 2015, and just the last year launched its e-commerce website. 

T.J.Maxx And HomeGoods

The main difference between products sold by HomeGoods is that, although sharing very low prices like T.J.Maxx, the former focuses on furniture and decorative accessories. Its offers are more plentiful when it comes to shopping for specific home goods like rugs, cookware, and tabletop. 


Using its famous slogan “Dress for less”, Ross is the supreme rival of T.J.Maxx. Its approach is also focused on providing high-quality products for low prices, although it focuses on making shopping fun and easy experience. This has gained Ross the title of the largest off-price retail store in the United States, with 1,412 locations.

T.J.Maxx and Ross

In 2016 the investment management firm Cowen reported that an average item that costs $14-$15 at T.J.Maxx is $10 at Ross, which leads to conclude that Ross is relatively cheaper than the former. Nevertheless, when speaking of a better shopping environment, T.J.Maxx is considered the best since its layouts are more organized than Ross’s. So while Ross provides a treasure-hunt vibe, T.J.Maxx gives the impression of a properly retail store that sells for significantly cheaper prices. 

Macy’s Backstage

In 2020, Macy’s announced the launching of a stand-alone inside select Macy’s stores called Macy’s Backstage. As part of the store’s revitalization plan, the addition is meant to offer a great variety of products for unbeatable prices. In case you’re wondering if the store sells only last season Macy’s products: it doesn’t. Macy’s Backstage products are selected by experts and offered for you to have the best deals.

T.J.Maxx And Macy’s Backstage

Disregarding Macy’s efforts to create the best off-price store, T.J.Maxx continues offering a more extensive range of products to satisfy any kind of taste. Parallelly, a reason why many people visit off-price stores is to get items from renowned brands for half or less the full price. With this in mind, Macy’s Backstage reviewers claim that the store doesn’t offer many products from recognized brands and few size options. 


The third-largest off-price retail store’s title goes to Burlington, founded in 1972. It promises the best brands, styles, and quality for the best price. Although it has fewer physical stores than T.J.Maxx, Burlington has a strong e-commerce website. 

T.J.Maxx And Burlington

Most of the brands offered by Burlington can be found at T.J.Maxx and the prices are comparable. Perhaps, something that can make customers prefer one store or the other is the number of products displayed, also how they are arranged. Burlington can be vast and overwhelming at the same time, in contrast to T.J.Maxx, which manages to keep its products as organized as possible. 


These are the competitors of T.J.Maxx. There are multiple options where to find great and irresistible deals, but sometimes the one with lower prices is not the best. Among all the shopping experiences you have, you can choose the right place for you, one that suits not only your budget but your taste and comfort. That’s why it’s amazing that T.J.Maxx is not the only off-price store in the United States, but that there are also many stores to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many T.J.Maxx stores are in the U.S.?

As of 2021, there were more than 1,200 stores. 

Is T.J.Maxx available in Europe?

Yes and No. See, in Europe, the store uses a different name (T.K.Maxx); although they sell the same type of products they can be considered as different stores. 

The Competitors Of T.J.Maxx

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