Does dollar tree make keys?

Dollar Tree is a discount variety store that operates in USA and Canada. Dollar tree has more than 15,000 stores and 24 distribution networks. It is known for selling food, snacks, beauty products, home essentials, toys, etc. at discounted prices. But like departmental stores and the supermarket does provide duplicate copies of your house, office, or car keys? Does Dollar Tree make keys? 

Does dollar tree make keys?

Dollar Tree does not provide key-making or key copying services in the USA. However, if you want to make duplicate copies of your home, house, car keys, or key cards, you should go to some departmental store or supermarket that provides a key-making facility.

Why Doesn’t Dollar Tree Provide Key-Making Services?

Dollar Tree is a discount variety store. It is a discount variety store that sells various daily essentials at a discounted price. It does not provide services like key-making. Formerly it was also known as the ‘only $1 store.’ Apart from locksmith and key-making kiosks, some departmental stores and home improvement stores provide key-making services. No discount store in the USA provides key-making or key-copying services. 

Dollar Tree is a prominent store for providing home essentials, beauty products, toys, food, and more for prices far less than the regular market price. Any service is not part of Dollar Tree’s business. Additionally, key-making is not a discount offering service. Thus, discount store Dollar Tree does not have a key-making facility.

What Stores Provide Key-Making Services In The USA?   

Dollar Tree does not provide key-making services in the USA. But it does not mean that every time you have to go to a locksmith for making duplicate keys. Several departmental stores, supermarkets, home improvement stores, and key-making kiosks make duplicate keys for you.

You can find the best and most convenient key-making facility at the following places in the USA:


KeyMe is a USA-based self-served key-making kiosk. It makes duplicates of your keys instantly. It also stores digital copies of your keys in the app with your profile. KeyMe machines are also installed in various retail stores to aid customers in key-making. It makes a duplicate of standard as well as specialized keys. 


MinuteKey is also a self-serve kiosk that makes duplicate keys in the USA. MinuteKey machines are also installed in various Lowe’s and Walmart stores. It provides duplicate copies of your house, office, car, or other keys instantly. 

Ace Hardware

In the USA, Ace Hardware outlets also provide a key-copying facility. However, not all Ace Hardware locations provide a key-copying facility. Therefore, before visiting the store confirms the availability of a key-making facility. 


Walmart stores also have a key-copying facility. Most of your nearby Walmart locations have key-making facilities. At some stores, you can find a man dedicated to key cutting for making keys according to your requirements while many stores have a KeyMinute machine for key-making. 

Home Depot

Home Depot home improvement stores also have a key-making facility in the USA. At Home Depot stores standard and specialized keys could be easily made. 


Selected Safeway locations in the USA have installed KeyMe kiosk machines for a self-serve key-making facility for the shoppers. It is an immediate and affordable way of making duplicate keys. 

Car Keys Express 

Car keys have become very complicated nowadays. But companies like ‘Car Keys Express’ are experts in making duplicates of your car keys. They make car keys through the identification number of your vehicle.


If you can’t find key-making facilities in these stores, then go to a locksmith. He will cut the keys and make duplicates. 

How Do Self-Serve Key-Making Kiosks Copy Keys?

Key-making is either done by automated machines or by cutting keys by a locksmith. The self-serve key-making kiosk use machines to instantly cut the keys. To make a copy of your key put the original key inside the machine and answer the asked questions.

The machine will then make a digital copy of your key and save it. In five to ten minutes, a standard key will form and come out of the machine. However, specialized keys take time in making. It may take up to a few days to form. Generally, the key-making kiosk delivers it to your place after making. 

Cost Of Key-Making

The key-making charges of a standard key are usually between $2 to $6. These keys include house and car keys. However, the cost of a specialized key is higher than this. Copies of specialized keys like key cards and flags are made differently. Its cost depends on the type of specialized key that has to be copied. The cost is normally high than standard keys. 

Products And Services Provided By Dollar Tree 

Dollar Tree does not make keys. So, what does it do? Dollar Tree is not any kind of service provider. But it does sell a variety of goods at a discounted price. Its merchandise categories are- 

  • Beauty products
  • Healthcare
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Office and school supplies
  • Clothing and fashion, etc. 

Dollar Tree offers its merchandise at even better prices during offer periods. You can find specific offers on Dollar Tree’s supplies during holidays and festival seasons. 


Dollar Tree discount variety store does not provide a key-making facility in any of its outlets in the USA or Canada. Being a discount store, it only sells a variety of goods at the lowest prices. However, to get duplicate copies of keys, you can visit the nearby departmental store, supermarket, home improvement store, key-making kiosk, or locksmith that provides a key-making facility. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I make duplicates of my keys at Dollar General retail stores?

Answer: Yes, at selected Dollar General retail stores duplicate car keys, house keys, and other keys could be made. KeyMe kiosk machines are installed at various Dollar General locations to aid customers in making duplicates of their keys?

  1. Can locksmith or key-copying companies copy all types of keys?

Answer: Accept the keys that say do not duplicate all other keys could be copied by a locksmith or key-coping companies. These keys are prohibited to copy mostly because of safety reasons. 

Does dollar tree make keys?

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