What is ArrisGro?- Learn more about it

ARRIS is a telecommunications company that offers data, video, and telephony systems for houses and businesses. The brand has become known for one of its devices called ArrisGro, which appears to be connected to people’s devices, causing them intrigue. However, the more they wonder what Arrisgro is, the more they need to understand what ARRIS itself is and how it engages with several types of equipment. 

What is ArrisGro?

The U.S.-based company provides solutions for telecommunication for different needs, including modems that enable access to the internet. According to this, the ArrisGro is a kind of wireless modem. Its appearance as a connected device to your network might be mistaken for a problem, so keep reading to find out how to properly address it. 

Arris International

Arris International Limited is the real name of the ARRIS Company. Although it was founded in 1995, it was acquired by CommScope in 2019, which explains why the name of the brand has become somehow forgotten while its devices continue being purchased. After all, ARRIS also produces equipment sold by other companies, like Xfinity

The main products produced by ARRIS are modems and wireless cable modem-and-router units, also known as residential gateways. The TM502G and the TM402P are two types of modems designed by the company. 

How The Company Helps Others?

As part of CommScope, ARRIS ensures that people remain connected to others while establishing and helping businesses and cities to grow by implementing innovative networking solutions. 

Besides that, CommScope encourages its brands to serve as experts and work alongside customers and partners. ARRIS is featured not only as a solutions provider but also as the best option to help distributors to design, integrate, install, sell and give support to both Broadband Active Networks and Home Networks solutions. 

You can have access to this support by applying to the channel partner program offered by CommScope in an attempt to provide both expertise and partnership to its customers. 

ArrisGro Device

ArrisGro is a compact system that enables Wi-Fi connectivity and access to a telephony system at the same time. It’s not just a modem but a wireless bridge connected and co-installed to the Residential Gateway. This device serves as an alternative to a wired router. It needs to be connected through cables to your devices to grant them access to the internet. 

Usually, ArrisGro operates in the 5GHz network band, meaning that it connects your devices to the fastest and most agile current network connection, with less interference. Nevertheless, as the newest band, it has the lowest network range.

This is the device that appears connected to your network and sometimes worries you. However, if you don’t know anything about it because you haven’t purchased something like that, you might be facing a different problem.

An Unknown Arrisgro 

An unknown ArrisGro or ARRIS device appearing connected can be due to a glitch in the software. But, in the least desired case, it might mean that another person is trying to consume your bandwidth. First of all, there’s no need for alarm. Secondly, there are different ways to eradicate this problem: 

  1. Reboot the device – You can either do a hard or soft reboot. The first one consists of taking out the power cords of your device and waiting two or more minutes to install them again. The second is done by turning off your device’s power button and turning it on again after a minute.
  2. Change the Wi-Fi password – Change it through your internet company’s website, then connect all your devices again.
  3. Activate Smart Home Manager – As a last resort, download and install it on your device. This will help prevent any unauthorized device from connecting to your network again.
  4. Change of MAC address – Most users change their MAC address for security purposes. However, by doing it the device’s configuration and connections can be altered. The recommendation is to turn off the MAC address randomization since it can make devices with different names appear.


ARRIS is a network solutions provider, and the ArrisGro refers to one of its devices that by connecting to your network grants other devices uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity. Some people may be sure of not having bought such a device. Since the appearance of an unknown device connected to your network is generally a motive of fear, you now can rest and proceed to eradicate the problem following any of the provided solutions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the network band of an ArrisGro device affect the band of my Wi-Fi connectivity?

No, it doesn´t. 

Am I recommended to not change the MAC address of my devices?

Yes. Although you look for security by doing so, it can produce faults in your devices’ configuration.

Where can I purchase an ARRIS device?

Although there’s no ARRIS website where to buy it, you can do it at Best Buy or Amazon.

What is ArrisGro?- Learn more about it

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