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People of all ages like KFC. You can convert any occasion into a party by ordering KFC. In all get-togethers, whether family or friends, KFC ads a lot more than imaginations. Have you ever thought of freezing the KFC Chicken? In this article, we will discuss whether we can freeze KFC chicken or not.

Can You Freeze KFC Chicken?

In some situations, we order more than our requirement. When we feel hungry, we desire more. However, after having a full stomach, we want to save the extra food, especially fried chicken for the next time or the late-night snacks. However, the main issue is to save the crispness and freshness of the KFC after preserving or freezing it. 

Can You Freeze KFC Chicken?

If you are in search about having complete and authentic information about freezing KFC chicken search for complete authentic information about freezing KFC chicken.  The answer to the question do you freeze KFC chicken is YES. 

You can freeze KFC chicken for up to months. When you want to reuse your frozen KFC, you can use it by reheating it properly. It will be as fresh as the first time. However, you need to keep something in your observation. 

Let us tell you all about your queries regarding KFC and its freezing tips. 

Freezing KFC Chicken

You can save KFC inside the fridge as well in the freezer. If you refrigerate KFC, it could be used within four-five days after well reheating it. You can keep it for 2-3 months in the freezer by properly freezing KFC. However, the crucial element is the manner of freezing KFC.

Important techniques to keep in consideration while freezing KFC  

Let the KFC Cool completely

The foremost step toward freezing KFC is to let the chicken cool properly. You can put the chicken pieces into the fridge portion to cool it. It will not make your chicken soggy and will keep it juicy and crispy. 

Take action as soon as you can

Chicken is meat and tends to build bacteria in it fast. You should take prompt action when you want to freeze it. KFC chicken can also be infected if keep it lying in an open place other than the refrigerator for a long time. As soon as you finished eating, put the remaining in a dish and refrigerate it for cooling purposes. 

Put KFC in Air Tight Bag/Container

When you are assured that pieces are completely cool, put the chicken pieces into separate airtight containers or bags. Airtight freezing will keep the freshness locked and the chicken will remain tasty and juicy like the first time. 

Remove Extra Air from the Bag

Remove extra air from the bag. If a container, close it properly. There should be no way of entering any air in the container to avoid harm. 

Use Separate Bag/Container

You must not store KFC with any other meal. It should be frozen in a separate pot or bag to avoid changing its flavor. A separate, clean and dried container can increase the chances of freshness after reusing it.  

Keep Your Freezer Working  

You should make such arrangements that you never lose your electricity connection down and your fridge off. If that happens, there are chances to stale your preserved KFC. 

How to Defrost Frozen KFC?

Defrosting frozen KFC is also a technique to know before doing so. You should not put it directly in a pan or any other place to reheat it. Instead, after taking it from the freezer you should put it in the fridge for about 8-10 hours. This will make it completely defrost. 

If you want to use it, put it for deforestation a night before that day or if you want to use it in the evening put it for defrosting in the morning.  A fully defrosted KFC will retain its flavor while you reheat it. 

How to Reheat KFC?

Many ways of reheating frozen food items are there to use. For making frozen KFC crispy, tender, juicy, and tasty as when it was fresh, you must need care. 

Heat in Deep Fryer

Once your chicken is defrosted full, deep-fry it in medium hot oil. Keep frying until it is crisp. Fry all of the KFC pieces by putting a few pieces in each batch in the pan. 

Heat in Air Fryer

You can go for an air fryer, as it is the best option to reheat frozen KFC. Preheat your air fryer. Put the chicken pieces in it and let air-fry them for a few minutes. It will turn your KFC crispy, and as tasty as it was fresh. 

Heat in a Grill Oven

You can also grill your frozen KFC in a grill oven. Put fully defrosted chicken on the grill of preheated grill oven. Let the chicken grill for a few minutes. For the best result, you can brush oil on the pieces. 

Heat in Microwave Oven 

A microwave oven can also serve the purpose of reheating frozen KFC. Simply microwave chicken pieces following the instruction of your microwave. 


I want to conclude all the discussion by saying that you can store your leftover KFC for next time instead of wasting it. Frozen chicken is completely safe from bacteria and hence, it is safe to use again. Saving fried chicken in an airtight container and keeping it frozen, all the time is convenient. 

When you want to reuse that frozen chicken, defrost, reheat properly, and enjoy your meal. You need not worry about throwing leftover delicious KFC. 

Frequently Asked Question

Is the taste remain the same after freezing the KFC?

Yes, you can preserve taste along with freezing KFC by following proper guidelines. 

Should I freeze KFC if want to use next day?

If you want to eat the leftover KFC pieces the next day, then you should refrigerate them instead of freezing them. 

Can I re-freeze KFC after defrosting it?

Yes, but you should avoid it. Only defrost pieces you can consume and keep others frozen instead of defrosting them all. 

Can You Freeze KFC Chicken? – Read More

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