Why is TJ Maxx so Cheap?

If you have ever had the chance to shop at TJ Maxx, you must have seen a lot of nice items at extremely cheap prices. TJ Maxx’s cheap prices are one of the things that keep bringing in customers for the brand. Read on to find out why they sell at such low prices.

Why is TJ Maxx so Cheap?
Why is TJ Maxx so Cheap?

TJ Maxx items are so cheap because the store gets its supplies directly from producers. Sourcing from manufacturers; the store buys merchandise directly from the manufacturers, making it easier for them to sell at low prices to customers.

Founded in 1976 by Bernard Cammarata, TJ Maxx is one of the largest retail stores in America. The store has over 1,000 across the United States. 

One thing that has distinguished TJ Maxx from its other competitors is; that the store sells quality items at low prices. It keeps people wondering how a store with such nice merchandise would be able to sell for low prices.

Why does TJ Maxx sell items at low prices?

Direct from manufacturers

One way to save cost in business is by getting supplies in large quantities; when supplies are gotten in larger quantities, it reduces cost, making products available to users at low costs. This exact strategy is part of what TJ Maxx applies in making sure items are sold at low prices to customers. 

TJ Maxx gets supplies directly from manufacturers; they also ensure that manufacturers sell them in large quantities to help them sell to customers at attractive prices.

Brand merchandise

Like many renowned brands in America, TJ Maxx has brand merchandise that helps in promoting sales. The retail store partners with many businesses and services to promote the brand through using merchandise items. The merchandise items are often sold out faster than other items at the store. Money gotten from the merchandise is funded back into the store to help in promoting effective financial management. 

In summary what this means is that the merchandise brings a lot of income into the store, and the income brought can always be used for the easy running of the business.

Buying old designer items

One thing about designer items is that they are priced according to trends. For example, a designer item produced this year is going to be more expensive than that produced last year. Stores that are looking into selling designer items at expensive prices often get the item as soon as they are released. TJ Maxx, unlike other stores, does not rush designer items when they are released. The store mostly buys designer items that are up to 12 months old at the factory, that way, they will be able to beat down the price.

From past seasons

Apart from buying old designer items, TJ Maxx also buys old items from the factory. Items produced and abandoned for a long time at the factory can be picked by TJ Maxx and sold to people at a low price.

Spend less on adverts

Another strategy TJ Maxx applied in their business is not spending too much money on the advert. When the customer base of TJ Maxx is looked into, it will be noticed that the majority of the store’s customers are low-income earners. And one thing about low-income earners is that they easily get attracted to a brand that fits into their budget. Wasting money on too much advert would be unnecessary for TJ Maxx.

Spend less on store appearance

TJ Maxx stores are well-structured retail shops, well designed to soothe the customer’s needs. However, the stores are not so magnificent or incredibly laid out compared to some retail stores. PJ Maxx does not focus on spending too much on their store’s appearance. The stores have simple structures that do not require a lot of money for maintenance. The simple designs and arrangements used at PJ Maxx give their customers the confidence that items at the store would be affordable.

A large number of buyers

Another thing that makes it possible for PJ Maxx to constantly fix low prices on items is the large number of customers that shop at the store regularly. PJ Maxx customers are majorly low-income earners who are lucky to get quality items at prices that do not hurt their pocket. Such customers tend to remain loyal to the brand for a long period. When PJ Maxx purchases merchandise from the manufacturers, they can sell out quickly due to the large customer base the brand has been able to build for years.

Do the low prices affect TJ Maxx?

With the incredibly low rates the store sells items, it is essential to find out if this does not affect the growth of the brand. TJ Maxx does not run at a loss because the store has been able to balance its profits by also selling expensive items along with cheap ones. Profits gotten from the expensive items are used to cover up for any loss. 


TJ Maxx offers items at low prices to customers because of the different strategies put in place to ensure the brand retains its unique selling point in the American retail market. Unlike before, the retail store has been able to improve on getting high-income customers attracted to their products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does TJ Maxx sell faulty items?

No, TJ Maxx does not sell faulty items. If you discover that you got a faulty item, you can contact the store customer support to submit a complaint and get a replacement processed.

2. What kind of items can I get at TJ Maxx?

You can get home products, clothes, toys, and other consumer items at the store.

Why is TJ Maxx so Cheap?

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