Verizon PSP Connection Problem – How To Solve?

Verizon is an American telecommunication company. It provides its subscribers with cable services, internet services as well as telephone services. Verizon also has a router that will help you connect your PSP to your in-home WIFI. PSP is a portable play station that is a gaming device. But Verizon PSP is a multitasker because, with this PSP, you can listen to your favorite music, connect your internet, stream live TV shows and even the repeated ones, check out your pictures, play games, and whatnot. Let’s see How to solve the ‘Verizon PSP Connection Problem’.

Verizon PSP Connection Problem

Verizon play station comes with a package. It has WIFI capabilities and an internet browser to surf the web. All you have to do is connect your PSP to the internet which is an easy task if you don’t get an error. You, just have to enter your wireless router’s name and password, and your PSP will be connected to your in-home WIFI. 

If your PSP is successfully connected to your WIFI then it’s well and good you can use your play station without any issues. But if that’s not the case and you may have got an error, then you need to keep reading further to know how you can resolve the error.

Follow these instructions to solve your PSP connection problem 

Given below are some of the solutions that will help you fix your connection problem on your Verizon PSP. You just have to follow them carefully and see the results for yourself. 

1. Make some changes to your router’s settings:

If your router’s setting is assigned to WPA then you need to change it to WPA2. This is because WPA2 encryption is way more secure and advanced as compared to WPA encryption. You have to make this change because WPA is not advanced enough to connect to your advanced portable play station, and you may get an error because of that. So, to avoid this error it’s better to make the required changes. 

2. Contact Verizon Customer care:

If you get any error, you are free to take assistance from Verizon. Contact customer care and explain your query to them, and you will get a solution. Sometimes you get this error because Verizon may not have permitted the router in your locality to access the internet because of some security reasons. So, when you call them, they will troubleshoot your issue within seconds, and you can enjoy gaming on your PSP. 

3. You need a new router: 

The first thing to do is to change your router’s encryption settings but if your Verizon router does not allow you to do that, then you need to buy a new router. You can either buy a third-party router on your own to change the encryption settings or you can contact Verizon and ask them to give you a new router that allows you to change the settings. To do this, you first need to take permission from Verizon as they do not allow any other WIFI router. 

4. Need to Update your Firmware:

Outdated firmware could be another reason why you are getting this connection problem. Once you have updated your firmware to the latest version, you will not face any error and, your PSP will be connected to the internet very easily. To update your firmware, you need to go to PSP settings and update it from there if it is allowed. But if not, then you can install stock firmware through your PC by connecting it to a PSP. 

5. You have to change your PSP settings:

Another very common reason why you are not able to connect your PSP to the internet is that there is some issue with your network settings. SO, now you have to go to your PSP settings and check each setting one by one to find out the issue, or you can directly reset it to fix the problem. 


Verizon provides their users with a PSP and a router and to use your PSP you have to connect it to the internet or your home WIFI with the help of your router. There is a chance that you may face an error while connecting your PSP to the internet. All the solutions which will help you resolve the error were discussed here in detail. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Verizon WIFI extender not working. What to do now?

If your Verizon WIFI extender is not working then you need to reboot it. Disconnect your extender from the power source, wait for a minute and reconnect it. Rebooting your extender is the easiest way to fix all the bugs so that it can work effortlessly without any issue. 

  1. My Verizon extender is blinking continuously. What could be the reason? 

If your extender is blinking blue light then this means your wireless connection is initiating and if It is blinking yellow then this means your firmware has been updated successfully. 

Verizon PSP Connection Problem – How To Solve?

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