Verizon Rewards – How To Claim?

Verizon Communications Inc., founded on7th October 1983, is an American multinational company that is one of the leading providers of technology and communication services in the world. Headquartered in New York, the public company offers various telecommunication services like cable television, landline, broadband, mobile phone, digital television, digital media, IPTV, internet, and telematics. Read further to know about ‘Verizon Rewards ‘.

Verizon Rewards

Verizon Rewards

The company has introduced a rewards program called Verizon Up whereby the members are provided with monthly rewards and bonuses. The Verizon Up rewards program is specifically for Verizon Wireless, and it is highly beneficial to the customers. Now let us look deeper into the Verizon Up rewards program.

Who Can Be Members?

There is an eligibility criterion prescribed to become a member of the Verizon Up rewards program. They are:

  • The person must be 18 years old or more.
  • He/she must have a smartphone on an active Verizon wireless account.
  • The person must have downloaded the My Verizon app on his/her smartphone.
  • The business and prepaid account cannot be a member, so the person must have a standard account. 
  • He/she must be a resident of the United States (the United States territories of Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands have been excluded from this).

To become a member, the person who satisfies these eligibility criteria can enroll in Verizon Up through the My Verizon app. 

Also, the Verizon Visa cardholders need not enroll as they get automatically enrolled in Verizon Upon obtaining the card.  

What Are The Rewards?

Monthly Rewards
  • These rewards can be claimed by the Account Owner once in every calendar month, i.e., once an account owner claims the reward, he cannot make another claim until the next month starts.
  • This kind of reward provides a variety of benefits to the customers, such as discounts on Verizon accessories, gift cards, etc. 
  • There can be no fixed value or cash value for monthly rewards.
  • There may be no transfer or sale of claimed monthly rewards to another Verizon wireless account.
  • The company has declared that the monthly rewards come to an end by 04-03-2022, and this offer will no longer be provided. 
Bonus Rewards
  • These are the surprise extras or discounts received by the members.
  • They change with time, and it is made available to all Verizon Up members. 
  • Once the bonus rewards appear, a member can claim them anytime he/she wishes to.
Super Tickets
  • Super Tickets are the rewards that are obtained by a member for entertainment and sporting events.
  • There will be only a limited number of Super Tickets, and the member who claims first will be given first. Super tickets may be available once every six months, and high-value Super Tickets are extremely limited so that the member may claim only once in twenty-four months.
  • Like the monthly rewards, the Super Tickets also have no cash value, and there shall be no exchange, transfer, sale, or substitution of Super Tickets for cash or other services. If any member tries to do so, the Super Ticket will be forfeited and voided.
  • In a case where the Super Ticket becomes unavailable after a member has claimed it, the company offers to substitute it with another Super Ticket which has the same or greater value.
  • Super Tickets do not include any transportation services for the event.
  • The company has the sole power to determine the date and times, and seating for the event.
  • The company is not liable if the ticket is stolen or the event does not take place due to any reason (natural disasters, Act of God, terrorism, etc.)
Presale Tickets
  • As its name suggests, by this program, the tickets for certain events are made available to the Verizon Up members before it is being provided to the general public. 
  • Available to all Verizon Up members, including the personnel of Verizon.
  • A Verizon Up member can have a maximum of four presale tickets only, and a first-come, the first-serve policy is adopted since the presale tickets are limited.
  • The ticket seller can impose terms and conditions and fees on the tickets. So the buyers are bound to follow these rules.

How to unlock Verizon ticket offers?

  • Verizon Up members shall authenticate on the ticket seller website using their Verizon login details. 
  • Then create a new ticket seller account, and if it is already in existence, log in to that account.
  • Then purchase the presale tickets. If the member loses the ticket or if it is stolen, or the event is missed by the member, Verizon cannot be held liable.

How To Claim Rewards?

  • The right to claim rewards is confined to the Account Owner in case of a Monthly Reward, while a Bonus Reward can be claimed by any Verizon Up account member.
  • The claim can be made through the My Verizon app. 
  • On opening the app, from the list of rewards shown, the member has to select the reward which he intends to use.
  • After reading the details of the rewards, he/she has to tap “Claim this.”
  • The reward selected can be used immediately, or he/she can save it for later use.

How To Use The Reward?

Once a member claim any reward, he/she can use it at any time.

  • On opening the My Verizon app, on the top of the screen, the option “Use Rewards” will be displayed. So the member has to tap on that.
  • Then he/she must select the reward that he/she intends to use.
  • Each reward will carry certain redemption instructions, which the member, before use, must follow.
  • At the bottom of the details of the rewards, there will be given an option “Mark as used.” Therefore, once he/she uses the rewards, he/she must tap on that option.


Apart from the regular norms of a company to supply quality products for the customers and thereby develop itself, Verizon Communications Inc. formulated a different policy by offering a wide range of rewards that largely attracted the customers’ attention. Various kinds of rewards like monthly rewards, bonus rewards, presale tickets, and super tickets are found to have a huge demand among the members.

The company regulates these programs appropriately so that the customers are served right, and there arise no issues of privacy or fraud. Even the data collected from the customers are kept safe within the company’s storage. Thus, it can be observed that being a member of Verizon is a worthwhile attempt at least once.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have some queries on my Verizon Up account. Whom shall I contact?

You can call (866) 895-5579 for doubts and problems relating to the Verizon Up account.

  1. How many Presale Tickets can I purchase?

A Verizon Up member can purchase a maximum of $ Presale Tickets for an event. 

  1. I accidentally marked my Verizon Up reward as used. Can I revert it?

No, you cannot undo it once you have marked a reward as used.

  1. Can I transfer my Verizon Up reward to my friend’s account?

No, the rewards of Verizon Up are not transferable.

  1. Can I return the reward I already claimed?

No, an already claimed Verizon Up reward cannot be returned or exchanged.

Verizon Rewards – How To Claim?

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