Difference Between Left Twix And Right

Twix is a bar of chocolate made of caramel shortbread with biscuit layering with other ingredients and coatings over it. Twix company was published by the company MAC. INC. It was first introduced in 1967 in the UK as Raider, but later it moved on to its path to America in 1979 and got its name ‘Twix.’ Let us study it in detail. How left Twix and right Twix are different from each other? Some facts that may give you an idea, they both are distant from each other.

Difference Between Left Twix And Right

Both Right and Left Twix are great chocolate choices with great taste and rich quality. People argue about which Twix side has more chocolate, whatever is your choice. However, the consumers who love chocolate bars are allowed to choose their chocolate.

Left Twix Vs. Right Twix

Twix is of two types for different age groups. They consider their strategy as a fun factor that will help in increasing their sales and a preference to select their types of chocolates. As no other brands have used this strategy, they have a high advantage to attract new consumers for their products.

The company held up a contest by setting up a question regarding the difference between Right Twix and Left Twix. Soon many people took part in the competition resulting in an excess increment in profits for the company. 

In 2012, the left Twix versus right Twix campaign took place, and the process continues till now. In 2017 Twix introduced its first package of both left Twix and right Twix. There is little evidence that right Twix and left Twix are similar. The thing that creates a difference between them is the taste.

How Do They Get Manufactured?

Right Twix layered with rich chocolate with an inside filling of caramel. It has crunchy wafers inside that make it crunchy and mouth-watering. Mars company in North America made Right Twix caramel chocolate. Right Twix is sucking with a limited amount of caramel that gives a twist punch on your tongue.

Right Twix uses more dark chocolate to coat the wafers. It has a great taste, made with rich ingredients that are well preserved and rich in quality. The name of the right Twix is written in white color to make it different from Left Twix.

Like Right Twix, Left Twix is a bar of chocolate. Also, contain a cookie in it with crunchy wafers and caramel filling. The name is written in red color. Less sweeten to make it more nutritious.

What Are The Similarities In Both Twix?

Right Twix has a top layer of chocolate coating, on the other hand, the left Twix is filled with caramel. Both chocolates have nutritional ingredients and get produced by the same company but under different names. Both Twix has cookie inside them. They are crunchy and have rich nutrition.

Difference Between The Twix Chocolate

Left Twix enrobed in chocolate with drizzling caramel, a crunchy cookie inside that makes it crunchy and healthy as they do not include much sweet. The right Twix gets sucked with dark chocolate and a crunchy cookie filling to get crunchier.

Mostly Twix chocolate is preferred According to taste. Left Twix gets written in red on a white-label, and Right Twix gets written in white color with bold font. Both are from the Mars Chocolate North America. Twix brand is known for its wide variety of brands and quality of products such as Starburst, Snickers, Skittles, and other candy picks.

It was the only strategy to continue the marketing campaign to attract more new customers and increase the demand for Twix chocolate. The company tried pitting the Left Twix versus the Right Twix by giving a surprise and making a difference through unique packaging and labeling.


Is choco being loved by everyone? Of course, there are many age groups. Accordingly, their choices vary. But many of them live to eat chocolate. In markets, there is a wide variety of chocolate available like milk choco, caramel, choco bar, wafers, etc. companies selling chocolate are having tough competition among themselves. As we know that different people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to food and fashion so, one can decide between left Twix and right Twix according to their taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1:- Which kind of cookie is loaded in both Twix?

Ans:- Right Twix has a cookie that makes it soft. To make it more soft Left Twix is filled with a cookie inside it and to make it crisp from the outside they use dark chocolate to make eaters feel a blast of heaven in their mouth.

Ques2:- In which year was Twix named as left and right?

Ans:- In 2012, it was named left and right Twix.

Ques3:- Are Both Twix bars in shape?

Ans:- yes, both Twix a bar in shape.

Difference Between Left Twix And Right

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