Is Duluth Trading Company Ethical?


If you’re curious about what a trading company does, here’s what you should know. A trading company serves as a conduit between buyers and sellers, but it is not involved in the product’s creation or offers any type of ownership. Many trading companies are linked with a single manufacturer for a safer play, while others deal with multiple factories. Let’s know ‘Is Duluth Trading Company Ethical?’

Is Duluth Trading Company Ethical?


Many buyers are willing to work with a trading firm or a manufacturer if the quality and price satisfy their expectations. In reality, many customers would prefer to deal with a trading firm rather than a manufacturer directly because trading companies can save them a lot of money.

However, Trading companies like Duluth trading is American workwear and accessories company. Duluth trading company sells its goods from its brand Duluth Holdings Inc.

According to some recent surveys, buyers who buy from this source have mixed feelings about the ratings and reviews they receive. However, the majority of the reviews and ratings were positive rather than negative, indicating that the company’s ethics are strong. Within its industry, Duluth Trading is a middle-of-the-pack performer.

Duluth Trading Company’s pros and cons

Before getting into their ethics, let’s talk about Duluth Trading Company’s pros and cons, no article or blog can provide you with more honest feedback than the company’s actual and regular customers. Their feedbacks and ratings are more important than any poll.

So, we’ll assemble all of the important honest reviews for online and offline modes of shopping here briefly on that premise.

Duluth Trading Company Pros:

  1. Its quality– This company sells high-quality products that are useful to work-wear customers. It is durable, irrespective of usability, due to the great quality of the product. It is a bit pricy but worth every penny.
  1. Exchange policy– Based on the exchange policy, no other brand can compete with this one. Their exchange policy specifies a time frame of 1 year for exchanging their product. This is what drives customers to shop with them again and again.
  1. Free shipping- Who doesn’t like free shipping? This company not only ships products within the country but also abroad. Its service includes product wrapping, free return and exchange, and order tracking.
  1. Discounts and Promo codes- This company’s online shoppers get access to greater discounts and promo coupons. Duluth Trading is a very engaged brand when it comes to offering good sales discounts to its customers, both online and off.
  1. Staff- Their staffs are kind, polite, and helpful to their customers. Customers are encouraged to buy more and choose the best item for them.

Duluth Trading Company Cons:

  1. Its quality- While the company talks about its high-quality products, and the majority of customers rave about their quality and durability, some other customers complain that the quality isn’t as good as advertised, or that the color fades after washing.
  1. Bill Guarantee issues- If you are shopping online from their company, you may sometimes get stuck on payment issues. The firm offers a variety of payment choices, but if the site’s server is down at the time of payment, you may experience difficulties in checkout with bill guarantee issues.
  1. Not handicapped-friendly- There are a few stairs from one level to the next, making it difficult to travel with a walker or wheelchair. There is a ramp, however, it is located in the most inconvenient part of the store, way in the back.
  1. Financing Option- In comparison to other fashion brand enterprises, their financing choices are very weak.
  1. Poor customer service- This trade company’s customer service is poor. They normally take a long time to respond to consumer complaints, which is a flaw.


The Duluth brand is known for its work-related equipment and clothing (for both men and women). Customers visited their business online and in-person because of their catchy advertising that doubled down on the company’s displayed collections. When it comes to the impact of their products on the environment, animals, or humans, they are not as awful as other fashion firms. Therefore, it has a negligible environmental impact which goes well with its ethics. Lastly, this trading company is dedicated to ethical business activities.


  • Why are Duluth Trading Company’s products so pricey?

They appear to charge more than usual fashion brands due to the high quality of their clothing and the brand’s popularity.

  • Are Duluth boxers good?

Yes, the Duluth boxers are worth the price as the quality is awesome, comfortable, and also durable. It is one of their high-rated product. It also absorbs the moisture from the body very well.

  • Do the shirts from Duluth Trading shrink?

No, Duluth brand shirts do not shrink since they are made of high-quality materials. This is what keeps the company’s standard up. However, other clothing made of decent cotton fabric shrinks.

Is Duluth Trading Company Ethical?

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