Is Online Shopping Ethical?


No one wants to purchase or require a service he/she doesn’t need or will not be happy within the long run. Regretting one’s choice over a purchase/service is not something anyone wants to experience. There has to be a need for every transaction you plan to make.

How Ethical is Online Shopping?

Ethical shopping is simply said to be going for products or services that align with what you look forward to or your faith. Anything that doesn’t go with your values or the laws guiding the environment or its people is unethical.

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Is Online Shopping Ethical?

It has been confirmed that shopping online from retailers with physical shops is the safest, instead of going for an anyhow retailer with no history or background. 

No matter how sustainable or eco-friendly a purchase is, how devoted the company is to charity giving, it becomes unethical when such companies do not embrace the demonstration of human rights.

The United States has made it compulsory for sellers to purchase their items from ethical manufacturers whose labor and environmental regulations are more comprehensive and better enforced.

The decision to shop online lies on the purchaser. Before you can shop online as an ethical shopper, you have to be sure from who and where your purchase is coming from. Since most people now find it convenient to make orders at the comfort of their homes and not go through the stress of the road or move from one section of a store to the other.

Note: So far, it has not been proven how ethical online shopping is, therefore, before you decide to ethically shop online, you are advised to weigh your options and put some factors into consideration, like its significant effect on others, in what way is it beneficial to you and the staff/retailer.

Things to Note When Going for an Ethical Online Retailer.

  • Avoid ethical retailers who only meet up to just one ethical criterion and ignore the others. Be sure your retailer holds its workers right in high esteem and is eco-friendly.
  • A retailer who encourages and sells recycled, upcycled, and second-hand products should be shopped from.
  • Does it encourage charity giving?
  • Also, go for a retailer whose ethical policies are understandable and has a friendly long-term relationship with their suppliers.
  • Any retailer who doesn’t consider the safety of humans and the environment should not be indulged.

Ethical shoppers have made it a point to stay away from brands that harm the environment, test products on animals, look down on their workers, and do not prioritize the well-being of people around. Ethical shoppers have made it a habit to only purchase things they need and when they need them.

How to know an Ethical Shopper? 

With the way the world is fast evolving, you can join the train of ethical shoppers by carefully putting the following into practice.

  1. Ethical shoppers don’t just buy things because it’s trending, they set their priority right and go for what they need, when they need it. This way they get to keep the environment and the people around safe. Excess purchases can be a threat to the environment.
  2. Shopping online has also helped quite a several people cut down on their excessive spending. While shopping online, you only lookout for what took you there in the first place.
  3. Most ethical shoppers are always on the lookout for second-hand, recycled, or upcycle products. This mindset has also made them try to see how they can be creative with items that are no longer in use in the house instead of disposing of them and causing harm to the environment.
  4. An ethical shopper would rather go for organic products that are wildlife/climate/human friendly, rather than going for GMO products that are harmful.
  5. Ethical shoppers will always look out for brands, the messages behind every product, and what the company/brand is generally about.


As an ethical shopper, it is important to join the movement by creating awareness on not just what online ethical shopping is, but what ethical shopping is generally and how ignoring it can become a threat to humans and the environment.


How Do I Know an Ethical Online Store in the USA?

To ethically shop online you can check out the following ethical online stores for every one of your orders, depending on what you need:

For your Home stores, you can visit

  • Food52 vintage shop
  • Verishop
  • Earther
  • Accompany
  • The Little Market

For your Ethical Grocery Stores

  • The wally shop
  • Thrive Market
  • Azure Standard

For you Ethical Beauty Stores

  • eseeEcoroots
  • Etsy
  • All Natural

For your Ethical Clothing Stores

  • Made Trade
  • Azura Bay
  • OurCommonplace
  • Galerie. L A
  • Fox holt
  • Goodee
  • Ethica

For your Ethical Books

  • eBay 
  • Thriftbooks

All these are ethical online stores in the US that you can make your orders from without going against your ethical beliefs.

Is Online Shopping Ethical?

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