Why does Walmart have greeters?


You may have heard of various innovative strategies picked out by companies. These could be color schemes, uniforms, themes, sales, infrastructure, and more. They help build the company and give identification and customer satisfaction too. Groceries and supermarkets mainly have a large role to play in strategies to make grocery shopping more ethical and interesting. Offers may get your attention but not more than greeters. Only a few stores have this service that makes up for the creative and pleasant features of their company! Let’s know Why does Walmart have greeters?

Why does Walmart have greeters?


Walmart is among the stores known for its strategies and customer interaction. One of the reasons is the unique offers set up on various products each day. The next main reason is the idea and practice of a greeter at almost every Walmart store. This article will tell you why. There has to be more than just greeting with a smile to the concept of having greeters

About Walmart

There couldn’t possibly be a group that doesn’t know about Walmart. That’s the name it has created over the years with its excellent service. Walmart is among the largest and most popular chain of stores in America that has practically everything you want. Right from clothing to art supplies and even movies or homeware, Walmart has it all. Whether you’re looking for decor or stationery, you can head straight to Walmart. Moreover, they have a variety of brands to offer as well as a wide range of products. Their mission is to save money and rightly so, their offers are designed to achieve the same. 

Why does Walmart have greeters?

While Walmart is known for various factors like policies, sales, variety, and even presentation, there is a lot more that makes Walmart a happy place to shop. You don’t earn customer satisfaction only with fancy or healthy products. There is more to it. This can be customer service or the staff in other words. The idea and mood your staff gives off to become the mood the company has to offer. Walmart is known for its friendly and easy-going staff. A Walmart greeter adds to that! 

To further enhance the friendly character of the company and to go the extra mile, you will always find greeters at Walmart stores greeting you affectionately and also professionally. Here are a few reasons why:

  • As a strategy 

First of all, Walmart has based the idea of a greeter for a strategic purpose. Adding to the interactivity with customers is bound to boost sales from many fronts. Therefore, adding one extra member for a greeting can go a long way! It is imperative to look at strategies like these to increase the customer count as well as the possibilities of growth. Furthermore, it develops an image and adds a form of ethics. 

  • Help

 Greeters at Walmart often do more than just greet. Although they may be stagnant at one spot, generally the entrance, they know the whereabouts of the store. Sometimes, you want to purchase something but aren’t certain if the store has it. In such cases, you don’t wish to walk all the way in to get a no. Greeters can help you with what is available and not just that. If they’re good at it, they can also tell you where the product may be located in-store. 

  • Information

Walmart greeters also know about the updated deals and sales. Discounts for the day, special products, and a lot more that are offered by the store. Since Walmart is known for the various sales and offers it holds, it would be pointless if the majority can’t avail of it. Greeters know about these and can inform customers around and persuade them to check out the same. 

  • Welcome

 Picture yourself entering the store perhaps in a hurry or just very vaguely or even if you’re bored. Won’t a good morning or hello and welcome make you smile even just for a bit? Walmart greeters try to pick the best-suited greeting for the day or even for occasions that will add value to the company and benefit customers too. 


To evolve as a company, many ways are adopted to build on the present business. After products, the next are policies and innovative strategies that define a company and give it an image. Having Walmart greeters is a unique and creative strategy that has become a characteristic of Walmart today!


  • Do Walmart greeters help with carts and other chores? 

Maybe. While there could be staff hired to help with carts, greeters may also do the same. It depends on the chores they are asked to do by the manager. 

  • Can students do a part-time job as a Walmart greeter? 

Certain Walmart stores allow students of 16 years to do a part-time job as a greeter provided it doesn’t clash with their schedule and with parental consent. 

Why does Walmart have greeters?

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