Gift Cards at Walmart-Know More

Walmart is an American retailer that operates an enormous number of supercenters, grocery stores, and discount department stores from the United States. The company has its headquarters situated in Bentonville, Arkansas. Sam Walton founded Walmart at Rogers in Arkansas in the year 1962. The company also owns the Sam’s Club and is responsible for operating it. As of 2021, Walmart has more than ten thousand stores and clubs in 24 countries working under 48 different names.

Gift cards have lately been super trendy. It is an excellent way to give your loved one’s kind of Gift they love. Almost all companies have gift cards that can be used in their unique ways. Food services, groceries services, game developing companies, and all other services have been doing the same to keep up with the trend. Walmart also launched the gift card program as they also had to keep up with the trend.

Gift Cards at Walmart

Walmart Gift Cards

Walmart offers a variety of gift cards, like the most basic ones and then the Specialty Gift Cards. You can also get E-gift cards, which can be gifted to anyone. All they need is a mail account for receiving it—no walking into the stores and purchasing physical cards.

However, Walmart also offers physical gift cards that can be delivered to your doorstep. You can get all the Walmart Gift Cards from their website. Gift Cards tailored as per occasion and situation are also available at Walmart. Like birthdays, weddings, someone’s graduation, thanking or congratulating someone, and several other categories are available on Walmart’s website.

Types of Cards at Walmart

You can also purchase cards by brand. For instance, a three-month Netflix subscription, discounts at a clothing store, etc. Categorized cards can also be found, tailored for all kinds of categories. You can decide to purchase gift cards in bulk on an anniversary of your organization or company or for any occasion. Saving at fuel stations is another benefit with a Walmart Gift Card. Using Walmart Pay along with it can help you save even more. However, this offer is limited to some fuel stations.

E-gift Cards at Walmart

Many people may prefer getting and giving gifts online. This is made possible by E-gift Cards. You can get one of these from Walmart’s website. For purchasing one, follow the given steps.

  • Step 1: Head to Walmart’s website
  • Step 2: Sign in to your account; you can also create one
  • Step 3: Hover over the Departments section; this will make a menu appear
  • Step 4: Scroll down throughout the menu and find the Gift Cards option
  • Step 5: Hovering over the Gift Cards option will make another menu appear
  • Step 6: From here, select E-gift cards

Now you will see every E-gift Card available at Walmart. You can easily add them to the cart, make the payment, and enter the recipient’s mail address.

Occasional Gift Cards at Walmart

Whatever occasion it is, you can get a Gift Card for it from Walmart’s website. Walmart offers Gift Cards for all kinds of events. If you are interested in purchasing an occasional Gift Card, follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Go to Walmart’s website
  • Step 2: Hover over the Departments section; from the menu, select Gift Cards
  • Step 3: You will see a list of Gift Cards available for all the Occasions
  • Step 4: Choose the one you desire, and a page with gift cards for that specific occasion will load

Gift Cards for a Specific Brand

You can also purchase Gift Cards, including credit for different brands like Apple, Starbucks, Walmart Vanilla, and many others. You can buy Gift Cards for a brand from Walmart’s website with the help of these steps.

  • Step 1: Select the Departments option
  • Step 2: Click on Gift Cards from the menu
  • Step 3: Here, you will see Gift categorized for different brands

You can choose Gift Cards of the brand you desire, add them to your cart and make the payment.

Save at Fuel Stations with Gift Cards

There are many other types of Gift Cards that Walmart offers except the ones mentioned above. Gift Cards for fuel is one of them. Walmart makes it possible for their American customers to save at fuel stations with a Gift Card. Not only that, if you decide to make the payment using Walmart Pay, you can get even more discounts. 

Walmart’s Gift Cards can save you 5 cents for every gallon. On top of that, paying with Walmart Pay can save you three more cents. However, you cannot do this at every gas station; these offers are limited to Murphy USA and Walmart Fuel Stations. A whole map of participating stations can be found on Walmart’s website. Remember that Gift Cards for fuel stations cannot be purchased as physical cards.


Walmart offers an extensive collection of Gift Cards. These Gift Cards can be beneficial to the customers and can also be gifted to friends and families on different occasions and situations. You can get every Gift Card offered by Walmart from their website. Both E-gift Cards and Physical Gift Cards can be found there. Gift Cards with Specific Brands, tailored for occasions, saving at fuel stations, can be quickly ordered from Walmart’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Does Walmart sell Prepaid Gift Cards?

Yes, Prepaid Gift Cards can be found on Walmart’s website under the option ‘Cards by Category.’

Q2 Can I buy Physical Fuel Gift Cards?

No, Gift Cards that save you at Gas Stations are not available in Physical form. You can only buy them as an E-gift card from Walmart’s website.

Q3 How can I check my Gift Card balance?

You can check your Gift Card balance from Walmart’s website in the Departments section; under Gift Cards, you will find an option to check your Gift Card balance. Enter your card number here, and it will display the balance.

Gift Cards at Walmart-Know More

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