Is Dairy Queen halal? – Know More

Dairy Queen is an American chain of soft-serve ice cream and fast foods owned by Dairy Queens International. Foods permissible to be consumed in Islam are labeled as ‘halal.’ In the food industry, all restaurants/processing factories must adhere to the Quran tradition of slaughtering animals for the food to be considered halal. There are other conditions as well. So, Is Dairy Queen halal?

Is Dairy Queen halal?

Dairy Queen has a large selection of burgers, chicken, fries, and ice cream. Unfortunately, they don’t have a certified halal menu. Instead, they source their meats worldwide, so it isn’t easy to categorize them as halal. However, there are alcohol-free food options at Dairy Queen, with soft-serve ice cream, fries, sundaes, etc., which can be halal. It is best to clear up any confusions one might have by speaking with a representative.

Brief History

Halal food was introduced into the US in the 1960s when there was a boom in the population of Muslim immigrants, and it has been popular ever since. It is food that is not tainted or made by haram components in Islam, consumption of whose is prohibited, as mentioned in the Holy Quran and the Hadith (sayings) of the Holy Prophet. These include PorkPork, reptiles, insects, shellfish, shrimps, scallops, the blood of animals and their by-products, alcohol and other intoxicants, and hallucinogenic drugs. The following are examples of meats that are haram: 

  • Animals that have been slaughtered or dedicated to in the name of people other than Allah (Muslim’s God)
  • Carnivorous animals/birds. For example, animals like lions, dogs, etc.
  • Animals allocated to idols
  • Animals that a predator killed
  • Animals that died of natural causes
  • Animals that died from asphyxiation

   There is a logical reason behind these commandments. During the slaughtering, the animal receives a quick, painless death with a swift chopping of the neck, so it is not cruel towards the animal. Eating PorkPork is disallowed because it is harmful to humans, which is scientifically proven. Alcohol and other intoxicants cause delirium and have many harmful effects on the human body, so they are forbidden. The Muslims believe that these are why the list, as mentioned earlier, of variables is prohibited.

Why eat halal food?

If you are a Muslim, then you are bound to eat halal. If you are not, then there are many other reasons why halal food is much better than the competition and what’s out there. It is clean. It’s devoid of bacteria, pollution, dirt, etc. The benefits of halal food include: 

  1. Safe to eat: There is very little contamination or food-illness-causing components in halal food. According to Muslim tradition, the blood must be fully drained from the body of the slaughtered animal, thus producing a fresher piece of meat that has meager chances of an infestation.
  2. It tastes a lot better: This one is subjective, but it’s a pro nonetheless. The methods of preparing the meat leave no room for rot or putrefaction, leading to excellent taste. 
  3. It improves the immune system: Since the food is clean and harmless, it boosts the immune system and detoxifies the body.

So it is better to include halal foods into one’s diet and then remain healthy.

Our food services bound to tell me if they are serving halal food or not?

Restaurants and stores that only serve halal food or on the side have to be certified by certain food agencies to market themselves as halal. Moreover, since getting halal produce is the primary step, they also make sure that the factories from which the meat has been sourced are halal-certified. So, yes, they have to disclose whether they are halal or not. This is because Muslims need to make sure that the food they are consuming is not haram. It would be highly unethical to hide that fact from them since it is compulsory to follow their code. Now, many non-muslims also prefer halal foods over their former favorite foods. Hence, consumers should always be in the loop. 

How do food chains which serve haram food operate in Muslim countries?

Dairy Queen operates in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, especially in a predominantly Muslim country that adheres to the shariah law as set by the Holy Quran. There are no exceptions when it comes to that. The only one is when one’s life is at stake. Only then does consuming haram products become halal. The restructuring of food chains and restaurants occurs by removing all haram products and replacing them with halal ones.

The produce used is local, and the haram ingredients have to be swapped, so recipes must be changed. For example, wine and other alcohol products are haram and forbidden, and many salads and other food items have them in their list of ingredients, so there is a restructuring that takes place. The chain has to adhere to the local laws and regulations. The famous saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Many people state that the quality of the food remains unaffected, and in some cases, it might even be better than the type of food served in non-muslim countries.

Dairy Queen is an international food chain that does not have halal options. However, the chains in Muslim countries are bound to follow the halal way. Halal foods are very refreshing, nutritious, and brimming with freshness overall. They are prepared with care and cleanliness, and animals are kept in a non-cruel environment. There is a rule that the swinging of knives or any sharp objects in front of animals before slaughtering them is considered cruel and thus is forbidden. 


To conclude, Halal foods have many benefits, and they are not only limited to Muslims. All people can take advantage of the freshness of what these have to offer. 

Is Dairy Queen halal? – Know More

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