Grocery Stores That Take Apple Pay

Modernization has hit the world and no sector is not affected by it. Whether it’s the way we eat, style, or even pay. Who wants to carry cash when you have Apple Pay by your side ensuring safe and secure payments? The hassle of carrying cash is too much. So why carry it at all, when you can do all of your payments with a single click. 

Online payments have bewitched us in such a way that we tend to find a scanner in every shop we go to. However, modernization has affected all of us in a similar way and there is not a single shop that doesn’t offer online payments. However, payment methods may differ but almost all of them offer an online method of payment. For iPhone users the most convenient method may be Apple Pay, however, unfortunately, some stores might not gel with the idea but many do.

Grocery Stores That Take Apple Pay

Grocery Stores that gel with Apple Pay

Most iPhone users prefer to pay via Apple Pay just because of how simply and securely it’s done. Plus, it’s always a hassle to carry cash and sometimes the cash might suffice with the shopping. So it’s always better to have some virtual to back up your purchases. However, avid Apple Pay might wanna check the availability of the option with their favorite stores.

Most of the grocery stores in the US have an option for Apple pay. And some of them are Albertsons, CVS, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, Winn-Dixie, United Supermarkets, FoodMaxx, Harris Teeter, Hannaford, Publix, Family Dollar, Food Lion, Cub Foods, Lucky Supermarkets, Walgreens, Sprouts, Shaw’s, Vons, Hy-Vee, and Randalls.

However, some exceptions that do not gel with Apple Pay are Kroger, Sam’s Club, Costco, Fred Meyer, H-E-B, and Walmart. However, Kroger has its own online payment option that is Kroger Pay which comes with a lot of benefits. If you are a regular Kroger customer you might wanna check them out. However, if that’s too much to take care of, you can also use Apple Maps to locate which grocery stores are currently accepting Apple Pay on any iOS device. All you have to do is search the grocery store and scroll down to the user to know section.

How To Make Payments through Apple Pay?

Well, there are innumerable ways to use Apple Pay on your mobile. But you can choose among them. You can pay either with your iPhone or with an Apple watch, whichever suits you the best. Well, making payments with your virtual Apple wallet is a piece of cake, if you keep these steps in mind:

  1. First of all, you need to double-click the side button on the phone or watch.
  2. You need to verify your face ID or Touch ID, whichever your phone has. 
  3. Type your passcode and then hold your phone or watch right in front of the NFC card reader and you are done.
  4. Done will pop up on the reader screen once you’re done with the payment.

If you are using an Apple Watch, you don’t need to enter a passcode or verify through Fave or touch ID. You don’t need to verify your face ID or enter a passcode. 

How to set up Apple Pay?

Well setting up Apple Pay is as easy as making the payment. All you would need to do is take care of the following steps.

  1. First of all, you need an Apple ID signed in with iCloud and a card of course.
  2. Go to the add button in the wallet app.
  3. Choose Debit Card or Credit Card and tap continue.
  4. You’ll be asked for additional information related to your card and other details. They might ask you for card issuer details and ask you to download other apps. Fill them in.
  5. Once done with this they’ll ask you to add the card to your watch if you have paired it with the iPhone. 

Apple Pay provides a lot of options for you and it sure is a wonderful thing for a user who loves multiple options.


Payments have never been this easy since the advent of online payments and we love it. Plus, expenditures are never in control and we might wonder where our money goes at the end of the month. Well, with online payments you can track where it goes. So not only does it ease out the payment process for you but helps to control it too.


Q. Are online payments safe?

Ans. The answer is yes. Apple is known for security and the same goes for its payments. So you don’t need to worry about security while doing the payment.

Q. Can I order groceries online with Apple Pay?

Ans. Yes. The stores that accept online Apple Pay payments are Albertsons, Target, Food lions, Instacart, and many others.

Grocery Stores That Take Apple Pay

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