Stores like jenni kayne

Jenni Kayne offers a variety of clothing and their clothing line consists of sweaters, dresses, loungewear and so much more. They have so many options of cardigans, summer dresses, sweatshirts the list goes on. But their specialty is their sweaters and tees. Here we will see the Stores like jenni kayne.

Stores like jenni kayne

From the fisherman sweater to the alpaca cardigan- they have it all. Now the problem arises when Jenni Kayne is not an option/availability. Irrespective if it is a distance issue or expenditure related- how it can be overcome remains.

For everyone, from EverLane to Eileen Fisher we have choices for everyone- based on their preferences and style.

Since we are talking about their clothing line most of the alternatives chosen are of a similar type in connection to Jenni Kayne. If there is a difference it will be explained in the designs, silhouette structure, tones, etc to understand better to place it in perspective with your style. 

Stores like jenni kayne – Comfy at Everyone’s Ease

Modern Citizen:

Price range: Starting price from $50 up to $200

If you want something eye-catching yet simple and comfy-Modern Citizen is your store. They have mixed simple and eye-catching in one pod. If you want an almost replica of Jenni Kayne then head to Modern Citizen because they have tones that are very similar to that of Jenni Kayne’s. 

Modern Citizen gives good pastel, bright and dark tones to their apparel with their minimalistic silhouette the sweaters, tops, tees, shorts, and skirts are some of the apparel they have among the vast variety they provide to their customer base. They also have matching sets and outerwear for formal and informal use. Their outerwear designs are best referred to as effortless and minimalistic. 

Their customer base is women primarily-hence known as versatile women’s fashion. The categorizations given for women’s fashion in Modern citizens are Lounge, Vacation, Work, and Celebrate. They also have a section dedicated to accessories and home only.


Price Range: The starting price is from $33 up to $100 and above 

From blouses and button-downs to bodysuits they have it all. They have sweaters, sweatshirts, tees, tanks, dresses, and jumpsuits. Denim is also available here. Everlane radiates coolness. Absolutely anybody would look cool in the tones they have picked out. 

In your sweaters category, you have a turtleneck, oversized, cardigan, and crewneck styles with various subcategories’ in light, dark and medium tones.

Accessories come in various forms like totes, studio bags, beanies, socks, scarfs, bandanas, etc. Their customer base is women and men with most of the categories of clothing extending to each other. Shoes are also available for both women and men. 

Men have shirts, polos, sweaters, and sweatshirts in the tops category. Their denim range has types of slim, relaxed, skinny, and athletic. A bottoms category is also available that consists of sweatpants and shorts to name a few. 

Club Monaco:

Price Range: The starting price is from $32 up to $1000

When simple and class and sit in the same room with quality not being questioned-Club Monaco is where you go to. Their patterns and prints are ones no one can compete with. They have about 16 shades to choose from in their clothing line. Their clothing line consists of sweaters, dresses, shirts, knit tops, tees, and even swimwear. Jumpsuits, sweatshirts, and scarves are also available.

Club Monaco caters their services to both men and women, hence most of the above basics apply to them as well- except for the addition of polos, blazers, and suiting. The men’s section in apparel has tees, polos, outerwear, blazers, shorts, and swimwear to name a few. Shoes, hats, bags, belts, and gloves are available in the accessories category.


Price Range: The starting price is from $15 up to $59.90 and above

Yes, you get tees at $15 at Quince!! Their V neck and crew neck tees are in the same price range. At Quince, you get a Cashmere crewneck/V-neck sweater for $50. Cotton, Merino, and Alpaca sweaters are also available.

They all look like a twin to Jenni Kayne and they have options of choosing the quality as well- just in case you doubt it. They also have a sweater quiz to meet your needs precisely in choosing effectively.

Apart from this, they have bottoms, outwear, loungewear, activewear, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. Their accessories provide beautiful fine jewelry, bags, leather goods, hats, scarves, and gloves. For the men, the apparel section has loungewear, sweaters, jackets, and activewear just to name a few. The accessories category gives men a range of hats, scarves, leather goods, and socks. Quince is also an ethical brand that offers its customers sustainable fashion. 

Lou & Grey:

Price Range: The starting price is from $89 going up to $160 

Lou & Grey gives a home vibe to their apparel because they are that comfortable. Lou & Grey give us tops, sweaters, skirts, pants, leggings, shorts, jackets, and sweats. 

They have various pastel tones and dark tones to pick from. Their patterns and designs on their apparel are either fun and quirky or poise and timeless. They have accessories that involve headbands, claw hair clips, hair ties, sunglasses, reading glasses, and various other choices in bags as well. 

They have a separate section dedicated to styling into and curated shops too. Lou & Grey does support ethics and sustainability on its site too. The brand caters to women only as a customer base.


Price Range: The starting price is from $38 going up to $1,250

If anything could spell elegance and classy at the same time it is Vince through their apparel. Vince makes the basic everyday simple look elevated to a designer level because it is set at that pedestal. Do not be fooled by the starting price. 

They are a very posh brand, only the Short Sleeve Square Neck Top, and Elbow Sleeve Scoop Neck Top are priced at $38 the rest immediately shoot up. Accessories, Fragrances, and bodies are also available. Their customer base is both women and men. 

For men, sweaters, pants, loungewear, sweatshirts, T-shirts and polos are available among the brand’s wide range of apparel. The brand also has shoes, accessories, fragrances, and bodies in separate sections.

Eileen Fisher:

Price Range: The starting price is from $78 going up to $200

Eileen Fisher can be described in one word as her brand- posh. Her entire clothing line irrespective of what apparel one picks, that individual knows is of a fancy brand that comes from a sacred place. Almost all her clothes have mild and subtle tones without being over the top. That is what an elite person opts for, simplicity with quality. 

Eileen Fisher provides its customer’s tanks, camis, cardigans, jackets, coats, dresses, skirts, sleepwear, and much more. In the accessories section ponchos, masks, bags, scarves, hats, belts, and more are available in its wide range. Denim and vests are also provided at Eileen Fisher. Her customer base is only women. 

Eileen Fisher is an ethical brand that promotes sustainable fashion through a science-based target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Be the Talk-of-the-Town in your Way – Stores like jenni kayne

These are the stores from which one can find alternative apparel. But how to design yourself apparel-wise before heading out again, for any event-formal or not is a necessity. When you go to these stores to buy clothes(shopping) online or not- make sure you keep the following in mind:

Keep in mind that clothes work well when a color combination compliments one another. Since we are talking about subtle tones, pick something light-toned, for example- A light coffee brown relaxed deep V-neck sweater with white-toned high-waisted jeans. 

Once you’ve figured out your color combination- know how to style the clothing. Let’s go back to the example: How would you style it? You can find out different ways online to find a style that interests you.

The final step is to accessorize twice. The first one is your bag. Once that is done comes the final accessories, your shoes. Choose them carefully as they are crucial to carrying your whole outlook based on the tones you carry bodily. 

Some color combinations that might help:

  • White and maroon
  • Golden and Black 
  • Blue and white
  • Pink and Brown

Accessories are not limited to just jewelry there is a wide range from hats, beanies, bags and so much more to discover based on one’s taste. While accessorizing make sure the look and style are brought to life. Most importantly it is based on what radiates the style of the outfit and you. 


These are the stores from where you can buy apparel when Jenni Kayne is not the available option. These above-mentioned choices can also be used when one does not find their desired apparel on Jenni Kayne too. 

Fashion trends come and go- finding what speaks to your style is essential. When you wear what makes you and your skin makes you feel comfortable, one feels naturally confident. Hence these alternatives have those choices to help one find the apparel. Hope this article Stores like jenni kayne will be useful to you.

Stores like jenni kayne

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