Can I use Clubcard vouchers to buy gift cards?

Clubcard- Tesco Clubcard is the loyalty card of British supermarket chain Tesco. Voucher- A piece of paper that is a record of money paid or one that can be used to pay for particular goods or services. Let’s read Can I use Clubcard vouchers to buy gift cards? Known as the third-largest retailer in the world measured by gross revenues, the Tesco Clubcard loyalty card scheme is well known in the households of the UK. The scheme was launched in 1995 to attract customers and surprisingly it has attracted 17 million members and is regarded as one of the most successful and best-in-class loyalty schemes that engage the customers through a digital channel and allows them to exchange Clubcard points for vouchers and Clubcard vouchers can be used to buy gift cards.

Can I use Clubcard vouchers to buy gift cards?

How to spend Tesco Clubcard vouchers?

To send a voucher, there are hundreds of options but scanning, a few of them among all is the major task. So, the following are some of the best options to spend the Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

  1. Charities- Charities are the best to spend the Tesco vouchers, but it is not promoted by the Tesco if one manages to earn at least 50 points in vouchers it can be used in Cancer Research and Diabetes UK, etc.
  1. Disney+ – Everyone wants to have a Disney+ subscription and when one has Tesco Clubcard, one can get a three-month Disney+ subscription if one can have Euro8 worth of points.


  1. Cinema Tickets- One can have the Cineworld unlimited pass while using one point into it.
      Vouchers        Credit
    50 points in a voucher      Euro 1.50
    Euro10 in a voucher      Euro 30 credit
  1. Bonus Airline Points- Bu using 250 Clubcard points one can have 525 Virgin Flying Club.
  1. Tesco Mobile Bills- One can use the earned points to cut down the bill mobile especially using the Tesco mobile.

Different types of Clubcard Points

          Clubcard Points(CP)      Worth Euro\Points(P)
            1CP              1P
            2CP              2P
          100 CP          Euro 1
          200 CP          Euro 2
          500 CP          Euro 5
          1,000 CP          Euro 10
          2, 500 CP          Euro 25
          5,000 CP          Euro 50

Tesco Clubcard Restaurants

One can save money by putting the earned points in more specified fields, where one can boost points on the more valuable discounts that too with whom Tesco has partnered or have a membership. So, some of the restaurants where one can save and earn simultaneously are

  • ASk Italian
  • Bella Italia
  • La Tasca
  • Prezzo
  • Zizzi
  • Cafe Rouge, etc.

How to open an account on Clubcard?

To open an account on Clubcard, one needs to follow a few steps.

STEP 1- Open the official website of Tesco

STEP 2- Click on Sign In, or else if one doesn’t have an account, click on Register for an account

STEP 3- A Register form will be opened, providing the information such as email address, title, phone no. , etc

STEP 4- Click on Create Account

A Tesco account will be opened.


What excites customers or any individual about digital innovation is that it offers customer services via apps and digital fulfillment so that one can access the product without going to the real stores and here Tesco Clubcard vouchers play wonder as they attract a humongous amount of customers by giving them the option with an efficiency of bet products. Also, by using Tesco Clubcard vouchers with partnered restaurants like Prezzo, etc, one can validate the vouchers through the redemption at the point of sale in-store giving the customers a wholesome journey of sustainable shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question 1- Can gift cards be used for an online purchase?

Answer- No

Question 2- Do Tesco petrol stations accept gift cards?

Answer- No

Question 3- From where one can get Tesco gift cards?

Answer- From the stores of Tesco

Question 4- Are Clubcard points available for e- gifts cards?

Answer- No

Question 5- Does one need a Tesco account to purchase an e-gift card?

Answer- Yes.

Can I use Clubcard vouchers to buy gift cards?

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